Ibuumerang MLM Review

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A warm welcome to this Ibuumerang review. I believe you are here to find out more information about the Ibuumerang MLM opportunity.

What you are about to read will help you make a decision whether or not Ibuumerang is the right business for you. 

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Ibuumerang: A Quick Overview

Company Name: Ibuumerang, Previously known as Countdown 4 Freedom

Website: ibuumerang.com 

Date Founded:  March 2019

Owner: Holton Buggs

Business Model: Multilevel Marketing (MLM)

Niche: Travel Service

Price: $49.95 – $99 Per Month & $250 – $1000

Good For: People who Like the MLM Business model and are good at recruiting others

Recommended? Not Really

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What Is Ibuumerang About? 

Ibuumerang is a relatively new MLM company in the travel Niche, the likes of Worldventures MLM. Ibuumerang offers travel discounts on its through its distributors, also known as TSAs (Travel Service Ambassadors). 

They have partnered with a company called  Xtream Travel owned by a guy called David Manning. Xstream Travels manages Ibuumerang’s iGo booking engine. Igo engine gives discounts on travel packages. 

Basically, as the Ibuumerang TSA, you offer ‘Boomerangs’ to people who want to save money on their travel expenses (well, who doesn’t?). Boomerangs refer to access to the igo booking engine where a person can shop around for deals in: 

  • Hotel Reservations
  • Flight Tickets
  • Car Rental
  • Tour Packages
  • Cruises
  • Timeshare
  • etc. 

How Do You Join Ibuumerang?

Like in any other MLM, joining Ibuumerang is an invitation-only affair. You need to be referred by an existing member so that that they can get paid for bringing in some $$$ to Ibuumerang. 

How Much Does Ibuumerang Membership Cost?

There is a starting point for everyone who joins Ibuumerang called “Stand-by”. That is the Affiliate Membership which costs $49.95 per month. This gives you access to promote  part of the discounted travel packages.  

As a Stand-by member you can only promote: 

  • Flights
  • Hotels
  • Homes
  • Car rentals

When customers make a saving you earn a commission. 

If you want you can also buy either of these packages. The higher the package the more benefits for you. 

  • Coach Class  @ $250 (one off) + $49.95 per month – Buys you 10 Boomerangs
  • Business Class @  $500 (one off) + $99 per month – Buys you 25 Boomerangs
  • First Class @ $1000 (one off) + $99 per month – buys you 50 Boomerangs

What Are Ibuumerang Products? 

Does this company sell Boomerangs?


But not these cute little things. They only use the real boomerang in their logo. 

Australian Boomerang

How Does The Ibuumerang Boomerang Work?

A boomerang is a fancy word for a special code that gives whoever you send it to access to the travel discounts website. 

Watch this short video that explains how this system works.

Throw the Boomerang and it comes back to you. One way or another. 

Basically, as a TSA you give people access to the exclusive travel discount website Xstream Travel.  They shop around for anything that suits their travel plans. If they make purchases as a result of your effort, you will earn a commission. Your boomerang comes back in the form of cash!

Ibuumerang splits the savings 50/50 with the customer and then goes on to split its 50% with the TSAs. That means you as a TSA will get 50% -100% of the final saving.  

Let’s look at an example,

Supposing you are a TSA and you threw a boomerang to Jim. Jim logs into igo and decides to book a trip to France. His package includes a hotel room, day trips, flight tickets for him and his girlfriend Candy. 

Jim makes a total saving of $1000. Ibuumerang pays you 50% of that = $500

The remaining $500 is used by Ibuumerang to pay commissions to its TSAs (70%) and keeps the rest (30%). 

 Ibuumerang will pay you a commission depending on your membership level. 

$500 (Coach Class) or all of the $100 (Business & First Class) as a commission. 

The prices are actually much lower than what you would find on the most popular travel booking engines.

