Jeunesse Global Review 2020

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What Is Jeunesse About?

Jeunesse ( Jeunesse Global) is a beauty and wellness Network/ Multilevel Marketing company built by a couple, Randy Ray and his wife Wendy Lewis in 2009. The company has its headquarters in Florida, USA. They have a global network of ofices and distributors.

Jeunesse is well known for its anti aging products all over the world. This company now operates in North America, Latin America, Africa, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, India, Greater China and Japan.

This company has been around for 11 years now. Although the company has had some challenges including many complaints and lawsuits, it is still standing.

And when you compare it to another Multilevel Marketing Company in the beauty industry, Monat Global, Jeunesse has had fewer lawsuits. In fact, as of December 2020, Jeunesse has only 8 complaints on the BBB website and its BBB rating is A+.

Jeunesse MLM Company

Like in all MLMs, to become a Jeunesse independent distributor you will need to sign up under an already existing Jeunesse Distributor (aka your Upline Sponsor).

You will also have to work hard to recruit other people to form your business team. The more you are able to recruit, the better your chances to make money.

So if you are interested to tap into this company, I believe you can do well. Although the company has been around for more than a decade now, I believe that there is still potential to join and make some money.

How Much Is It To Join Jeunesse Global?

The basic Jeunesse Starter Kit will cost you $49.95 and then you will have to pay an annual renewal fee of $19.95. If you are able to accumulate 360 CV ( Commissionable Volume) in the preceding months, your $19.95 membership fee will be waived for that year.

Please note that there are different Starter Kits with different pricing. Which Kit you choose will depend on your own personal business goals. Your sponsor should be able to help you make the right choice.

Also bear in mind that there will definitely be more costs you will incur in order to run your MLM business e.g. calling your potential downline distributors, hosting opportunity meetings, attending meetings and trainings etc.

These will not be catered for by the fees you pay to Jeunesse. They will be financed out of your own pocket.

Jeunesse Global Affiliate Program

Although Jeunesse runs mainly as an MLM company, they also have a paid for affiliate program which you can join. A lot of companies offer online affiliate programs which are actually free to join.

This is based on the simple reciprocity principle of Affiliate Marketing. You join an Affiliate Program/Network Free and help them promote their products. In return you get rewarded with the percentage of the sale (commission).

To join the Jeunesse affiliate program you will need to pay $29.95 and get your tools ( a personalized website with product information) to use to promote Jeunesse products. They pay you 10-20% commission on every sale you make.

Jeunesse affiliates are not allowed to recruit other affiliates or distributors. However, you can upgrade your affiliate account to become a distributor. But you cannot be both an affiliate and distributor at the same time.

Jeunesse Compensation Plan

There are 6 (six) ways to earn money with Jeunesse:

  1. Retail Profits – you can make between 15% – 40% profits when you sell Jeunesse products
  2. Retail Sales Bonus – you earn this on the first product package you sell to the distributors you have enrolled. You can earn $20 – %0
  3. Team Commissions / Cycle Bonus – you earn this one from your team of distributors. You are suppossed to build 2 teams, one on you right and the other on your left. The more people join your team, the more team commissions you will earn. The team commission is paid weekly and you can make $35.
  4. Matching Bonus – Pays you a percentage of team commiissions earned on the irst 7(seven) levels of sponsorship.

Level 1 – you can earn 20%

Level 2 – you make 15%

Level 3 – earns you 10%

Level 4 – you earn 5%

Level 5 – you make 5%

Level 6 – you make 5%

Level 7- you make 5%

These are paid weekly

5, Distributor Retention Incentive – When you attain the rank of Jade Executive or higher, and sell to 5 customers, your first level matching bonus increases from 20% to 25%. When you sell to 10 customers, your bonus increases to 30%

6. Diamond Bonus Pool – you can earn shares from the 3% of Jeunesse global Commissionable Value, each quarter.

What Are Jeunesse Products?

Jeunesse has put their focus on health and beauty products. According to their website they make and distributes products that help people look young and feel young.

Jeunesse Beauty Products

1. Instantly Ageless

2. Luminesce

3. Naara

4. NV

5. RVL

What Is Jeunesse About
Jeunesse Global Products

Jeunesse Wellness Products

1. AM and PM Essentials – vitamins, minerals and enzymes

2. Monavie

3. Reserve

4. Finiti – supplements

5. Nevo – energy drink

6. Zebb Bodi

7. M1ND – supplements

8. Revitablu

9. MX20



12. L1FE NMN

Jeunesse Pros And Cons


1.The Jeunesse MLM Opprtunity is a lucrative one – because the anti aging industry is evergreen and growing. People will pay money to look and feel younger. Besides that Jeunesse has won multiple awards for developing premium products.

2.Corporate Social Responsibility – Jeunesse has a substantial social responsibilty program called Jeunesse Kids. They built schools and provided clean water solutions in poor rural communities in Kenya, China etc. This gives the company recognition and love for their products.

3. Affordable Basic Starter Kit – their basic kits are not very expensive. Even thier yearly membership fee is quite affordable. I believe one can afford this provided they make good sales and manage to recruit more people who also make good sales.


1. Product prices – Jeunesse products retail at much higher prices than their counterpart products with similar ratings/popularity. This may make it hard to sell to the tech savvy customer who performs rigorous research before buying.

2. Jeunesse Global Lawsuits – this company has been sued and this is not a good look for the company. This may create a negative attitude towards the company, its products and distributors.

3. Customer Complaits – though not many, Jeunesse has complaints on the Better Business Bureau website. A lot of these are about the poor Jeunesse customer service.

4. Your success depends on other people – like all MLM businesses your success and ability to make substantial amounts of money heavily depends on whether or not you are able to convince people to join. And also whether they can convince others to join and stay motivated and so on.

Is Jeunesse Global Pyramid Scheme?

Jeunesse does not qualify as a pyramid scheme because they have tangible products for distributors to sell. They do put emphasis on thier products.

Jeunesse would qualify to be called a pyramid scheme if they only emphasized that recruiting other people is the only way members will earn income. This is not the case here.

Jeunesse Final Thoughts

Jeunesse seems like a good company with good products. However, at the end of everything else Jeunesse is an MLM. This means that your ability to earn money is dependent on other people. Are you able to convince lots of people that Jeunesse is the good comppany to join.

  • Are you able to keep your downline motivated to keep going even when they dont see results?
  • Are the people you have recruited also able to recruit lots and lots of people and keep them motivated?
  • Are you able to earn more money than your running costs which are not catered for in your Jeunesse fees?
  • Is becoming an MLM distibutor really like running your own business.

Are there eaiser and better ways to start your own business and run it 100% online without having to pester your friends and family to join your MLM?

Yes there is, Affiliate Marketing. This is my NO.1 Reccomended way to make money online.

  • No recruiting
  • Very easy to get started even is you are not tech savvy
  • very cheap to start your business
  • You can earn income passively
  • No need to carry any products
  • No need to attend annoying meetings and deal with crowds

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