The Best Online Home Business (You Can Get Started For Free)

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Fact #1:

85 % of people who make $100,000 + per year did it through home businesses.

Fact #2:

The Internet is so full of opportunities and more people choose to leave their jobs and start their own online businesses.

Fact #3:

As long as you possess computer skills and a good internet connection you too can start an online business.

Fact #4:

Due to the rise in online business opportunities, scam artists are taking advantage to defraud unsuspecting people of their monies.

Fact #5:

You have a dream to make extra money for you and your family, therefore, you won’t let anyone stand in your way! Or will you?

Fact #6:

There are millions of online businesses. Which one should you focus on?

I will tell you in a moment!

What Is The Best Online Home Business Anyone Can Start?

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Affiliate Marketing!

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Affiliate Marketing, What Is It And How Does It Work?

This is one of the cheapest businesses anyone can start and go on to make thousands, to hundreds of thousands, to millions of Dollars right from home.

Affiliate marketing in simplest terms is a business model where you (An Affiliate/ Affiliate Marketer) promote other peoples products or services (Affiliate Products) for a cut in the sales revenue (Commission).

Why Affiliate Marketing Will Continue to Grow

Traditionally companies had a whole department dedicated to the marketing of products and services. There are high costs associated with that function:

  • Office space
  • Furniture
  • Marketing personnel salaries and benfits
  • Advertising budgets!

These are a few at top of my head.

Because of so many costs involved on marketing, smart companies evolved and got rid of the marketing department. The leveraged the power of independent marketers.

You and I. The guys who are hungry to make money but don’t own any products of our own.

The best arrangement for all parties involved. Companies increase their return on investment (ROI) by lowering marketing costs.

You and I get to make money from their transactions too!

No sweeter deal than that.

Buyers benefit from the affiliate deal too!

Our role as affiliate marketers is and should be to help the buyers. We don’t own the product they want, so we don’t sell anything.

We can help the buyer in many ways. One of them being to provide information related to the product. For example,

A simple consumer product you own can turn into a potential money maker for you.

I’m thinking of a juicer.

Supposing Dave is looking to buy a cool juicer online. He goes to his browser and searches for “Best Juicer Machine”.

Here’s what will show up in Google:

Google results on 'Juicer Machine

Except for the first website (, all the websites in the google results are affiliate websites promoting juicers, most of those are actually Amazon products.

All these guys have written extensive reviews on juicers. Dave can get all the information he needs and be able to make his choice. He will most likely click on a link from any of these websites to make his purchase.

The link will take him to amazon where he will complete his transaction.

And boom!

The owner of that link get recognized by Amazon for bringing a sale and he gets rewarded with a percentage of the sale.

Every single time a buyer clicks on the links and buys the website owner makes money.

How Much Money Can You Make With Affiliate Marketing?

Pink Piggy Bank Wearing reading glasses, looking at calculator screen

This depends on the commission agreement between you and the product owner.

From our juicer example, prices on Amazon range from $30 – $400 and Amazon will probably give you 5% commission.

Lets dream bigger and assume someone buys a $400 Juicer from your website.

You will make 5%* $400 = $20. Sound little?


Imagine that 100 people buy from your link every month,

That’s 5% * $400 * 100 = $2000 per month, not so little now!

What if more than 100 people buy?

What Are The Advantages Of Affiliate Marketing?

1. No Selling

The business of selling to the customer is not your business! It is the product owner who will be involved in making phone calls and follow up emails to close the deals.

And the great thing is that most affiliate products will not even need all these processes. By the time someone looks around the internet, their minds is probably made up for the buy. They don’t need further convincing, especially for low-medium ticket items.


For High Ticket items, there may be some convincing required but still this won’t be your responsibility.

Example, if you promote expensive Digital Courses which can go for $10,000 or more. That’s may not be an easy buy. In that case a potential buyer may click on your link, proceed to the merchant sales page, enter his email but not his credit card number and then leave.

Smart merchants will pick it from there and contact this guy to convince him to complete the transaction. Once that is done successfully, you get your commission!

2. No Need For Inventory

Even if you are promoting physical products, you will not be involved in keeping the inventory. Your duty is to point customers in the right direction and wait for your cut.

3. Recurring Commissions

I like how you do the hard work only once and keep earning commissions! If you write one great product review and optimize it for search engines. It will rank highly and always show up in search results.

That increases your chances of making a sale. Just 1 review per product will keep earning you commission for a long time.

4. Can Be Done From Anywhere

Your ultimate dream and mine too is to be able to work from anywhere we choose and make lots of money. As long as you have your computer devices and a good Internet connection, you can do affiliate marketing from anywhere. If you chose not to leave your house, fine!

Pretty lady sitting on beach chair working on laptop

If you are an introvert like me and don’t fancy too much human interaction, fine still!

Wanna take a vacation and go see your relatives in the Maldives (wink wink), great! Just don’t leave your computer.

    5. New Products Keep Emerging

In this age of dizzying innovation speeds, new products are always being made, especially electronics. And everyone want to own them. There is always going to be new promoting opportunities. New product releases = boom for affiliate marketers.

6. More People Are Buying Online

Honestly I wish I could order literally anything from the internet, don’t you? It is the most convenient way to buy and it has become very easy too.

7. Everything Is Done Online

Promotions, purchases, and commission payments are all performed online. There’s no day when you will have to drive for miles to go pick up your commission check. If it’s a check, they will mail it to you!

You won’t even need to go meet with the merchant to discuss the terms or for an interview.

How Do I Start Affiliate Marketing?

I get asked this question a lot. My answer is always the same. If you don’t know how to start, it means you have no experience, you are a beginner. That’s not a bad thing. Even the biggest gurus were once beginners.

Get the affiliate Marketing training, plain and simple.

You know why?

Lots of people try to jump right in on their own.

I mean it sounds simple: promote and earn commissions, right?

Not really.

Which option is better for you:

  1. Go on alone, try to learn everything by yourself. Waste a lot of time and money on fake products that promise you a magic pill to affiliate marketing. There’s no such thing!
  2. Enroll with an Affiliate Marketing Training Program that is dedicated to helping people and become successful.

I chose No. 2.

Wealthy Affiliate has taught me millions of other people, Affiliate Marketing and it is how I make money online. It is not a get-rich-quick scheme but their training works.

You will need to commit time and resources to see positive results. The great thing about this program is that it is quite affordable compared to the education and support you get.

$49 per month is a fair amount in my opinion. It gets cheaper if you pay for a year.

Wealthy affiliate Pricing

You can also try it risk-free to see if it can work for you.


Let me just say Affiliate Marketing is the best online Business model you can follow and become successful.

However, it involves a lot of hard work in the beginning if you really want to see success. But your hard work will pay off eventually.

I hope you have benefited form this article. Please share it and possibly help someone else!

I would also love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

I wish you lots of success in your online business journey.

You are awesome!

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