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Speechelo Quick Overview

Product Name: Speechelo

Price: $47 One Time Fee

Product Category: Text Speech Software

Recommended? YES

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Are you looking to make money on YouTube without creating videos yourself?  

Do you have amazing ideas you would like to teaching people about but you are too shy to show your face on camera? 

I know this is a problem faced by lots of people. Its such a pity though because as you know, people now watch more video than they read text. It is simply the reality of today’s technological society. And trust me, people are making millions of dollars with online video content. 

You too should want your share of the millons right?

What if I told you you can now create amazing videos, for whatever purpose, without speaking into the microphone or Showing Your Face on camera?

I know you may be wondering if that’s even possible. Yes, it is with Speechelo.

What Is Speechelo About?

Speechelo is a new revolutionary text speech software that helps you create high-quality non-robotic sounding videos.

According to the owners of this products , this new artificial intelligence (A.I.) software can transform any text into a 100% human like voice over  in just  3 clicks. 

How Does Speechelo Work?

It all begins with your own video ideas.  You type out your video script exactly the same way you would have said it out loud if you were the one making the video. You would have to make sure that the typed text script is properly punctuated and is free of any typing mistakes.

 So all that you have to do is to make sure that you put out your ideas clearly in a text format. Once you’ve done that, you are almost done. Speechelo will do the rest for you.

 In just three simple steps, you will go from having a wall of text to a perfect sounding voice over.

Step 1:  

organize and type whatever you would like to say on video.  make sure you edit, proofread and punctuate your text correctly.  copy your entire text and paste it into the Speechlo software. 

  Step 2:   

Choose your favourite voice from The Speechelo Voice Library.  You have access to many men and women voices with different accents.

  Step 3: 

Generate and download your video! You can listen to many different variations using different voices until you are happy with a particular voice. That’s it, you’re done and your video is ready for the final edit and then publishing. 

Speechelo - Best Speech Text Software Review

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What Makes Speechelo The Best Speech Text Software? 

Speechelo is different from any other text to speech software because it’s a  revolutionary new product loaded with awesome features.  You see, there are many “free”  text speech tools out there.  But the quality of the video you can make out of those is really bad. 

I’m sure you have seen those robotic-sounding YouTube videos. Nobody wants to watch them. I know that because I don’t watch them either. The moment I click play and the video sounds like a choking robot, I close and move onto the next one with a  human voice. 

People Trust videos with either the human face or the human voice. 

This is what sets Speechelo apart from the rest. Speechelo comes with real human-sounding voices that are capable of reading your text in a human voice.

What Can Speechelo Do?

Speechelo can help you create amazing sales vidoes, educational videos and training videos. Watch this short video to hear how amazing  the Speechelo voices are.

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Speechelo Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can Speechelo Work On Any Video Creation Software?

Yes, you can use the Speechelo AI software with any video creation software; Adobe Premier, Audacity, Camtasia, iMovie etc. 

2. How Many Accents Does Speechelo Have?

Speechelo has over 30 unique voices, meaning you get more than 30  diferent accents. 

3. Does Speechelo Have Male And Female Voices?

Yes, their voice database consists of both male and  female voices. Not only that, Speechelo also has kids voices too! How amazing is that!?

4. Which Languages Does Speechelo Have?

Speechelo has well over 20 languages from which you can make high quality voiceovers.

1. Arabic

2. Danish

3. Dutch

4. English

5. French

6. German

7. Icelandic

8. Italian

9. Japanese

10. Korean

11. Norwegian

12. Mandarin

13. Polish

14. Portuguese

15. Romanian

16. Russian

17. Spanish

18. Swedish

19. Turkish

20. Welsh

5. Is Speechelo Cloud Based Software?  

Yes, Speechelo is a cloudbased software, meaning that it is easy to use and you wont have to worry about where you access  your software from. 

6. Is Speechelo Worth The Money?

At this low price that these guys give you their software, it is so cheap,, given what it can  do  and the return on investment you will get. Speechelo is definitely worth the money. Infact, in my opinion, it is a  giveaway!

7. Is Speechelo A Scam? 

No, Speechelo is definitely not a scam. It was developed by the most experienced developers in the software market. So, you can rest assured that you are not being duped. 

8. Is Buying Speechelo Risk Free?

Yes, is is absolutely zero risk to buy Speechelo. These guys  are so confident in the quality of their  product, that they promise to give you your money back within 60 days if you hate the voices. 

Speechelo Best Text Speech Software Review

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