What is My Business Venture?: An Updated Review

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My Business Venture Review

What is My Business Venture about?

Does my Business Venture work?

Is My Business Venture a Scam?

How much money can I earn with My Business Venture?

These are some of the questions people ask themselves, which is great because it shows that people want to make research before plunging into business. We are avoiding scams yo!

In this review, I am going to answer all these questions. But first, here is My Business Venture at a glance

My Business Venture at a glance



My Business Venture is a turnkey technology company founded over 20 years ago and they have offices in California, New York, Atlanta, and Orange County. They provide a complete package of E-commerce services.

Their focus is on helping entrepreneurs run their own online businesses. The company does this by setting you up with a complete online superstore with over 15,000 products and payment systems.

They also provide web hosting and marketing services.

Everything is done for you. It is immediately ready to start earning upon hand over.

Their inventory includes top-selling items like electronics, toys, games, cosmetics, home, and office, automotive, gifts, jewelry and a whole range of other products.

A wide range of merchandise, perfect for your business.

You can run your business from the comfort of your home full time or as a part-time business while you do other things.

Something to note:

My Business Venture is not an MLM, nor is it an affiliate program. More like a model which is a step above affiliate marketing and a step lower than franchising, leaning more towards the franchise model.

Here, instead of you start your e-commerce business from scratch with platforms like Shopify, you find everything ready for you to just “plug in and play” and start earning.

What is included in the My Business Venture Package?

  • Your own personalized  e-commerce-enabled website
  • Your own custom domain name
  • 24-hour secure hosting
  • Your own custom logo
  • 15000+ top selling items and name brand merchandise
  • Shopping cart
  • SEO optimized website with search engine submission
  • Cutting-edge technology + automatic updates, customizable templates & formatting
  • Social media marketing enabled website
  • Google XML Sitemap & Google analytics traffic hit monitoring system
  • Confidential dealer pricing, product pricing control & discount features
  • Payment processing systems
  • Free shipping on all products
  • Drop shipping of all items directly to the customers
  • Easy ordering and tracking updates
  • Strategic marketing solutions
  • Ongoing training and support
  • Back-end unlimited access to enable you to customize as you please
  • Custom blog and newsletter pages
  • Customer rewards and registration program
  • US-based technical support and customer service
  • Instructional video tutorials
  • Gift card purchasing program
  • MBV University one-on-one personalized coaching
  • New business dealer starter kit + 100 ways to advertise marketing pack
  • Affiliate website program

Please note: the list above captures everything that is offered across all packages. Individual package details are as seen in the picture below.

MBV Package Options

You can into MyBusiness Venture through any of the three package options, depending on your initial capital/financial muscle.

I am sure you will agree that this is a great arrangement because these guys understand that some entrepreneurs may not have a lot of capital. That’s flexibility and its good for business.

my Business Venture Packages


Who My Business Venture For?

  • Anyone who wants to buy into a franchise business model where everything is ready and waiting for you to run it. The good news about this one is that it is way cheaper than a typical franchise like Mcdonals
  • Entrepreneurs who don’t have time to start a business from scratch because they are busy with other things or simply because they don’t want to do all the startup work and they are willing to pay.
  • New to online business and afraid to take risks involved with starting your own business

My Business Venture Positive Attributes

  • An all-in-one comprehensive done for you business platform – makes it fairly easy to plug in and start earning. However, like any other business, you must put in a lot of effort on your end.
  • Ongoing coaching and support means you won’t be left alone to figure things out for yourself in case you get stuck
  • A highly responsive support team
  • Good business practices – They have A+ Better Business Bureau rating

My Business Venture Negative Attributes 

  • Only available in the United States & Canada
  • Does not have free membership like Wealthy Affiliate where you can start your business from scratch and become successful with the free lifetime membership. True Wealthy Affiliate does not provide the same business model as  My Business Venture.  Wealthy Affiliate trains you to do things yourself! [Website/online store building, SEO, Affiliate Marketing, Social Media Engagement/Marketing, PPC- the list is endless]. 

That’s a good thing because you gain lifetime knowledge and you can pass it on to others and have them pay you!  


My Business Venture Success Testimonials

This is just one example. You can see more testimonials here

The verdict

My Business venture is a genuine business opportunity which has helped a lot of people achieve their financial dreams.

My Business Venture is not a scam and yes, MBV works. Some people have made 20 – 200% profits.

