Nevetica MLM Review-What Are They Hiding?

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What Is Nevetica About?

A pet food and care Network/ Multilevel Marketing company founded by Dr. Lance London in 2018 in Maryland USA. So this is a fairly new company. Nevetica was born out of a tragic incident. One day Dr. London had come home to find his dog, Rocky, almost dead from a stroke attack. 

After taking Rocky for treatment, he embarked on a mission to find out what could have caused  the stroke and how he could improve his dog’s quality of life.

Dr. London discovered that dogs, just like humans require appropriate feeding and supplements to keep them healthy for longer.  Well, this is actually common knowledge anyway. Rocky did show some signs of improvement but he sadly never made a full recovery. 

Another pet food company that specializes in custom pet food is Hungry Bark. This company is also based on the concept that feeding your pet customized meals will keep you together for a longer period of time.

But unlike Nevetica, Hungry Bark does not operate as a Multilevel Marketing Company. They do, however, have an Affiliate Program which is free to join and pays some good commissions. 

Who Is Dr. Lance London?

What Is Nevetica About - Dr. Lance London
Dr. Lance London – Nevetica CEO

A serial entreprenuer who is also the owner of a soul food restaurant chain called Carolina Kitchen, TKO Burger. He is also said to be a Keynote Speaker “dedicated to helping others unlock their personal potential and lauch entrepreneurial enterprises”.

What Are Nevetica Products?

Nevetica says they provide pet owners with a one-stop-shop for all your pet needs. There are currently four product categories on offer: Nutrition, Home Goods, Oral Care and  and Hygiene products. 


  • Hip And joint
  • Digestive
  • Multivitamins
  • Skin and coat
  • Calming supplements

Home Goods

  • Wet away 
What Is Nevetica About - Products

Oral Care

  • Dental chews
  • Water additives mouthwash


  • Anti itch
  • Paw protector
  • Waterless shampoo
  • Nevetica hygiene kit

The Nevetica MLM Opportunity

If you have no problem selling products and recruiting other people to do the same, this is a good opportunity to earn some extra income.

This is simply because the pet food/care industry is an evergreen, recession-proof industry. Meaning that there are many pet lovers and they will always be there.

They love their animal friends and are willing to spend money to give them only the best care.  

Nevetica is still a fairly new MLM. It means that there is no market saturation by millions of Nevetica distributors yet. 

According to their website this give you a good opportunity to position yourself at the “ground level”and start a potentially lucrative business. 

Nevetica offers a wide range of pet products and services. That means as a distributor, you can earn commissions from multiple products.

How It Works 

Nevetica distributors are called Nevetica Pet Consultants (NPCs). You get set up with a website and phone App.You also get refferal link associated with with these. What you need to do is share your links with your family and friends. 

They can choose to either download their own Apps or use the Nevetica website to carry out their pet assessments and purchase any products and services. Each time they buy either through the website or App, you get paid for that. 

Guess what this means for you as a NPC? 

One of their distributors who was happy to make a presentation said that you dont need to carry any inventory like the Mary Kay distributors must. 

This is indeed a revolutionary way of doing MLM. All product and service orders are done online. Then shipped directly from Nevetica fulfilment centers to people’s doorsteps. 

How Much Does It Cost To Join Nevetica?

This has not been easy to obtain. For some reason Nevetica does not diclose how much you will have to pay them to join their company.

I gathered from watching one of their distributors that the amount ranges between $600 to $800. I certainly couldn’t verify this particular cost information. 

But I went on to their website to “join”.  I created a profile and went ahead on my joining mission. along the way I met a page that indicates the fees and prices of brochures and kits. 

Nevetica Basic Enrolment and Business Builder Kit

What Is Nevetica About

Nevetica Brochures

What Is Nevetica About

More Brochures

What Is Nevetica About

And more

What Is Nevetica About


Im not sure which ones you will have to buy but common sense says you definitely have to get these:

Basic enrolment – $35

Business builder kit – $199

Product pack – $475

To me these look liket the essentials you need to get started.  For that you will need at least $709.

There is also training manuals etc. I am not sure what else you need to buy. 

Nevetica Compensation Plan

They have fourteen (14) executive ranks that you can attain and get paid 

  1.  Nevetica Pet Consultant.
  2. Senior Pet Consultant
  3. Area Pet Consultant
  4. Regional Pet Consultant
  5. Director
  6. Area Director
  7. Regional Director
  8. National Director
  9. Vice President
  10. President
  11. International President
  12. Diamond
  13. Blue Diamond
  14. Black Diamond

There are nine (9) ways in which you can get paid at Nevetica 

  1. Personal Sales Bonuses – up to 355 cash bonus weekly on every Nevetica pet product you sell
  2. First order bonus – up to 15% on the first, second and third  levels of new customers
  3. Unilevel Bonus – you can earn  up to10 % on the business of  your downline up to 6 levels deep . Percentages will depend on your rank.
  4. The Turbo Infinity Bonus – when you attain the position of president, you will earn from the sales volume of all your downline regardless of how big your group is. You qualify  to earn from all up to infinity. 
  5. The Income Match Bonus – up to 25 % of your downline business within the first 6 generations. International Presidents (IPs)  and above are eligible for an aditional 8% (  IP earns 25 + 8 = 33%). Remember your compensation depends on the rank position you have achieved. 
  6. The Leadership Advancement Bonus –  one time bons earned by achieving a leadership rank. The leadership rank starts from National Director all the way up to Black Diamond. The higher your leadership rank, the more LAB you will earn. ($1000 – $100,000). 
  7. The Global Pool Bonus – distributed  quartely among the top leaders. Each leader earns 1% of all the projected sales volumes from every sale throuhout the entire company. The bigger the company grows, the more Global Pool Bonus is available to top leaders. 
  8.  Nevetica Sponsored Incentive Trips – top leaders get all expenses paid vacation trips to exotic places around the world, once a   year. This is the reward for hard work.
  9. The Executive Leadership Council – when you qualify, Nevetica flies you to meet with other qualifying Council members to an exotic destination convention to rub shoulders and meet the President of Nevetica

Proposed Additional Compensation Methods Coming Soon…

  1. Management Level Ranking Bonus – $600
  2. The Matching Management Level Ranking Bonus –  $500 for helping your downline reach the management level
  3. Car Bonus

Can You Make Money With Nevetica?

Given that the pet care industry is lucrative, all things being equal, it looks like there is potential to make money. 

All things being equal:

  • If nevetica’s products live up to their glossy claims of being premium products
  • If the costs of joining and running a Nevetica MLM business are not too high, such that all the money you earn gets offset by expenses. 
  • If there no scary secrets about this company that might jeopadise your earning potential. Unfortunately MLM businesses tend to have a lot of skeletons in the closet. 

Final Thoughts

Nevetica is still a new company which seems to have a good potential to help people earn income. They are in  a booming pet industry. Their business model of doing everything online is good. This seems to me like something I would not mind exploring, if I was interested in MLM. Well, I am not.

I am an introvert who does not like talking to people verbally and convincing them to join my MLM business. I hate recruiting people. I prefer to communicate via my website and that has helped me make money through Affiliate Marketing.

If you are like me and would rather have your peace, you might find that Affiliate Marketing is the best business model.  

  • Affiliate marketing is so cheap to start
  • You dont have to buy and sell anything
  • You earn money by connecting people with prodducts that solve their problems – helping people. 
  • No recruiting
  • No need for expensive training manuals
  • You earn money passively 
  • One effort can earn you money over and over – like writing one great article where you  review a product of your choice. People can keep visiting that page and clicking on your affiliate links – helping you earn commissions.   
  • And so many other benefits.


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