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Shopifortunes – Quick Overview

Product NameShopifortunes
CategoryeCommerce Course
Price$37 One Time Payment ($17 If You Take Quick Action!)
OwnerTim Rose

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What Is Shopifortunes About?

Shopifortunes is an elite course that teaches you everything you need to launch your own successful e-commerce store. This step-by-step training gives you everything you need to build and grow a highly successful Shopify brand from the ground up.

With expert guidance, proven strategies, and top-secret growth-hacks you can’t find anywhere else, this comprehensive six-part video tutorial system takes you through every single phase of the launch process: from product research and development all the way to scaling towards 6-figure success.

Shopifortunes was developed by Tim Rose, a former Barista who became an insanely rich entrepreneur thanks to eCommerce. This course comes loaded with straightforward, actionable game plans for growth that anyone trying to break into this growing eCommerce market can use.

Tim Rose openly claims that if you know how to read an email, you can take full advantage of the strategies in this program.

So what is it about Tim’s course that makes him so confident when he talks about it? I mean if there are so many Shopify (eCommerce) manuals out there, what makes this course so special? 

Who Is Tim Rose?

 At just age 32 Tim is a Shopify millionaire and a course creator. Things were not always breezy for Tim. He started off at age 19 working at a local coffee shop. An avid lover of coffee himself, combined with his entrepreneurial spirit, Tim developed a special interest to understand his customers. 

What Is Shopifortunes About - Tim Rose
Tim Rose – Founder Of Shopifortunes

You see, he had always had a dream to open up his chain of top-notch coffee houses. So he studies his customers’ coffee preferences with the vision to offer them something different from what anyone else was offering.  Tim desperately wanted to prove himself and make his parents proud. 

The Only problem was that he needed massive amounts of money in capital to make his dream a  reality. That’s something that he would have to labor for, for many years due to his meager earnings at the time. 

Luckily for Tim, he got a new job at Starbucks and was soon earning more money, only not enough to set him with a brand new coffee shop of his own. Given his upbeat personality, Tim was soon a favorite Barrister to many Starbucks coffee lovers. 

One particular customer that would make a huge impact on Tim’s life was named Lucas, a hugely successful entrepreneur…

To cut the long story short, Lucas was the guy who introduced Tim to the lucrative business of eCommerce. He coached Tim and helped him set up his first Shopify store. The rest is history. 

Shopifortunes Special Benefits

There are two aspects that particularly sets Shopifortunes apart from the rest.

1. According to Tim, Shopifortunes was built around the core money-making e-commerce principles used by what he likes to call “The Syndicate”.

This is an “underground” network of Shopify top-earners that have cracked the code to quickly and successfully building an empire of prosperous online stores, without the need for Dropshipping. Tim says that anyone can use tricks learned in this course to venture into any Niche.

2. This program is tailored to be accessible to anyone looking to venture into the e-commerce market, whether you are a complete beginner or you are experienced but haven’t been successful with the business model.  

That is because, with each easy-to-follow lesson, Shopifortunes breaks the process down into 6 distinctive phases of launching a highly profitable network of online stores.

Yes, you read right. Tim says his course can help you quickly launch multiple profits-raking Shopify stores. Impressive I must say. I mean where has this guy been all my life!

Shopifortunes Pros And Cons


  • Shopifortunes is sold at a giveaway price. Compared to the amount of value plus the 5 bonuses you get, Tim’s course is very cheap.
  • Shopifortunes is laid out in very simple language that can easily be followed by anyone interested to learn.
  • It is broken down into 6 easy to follow steps to avoid any confusion or information overload.
  • The course was developed by a highly successful Shopify millionaire who knows exactly what he is talking about.
  • Tim provides ongoing support throughout this course. You will not be left alone to figure things out yourself.
  • You get lifetime access to Shopifortunes.
  • You get ongoing updates to the course.
  • You can download this course and be able to access it offline if you wanted to.


So far so good, though it is a fairly new course, I doubt that Shopifortunes will have lots of cons. When that happens I will surely update and include those. 

What’s Inside The Shopifrtunes Course?

Now let’s look at the course phases:

Phase 1: Defining Your Product; whether you already have an idea of the product or not, this phase helps you clearly map out your product direction.
Phase 2: Building and Branding Your Online Store.
Phase 3: Let’s Get Technical; an extensive guide to the nitty-gritty details of how to set up shop.
Phase 4: Building the buzz and tapping into your audience.
Phase 5: Ready, set, launch!  Laying the final ‘bricks’ on your online store to prepare for Launch Day.
Phase 6: Syndicate Secrets for Scaling to Success; here Tim gives you access to his underground, super success secrets.

 Tim says that with the exclusive access to the e-commerce masterminds within The Syndicate itself, as a member of the Shopifortunes program you will have a direct line to cutting-edge industry secrets and growing trends that just aren’t available anywhere else.

Who Is Shopifortunes For?

 According to Tim this course is perfect for idea-rich creative individuals or serial entrepreneurs. Shopifortunes can help anyone build a lucrative e-commerce network quickly, strategically, and you won’t have to break your bank getting the investment as is the case with other programs.

If you are looking to get your dream product into market or you are simply looking for the fastest and easiest path towards financial freedom, Shopifortunes is for you.

Is Shopifortunes A Scam?

This course is definitely not a scam. I was developed by  a highly successful Shopify entrepreneur with a clean reputation. His aim with this course is to help other people  make money with Shopify.

He simply wants to help. If you are looking for a solid course that will help you finally crack the Shopify code of success, Shopifortunes might just be what you have been looking for. 

Give it a try. You never know this might be your way to financial freedom.

Watch This Video To Learn More About Shopifortunes

I wish you lots of success in your quest for financial independence. 

Remember, to take action quickly!

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