Vasayo MLM Review 2021

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What Is Vasayo About? 

A Multilevel Marketing company founded by a couple, Dallin and Karree Larsen in 2016. Vasayo has its headquarters in Utah. This company specializes in health, wellness, and beauty products. The owners make claims that their health supplements are the real deal because they are developed through extensive scientific research. 

They claim that Vasayo supplements are easily absorbed by the body because unlike millions of other supplements.

Dallin Karree Larsen Vasayo
Dallin And Karree Larsen – Vasayo Owners

The Larsens say that their supplement production utilizes the Liposome technology which optimizes nutrients absorption by the body and minimizes nutrient destruction by the digestive system.

This is also known as Advanced Delivery Technology (ADT).  In short, Vasayo makes a claim that if you have been chugging down tonnes of traditional supplements, you have been wasting your time and money. 

Before launching Vasayo the Larsens were involved in 2 other direct selling (MLM) businesses, the now-defunct Monavie and USANA

What Is The Vasayo Opportunity?

This is an arrangement between an individual and the Vasayo Company where you can make money promoting Vasayo products and recruiting other people to join the Vasayo distribution network. 

Is Vasayo FDA Approved? 

Not necessarily. Under the United States Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994, dietary supplement companies do not need to be approved by the Food and Drug Authority (FDA) prior to marketing their products.

 Vasayo Membership Fees

The Vasayo membership fees are subdivided as follows:

1. Basic Customer Intro Package – $239

2. Brand Partner Intro Package –  $329

3. Premium Package –  $599

4. Value Package – $889 

5. Founders Package – $1495

Each of these fees qualifies a brand partner to receive a certain amount of products as well as benefits. The more you pay the bigger the product volume and perks you will receive. 

The Vasayo Product Line

What is Vasayo About

1. Vasayo Premere – it is claimed that this product helps to delay the aging process. 

2. V – mine – supports the immune system

3. Renew – helps the body to “restart”

4. V-shake –  protein shake – Vegan and whey

5. Beleza – skincare range

6. V-tox – for body detoxifying

7. Neuro – brain nutrition

8..Sleep – for better sleep

9. V3 – for energy, mood, and  hydration 

10. Eternal – anti-aging

11.  Core Complete –  a blend of organic superfoods and multivitamins and minerals 

12. V-slim – for weight management


The Vasayo Compensation Plan’

The Vasayo Compensation Plan

It comprises bonuses, commissions, and all expenses paid trips broken down into 8 ways to earn with Vasayo, as follows:

1. The CSB – Customer Sales Bonus: this is what you earn as a brand partner by selling Vasayo products directly to consumers. You get 20%.

2. The PIB – Product Introduction Bonus: you will earn 20% when your newly recruited Brand Partner (aka downline) makes their first commissionable order. 

3. The TC – Team Commissions: you will earn this weekly as your team grows. 

4. The TCM – Team Commission Matching Bonus: this one according to the Vasayo website, TCM together with their so-called “Dynamic Compression” opens up more ways for Brand Partners to earn for their efforts. 

5. The RAB – Rank Advancement Bonus: as you progress upwards through the Vasayo ranks you get rewarded ‘handsomely as they say’.

6. The GLB – Global Leadership Bonus – this is for those who have achieved the rank of Gold and above.

7.  The LTs –  Lifestyle Trips: these are additional Vasayo rewards besides the monetary ones. qualifying members get to enjoy exotic trips filled with luxury, activity, and learning. 

8. The MBC – Multiple Business Centers: this is about growth and business expansion. According to the Vasayo website, this is an opportunity to built multiple organizations, thereby increasing your earning potential. 

Can You Make Money With Vasayo?

Like with many other MLM companies making money with Vasayo is dependent on a couple of factors:

  • Your ability to convince lots of people that  Vasayo products are worth their prices and they indeed deliver on the purported benefits.
  • Your ability to not only push Vasayo products but to also recruit many people under you and make sure that they stay motivated enough to stay on and recruit other people and so on and so forth. Remember a big chunk of your earnings will come from the performance of your downline. 
  • Can you afford to pay their joining fees and have still funds left to run your MLM business? It costs quite a lot to join Vasayo and that’s not all the money you will need. It will cost you to recruit others. Those home parties where you introduce your family and friends to Vasayo don’t come cheap. Telephone calls, organizing and attending seminars, etc. 
  • Obviously, you need to spend money to make money but if your costs are too much, it will be difficult to break even let alone make profits. Sadly that’s the nature of MLM businesses. According to the FTC, the majority (99%) of the people who join MLM ventures with the hope of “changing their lives” but end up losing money. 

Are There Better Ways To Make Money?

Yes, there are lots of better ways to make money and the good news is that you don’t even have to leave your house to recruit anyone. I am talking about making money online from home.

My No. 1 recommended way is Affiliate Marketing. This is a simple business model where you get paid by recommending other people’s products. a simple as that.

Here Is how Affiliate Marketing works 

1. You (The Affiliate) enter into an agreement with the product owners (Merchants or Affiliate Networks). This is free of charge on your part. meaning you don’t have to pay anyone to promote their products. Instead, you will get paid when people buy through your affiliate links. 

2.  You will have to create a website where you will promote your chosen products. No worries, that’s a simple process if you follow this step by step training. I too followed the same training to create this website and my other affiliate websites which earn money passively.

Let me be completely open with you: this method is not a get rich quick scheme. It involves real work being done by you as a business owner. However, you can expect to be rewarded for all the efforts you put in. the harder you work, the more rewards in form of commissions. 

What Is Vasayo About - How Affiliate Marketing Works

Benefits Of Affiliate Marketing 

  • It is fairly cheap to start
  • There is no need to own a product
  • No need to keep expensive inventory
  • No recruiting is necessary
  • The success of your business is solely dependent on how committed you are to being successful
  • You can earn passive income, meaning you get paid over and over for the affiliate link you placed once, when people keep clicking and buying. 
  • Affiliate marketing is easy to learn 
  • And so much more…

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