Zurixx’s Real Estate Investing ( FTC Scam Alert)

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Zurrixx’s Real Estate Investing 

You have probably heard of or been invited to attend a “free” real estate investing seminar in your city.

If you haven’t already, there’s a high chance that you will get invited soon. This is a strategy used by some real estate investment “education” companies. 

Before we dig deeper into Zurrixx, watch this short video. This guy has great tips for those interested in real estate investment.

What Is Zurrixx’s Real Estate Investment?

Zurrixx LLC is a company involved in a number of  ventures:

  • Event hosting and sales
  • Marketing
  • Real estate investing
  • Creative services
  • Training and coaching

 Zurixx’s real estate (education) wing is responsible for teaching ordinary people the best real estate investing strategies. It all begins with you attending a “free” seminar. I put free in quotes because as much as the seminars are free, the truth is that there’s always a catch.

October 1, 2019

The federal court lodges a temporary restraining order against Zurixx LLC and its affiliated companies. 

Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Utah Division of Consumer Protection (DCP) accused Zurixx LLC and Company of using deceptive marketing tactics to lure innocent people into their real estate Investing scheme. 

Some of Zurrixx’s affiliated companies include the following:

  • SucessPath
  • Success Path Education
  • Launch Academy
  • Premium Financial Training
  • Shark Academy
  • Flipping Formula Education
  • USA Loan Processing
  • Daymond John Success Formula
  • Advanced Real Estate Education
  • Advanced Financial Training

According to the FTC, people need to be wary about these kinds of investment schemes. There are many other real estate investment companies that promise to teach you how to make thousands of dollars flipping real estate.

Zurixx promotes the so-called real estate flipping system that has enabled lots of people to make a lot of money through house flipping. Sweet!

Here is the truth

Lots of entrepreneurs, past and present made it big with real estate. 

  • Ashley Thompson
  • Christina Anstead
  • Cheryl Crane
  • Larry  Silverstein
  • Zachary  Bogue
  • Li Ka-Shing
  • Robert Kiyosaki
  • Jared Kushner
  • Fred Trump
  • Drew Scott

The list is long…

Real estate works and it can make you lots of money if done right. 

So, companies like Zurrixx know how much people want to learn the secrets of real estate success and they go for the opportunity to lure you in.

Here’s how they do it.

Tactics #1. They Use The Influence Of Celebrities To Advertise Their “Free” Events

Clever tactic. Most people get easily convinced by seeing a celebrity endorse an event especially those from popular home renovations channels.  It is easy to trust and want to be part of the event, right? 

But remember there’s a catch..

When you think about it, how much money do these guys put in to advertise their free event?

  • Getting the celebrity endorsement is not free
  • Hiring the venue – most times it will be at a hotel. Great ambiance for your maximum comfort.
  • Other logistics

There are hundreds of thousands of dollars invested and there must be a way to recover those costs.

The whole idea of getting crowds to these free events is not necessarily to teach them anything substantial about real estate investing. They have got to sell something.

All activities, presentations, even those comfortable seats you are on, are geared towards making a sale of something, by all means. They are preparing you psychologically to buy.

Tactic #2: They Sell You Nn “success stories” From Thier Previous Students

it is very easy to trust something that has a proven track record that it works. That’s the purpose of showing you that their flipping system has worked for ordinary people like you. Therefore, it will work for you too. FOMO Marketing tactic.

Tactic #3. They Encourage You To Extend Your Credit Limit

Now that you have attended the free event, heard of how successful other people are already becoming, your interest is probably aroused. Zurrixx guys will encourage you to buy their 3-day workshop for $1997.

According to the FTC, people are then encouraged to acquire new credit cards or increase the credit limit on their existing credit cards. 


This will help them finance their real estate deals so that they won’t have to worry about using their own money. Sounds like a great plan.

However, instead of financing their deals, people are encouraged by Zurrix to use their newly-acquired credit to invest in “advanced training packages” which go for tens of thousands of dollars ( over $40,000).

They tell people that the $1997 workshop is just introductory beginners’ training. If you want to learn everything about real estate investing, you need to buy extra packages. 

Tactic # 4: They Make You Sign A Non Disclosure Agreement 

Allegedly, when people ask for refunds, Zurrixx makes them sign an agreement that bars them from reporting to the state Attorney General, The FTC, DCP and the Better Business Bureau (BBB). People are also barred from posting any negative reviews about  Zurrixx. 

These tactics remind me of the now-defunct MOBE (My Online Business Empire) which was shut down by the FTC recently. The used to lure people to attend their free internet marketing summits.

And then you are encouraged to sign up for 21 steps training course for $49.  

Once inside you were assigned a business coach who was simply a salesperson meant to pressurize you to buy into their expensive masterclasses and masterminds.

Lots of people lost thousands of dollars from MOBE. Luckily the FTC shut them down. 

I almost went into debt trying to get money to buy one of their masterclasses. I remember Matt Lloyd giving a promise that he was going to refund me all the money I used to buy the Gold Masterclass. 

Weird. Why did I have to go through so much trouble looking for money only to be refunded? Why couldn’t he just let me in freely? The whole thing was just a sham. I narrowly escaped. Unfortunately, some people weren’t so lucky. 

Some of them managed to bounce back and we later joined an Affiliate Marketing Training Platform which is completely different from MOBE. 

What Now? 

Do You Need An Expensive Real Estate Investment Education Program?

Well, in order to become successful in any business, it is important to learn the tricks of the trade. But you don’t necessarily need to lose huge chunks of money.

There are lots of free real estate tips you can learn. Go buy a book. Listen to podcasts. Watch free videos from genuine guys who made it big with real estate.

Just don’t be taken for a ride by companies like Zurrixx and many others that promote fake free events. 

Thanks for reading.

I wish you all the best in your business venture quest. 

Take care of your money!

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