In fact, the Ibuumerang guys are so confident about the discount they refer potential customers to, they give you a bold price guarantee on their website:

“Find a lower price online on any other site and we will refund you 110% of the difference”

What Happens When The Boomerang Is Not Used? I was told that it comes back to you!

Ibuumerang: How Does It Work For Affiliates?

There are 3 ways you can benefit from joining Ibuumerang

  1. Join Ibuumerang to get discounts
  2. Join Ibuumerang as a TSA,  basically an affiliate of Ibuumerang…find people who want to save on their travel costs. Refer them to iGo ( i.e. Throw them a boomerang) and when they purchase a travel package and save, you get paid. 
  3. Recruit other TSAs, build a downline and get paid.  

Ibuumerang’s Compensation Plan?

Ibuumerang pays you whenever a customer makes a purchase through your boomerang or whenever you recruit another TSA. 

Ibuumerang uses a unilevel and binary compensation plan. They also pay you bonuses depending on your rank and membership package: 

  • Generation bonus
  • Leadership bonus
  • Lifestyle bonus

Six Ways You Can Make Money With Ibuumerang

1. Referred Travel Bonus

When you refer a customer to the Xstream Travel website and they buy a travel package, you make a 25% referral commission/ bonus. 

2. Travel savings Bonus

Here you earn money by sharing the iGo portal with your friends and family. When they book hotels, cruises, car rentals, etc, they enjoy a 50% discount courtesy of you. You get 50% of their savings back in cash. 

3. Fast Start Bonus

This is the income you earn when you refer new TSAs who go on to buy anyone one of the 3 Membership Packages

For each membership level referral, you earn money and QV/CV Points

 Coach Class Referral  earns you  250 QV/200 CV + $20 cash

Business Class Referral earns you 500QV/400CV + $40 cash

First Class Referral earns  you 1000QV/800 CV + $80 cash

4. Dual Team Bonus

This is a short term commission following the binary compensation plan.  There is a lot of MLM language involved here and I’m not about to bore you with that. 

Basically, you get paid commissions based on the performance of your active downline using the binary method…left leg and right leg…

5. Unilevel Commissions

This is designed to ensure that you earn commissions on a steady long term basis. Again let me spare you the tough tongue-twisting terminology…LOL!

6. Leadership Development Bonus

You get paid when you help your downline on your PET (Personal Enrolment Tree) achieve the leadership ranks of Sapphire and beyond.

It rains money at Ibuumerang!

Ibuumerang Pros And Cons

Pros: What I like About Ibuumerang

1. You don’t carry any product inventory. Ibuumerang operates in the service industry, therefore, members don’t have to buy truckloads of inventory.

2. Ibuumerang is a fairly new MLM company, meaning that if you join now, you may be able to get lots of people to join under you and make you money.

Cons: What I Don’t Like About Ibuumerang

1. The Ibuumerang membership packages can be a bit expensive for some people. But the good news is that you can start off as just an affiliate member paying $49.95 per month. That means you will need to make sales quickly to cover your costs. 

2. Ibuumerang is an MLM. Like many other MLMs, they make big claims or potential earnings

3. Pay to play? Typical MLM trait. If you are just an affiliate and you have not bought any of the 3 packages, you will not be able to earn commissions from signing up new TSAs who go on to buy the packages.

That looks like their way to persuade you to buy a package.  

Final Thoughts: Is Ibuumerang A Scam?


Ibuumerang is not a scam. Honestly, as much as I am not a big fan of the MLM business model, there is something about Ibuumerang that could make me reconsider.

I like the fact that you can make money even if you don’t buy their packages or recruit anyone. But of course, the big money is in recruiting. 

One way or another you are going to suffer from the FOMO (fear of missing out) and end up emptying your bank account to buy an Ibuumerang package. 

And the fact remains that only a handful of MLM pioneers will make that “life-changing” income that you are promised during the presentations.

Over 90% of people fail to make money and worse, they end up losing all their money while making the top 10% rich.

What Is The Better Way To Make Money Besides MLM?

I recommend Affiliate Marketing

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