If you have the budget and are not willing to do things yourself then MBV is for you.

However, if you love learning things and are a do-it-yourself kind of person, you may want to join programs which encourage learning.

There are positives to both business models. I personally like learning and getting empowered to be able to share my skills with others. 

So if you feel like My Business Venture is for you, go ahead and give it a try.

If not, here is an alternative program for you to try free and remain on free membership for life or upgrade to premium membership at just $49 per month if you wish. 

Create a free Wealthy affiliate Account now

Thanks for reading my MBV review. I hope I was able to help shed some light about My Business Venture and you now have a clear decision path. 

I am hoping to “meet” you again soon. 

Have a great time deciding on your business. 

I wish you great success because you deserve it!

Please share your thoughts or questions in the comment section below, I would love to hear from you. 

8 thoughts on “What is My Business Venture?: An Updated Review”

  1. Thank you for informative article.

    I was not aware of such an organisation which you could subscribe to and the business model sounds fascinating. The only disappointment for me is that you state that this is only available in the US or Canada. Are you aware of any intentions to expand to the UK or a similar organisation which is more global? 

    • These guys have a really good business model and to be honest, it is not too expensive if one saves for it for some time. Unfortunately, I am not sure if they are considering expansion outside their current locations. Fingers crossed, perhaps in the future…Thanks for passing by. 

      Happy holidays!

  2. Hey Jane,i just got done checking out your post on MBV.I really enjoyed checking this out.Its so cool to find a review on the different opportunities that are out there and MBV sounds like a good one.Of course I would not rush out and part with my money straight away as I would do more due dilligence r.e. this venture.I like the fact that it is pretty much set up and ready to go but think its a bit of a bummer it is only available in the US and Canada.Anyway,good work here Jane as I think any review into online opportunities is always worth a look.

    • Yes Billy,

      I also thought that sometime in the future I would have loved to set myself up with an online superstore…but I cannot access it outside US/Canada. I think these guys are missing out on a lot of potential business…then again, this could be their control strategy…

      Thanks Billy for stopping by,

      Lovely holidays to you and yours!

  3. Hi Jane, This is an excellent review about My Business Venture. I think this site is helpful for those investor where money is not a problem in the beginning. I believe this business opportunity is genuine and there is no scam. But a beginner still needs to learn something to understand the business model. This site has great support but comparatively it is costly and not available worldwide.I would prefer your #1 recommendation like The Wealthy Affiliate instead of this site. Thanks for sharing this information with us.

    • Hello Mzakapon, 

      Thank you for your insights, I agree with you…For someone who is a beginner it is important to first establish themselves by acquiring Online Business knowledge in a budget friendly manner and that is what Wealthy Affiliate offers . Then maybe if they feel like graduating to something else, My Business Venture would be great.

      Thanks a lot for stopping by, 

      I wish you and yours, happy holidays!

  4. Thank you for sharing your review of My Business Venture. I am in search of a program that offers exactly what MBV is offering as I really want to start an online business that’s ready and operational. While others may find it to be expensive, I think the price is still cheaper compared to other done-for-you online business models that I’ve looked into.

    I’m just wondering if I should go for the professional or  enterprise package immediately if I have the funds. Or do you advice that I take the starter package first to test it out? And can I upgrade anytime? And one more thing, you said this is kind’a like franchising. After joining and I do not want to continue, can I sell it to anyone who wants to have it, maybe at a lower price?

    • Hello Alice,

      Thank you for stopping by. And I agree with you MBV is not terribly expensive. 

      To answer your questions:

      1.Starter package and upgrading later on or outright going for Enterprise package? – I would personally recommend going straight for Enterprise package and get all the benefits like MBV University right away.

      2. While MBV closely resembles a franchise model, it is not 100% so because when you buy a package you are allowed to customize your online store according to your personal preferences. But you wouldn’t to that with a typical franchise like KFC.

      Though I still find it weird that MBV is listed in many franchise directory websites like franchisegator.com. Yet, even on their website or even on the BBB website, there is no mention of it being a franchise. 

      3. Whether you can sell or not?

      I am not sure about this one but I would imagine that when they hand you over the superstore, it is fully yours to do what you please with. Besides, what would happen to it if you were suddenly unable to run it? You would have to pass it on to someone else.

      Let me go find out more information in this regard.


      Happy holidays!


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