What Is Procrastination Pro?- A Review

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Procrastination Pro Is A 21-Day Self Improvement Program That Helps You To Stop procrastinating Step By Step. It is a complete program developed by Charlie Ritchie with his team of self-help experts and psychologists to help anyone overcome even the worst case of procrastination once and for all.

Procrastination Pro Review Quick Overview

Product Name: Procrastination Pro

Price: $27

Owner: Charlie Ritchie

Editors Rating: 9/10

Recommended? Absolutely YES!

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If you are struggling with procrastination and would like to find ways to get things done, please stick around.

Why Is Procrastination Bad For You?

Let me answer this question by referring to an old quote by Mark Twain

  “If the first thing you do in the morning is to eat a live frog, you can go through the rest of the day knowing that in the worst is behind you”.  

I know that idea sounds repulsive and I’m not even suggesting that you should wake up every morning and start eating live frogs, yikes! 

But think of what would happen if you really had no choice but to eat a live frog  every mornig, but you kept avoiding it. The frogs would line up and grow big and it would become difficult to eat them right?

That’s why Brian Tracy says, “Eat That Frog”, start with the fattest of them and eat it off!

This is just an analogy that says it is important to begin your day by tackling the most important of all your tasks. That’s your frog! Then move on to tackle the less important tasks.

As easy as this analogy may sound a lot of people struggle with it.  It is so  easy to keep postponing on something. “I will do it tomorrow” That business that you always wanted to start, what happened? Why is it not running yet? That is procrastination. 

What Is Procrastination Pro - Man writing on board the importance of Doing things now not later

And you know what? 

Procrastination has nothing to do with lack of time. It is simply a matter of how you perceive your tasks and prioritize your actions. It is a matter of  taking immediate action and  starting with what matters the most. 

Here’s a practical example, 

Let’s assume you own an online business and you work from home. You are your own boss and you work on your own schedule. You wake up everyday to perform your duties and you believe in your heart that you are doing the best that possibly can.

However, you have been at it for  months on end but still no good results. 

Among the many reasons here is a likely reason: 

You start your day by making phone calls  to your friends, you know , just to check on them.

Then, you check your personal social media accounts endlessly. You know how addictive those can be. The day is going. Before you know it your day is almost gone and  you have not done any marketing tasks for your business, for example. 

You haven’t gotten back to that promising client and you will likely lose that one. You see, you had the whole day but failed to execute the most important tasks  first. You didnt eat your frog! 

That doesnt mean that you are doomed to fail! No you are a very capable person, you just need to learn how  to beat procrastination. 

I used to be a  procrastinator in chief!  But I used the Procrastination Pro methods and I can tell you I now know my priorities well. I am not a perfect person but I have improved that bad aspect about myself and I am so happy about that.  

How Does Procrastination Pro work?

This system teaches you to be aware of your thought patterns, analyze them critically, and to break away from your bad habits. You will learn not only how to write things down but also how to do everything on time.

Procrastination Pro will help you to form new good habits through a series of simple tasks that you complete each day for 21 days.

Each task is easy to achieve and can take about a maximum of 20 minutes to complete. You will have to dedicate only that time every day in order to kick out the bad habit of procrastination for good.

For example, here is what you can expect:

Day 1: Understanding procrastination, what is it, and why it is bad for you.

Day 4: Writing your statement of intention to overcome procrastination

Day 7: Identifying and writing down things that make you procrastinate

Day 8: Analyzing the excuses is that you give so that you don’t have to do your tasks

Day 14: Changing the way you think when there’s something you have to do now instead of later


As short and simple as these tasks may seem you are supposed to perform each task one day at a time. That idea’s not to rush through the tasks finish them. it is important to follow the tasks step by step until Day 21. 

There is a way that these daily tasks gradually shape your thoughts and habits to bring out the best person you can be. That’s the only way you will be able to defeat the habit of procrastinating.

What Is Procrastination Pro
Trust The Process – Take It One Step At A Time

What Are The Benefits Of Procrastination Pro?

This program will give you the following benefits:

1. A complete understanding of what procrastination is

  • Why you don’t only need will-power to succeed
  • Recognize the causes, different types, as well as how the habit is formed
  • Understand why making mistakes is not such a bad thing after all
  • The reasons why you fail and why your failure is a continuous cycle
  • And guess what? You will learn that not all procrastination is bad! Some procrastination is actually good, but which one?

2. How To Change Your Thought Patterns And Actions

  • The single most important step you should take to achieve any goal
  • Understand how to wiggle free from destructive thoughts
  • How to smash the obstacles standing between your current position in life and where you aspire to be
  • Find out the difference between “goals” (something you can work towards and achieve) and “dreams” (some fantasy that you may not even be able to achieve).
  • How to reward yourself to celebrate your personal accomplishments

3. How To Make Long Lasting Changes In Your Life

  • How to make sure that your improvements are permanent
  • How to keep yourself developing and getting better on a daily basis
  • How to not your acquired momentum slip away
  • How to not fall back to self-destructive habits

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The Bottom Line

I am a strong believer in continuos self improvement and buying Procrastination Pro was one of my  best investments in myself. I strongly recommend it for anyone trying to chage their lives for the better. 

Because procrastination can actually destroy you. It is like a silent killer that you wont notice until the great years of your life have been wasted away. Then you remain feeling guilty of what you could have become. 

For the price that Procrastination Pro is being sold, I think it is more than a bargain given the benefits you gain from it. 

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