Funnellogics Review (New Affordable One Time Fee)

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The Funnellogics Review

Welcome to this Funnellogics review. It is long overdue but I’m glad to have waited until I got the real facts about this product. Also, there was a lot of buzz and hype when this product was first launched back in June.

A lot has changed in terms of pricing for Funnellogics. Now that the dust has settled allow me to walk you through Funnellogic price, benefits and what to expect when you buy this product.

Funnellogics Quick Overview

Product Name: Funnellogics

Price: $497 One Time Fee


Developed By: Freddy Owen & Jonas Nielsen

Recommended For: People With Basic Online Marketing Skills (Beginner to Intermediate)

Legit Or What? : LEGIT


Let’s dig a bit deeper…

What Is Funnellogics?

This is a continuously improved training and tools system meant to help you start and run your own online business. Funnellogics offers a clear step by step video training with transcription. They also offer lots of done for you resources like email swipes, which you can personalize and make your own.

The training and tools cover a wide variety of niches. They also provide pre-researched keywords in different niches. There are monthly recorded webinars to continue providing you with valuable material.

Funnellogic Benefits / Pros

  1. Simplified step by step training (Funnellogics Blueprint)
  2. Beginner-friendly
  3. Also has an advanced section (Freddy O’s Blueprint Version) for those who are not complete beginners
  4. Designed by legitimate transparent Internet Marketing Experts
  5. It is being constantly improved to give you the best training and tools
  6. They have a suggestion box! This is what helps them get user feedback and improve where necessary
  7. It is now offered for an affordable one-time fee
  8. They cut through all the confusion and overwhelm to help you with get established with your business

Funnellogics Cons? (More Like What You Need To Know!)

  1. Just because it talks about done-for-you tools does not necessarily mean that you will be handed a complete “business-in-a-box” that immediately starts minting money for your pocket! You will need to put in some work. But It will be simplified for easy understanding. When you get stuck, you will always get help.
  2. There are additional tools you may need to buy if you don’t have them already. ClickFunnels, Thrive Architect or any page builder of your choice. Thrive Architect is a more affordable option.
  3. Traffic – You will be encouraged to buy traffic through Solo Ads. They have suggestions on where to do this and get discounts. You may also do Bing / Google PPC.
  4. Email Autoresponder – Funnellogics recommend that you use GetResponse or Aweber. I personally prefer Convertkit

These should not act as a barrier that blocks you from progressing and starting your own online business. Let us be honest for a moment. Building any type of business takes time and resources. 

That is if you are looking to build a serious long term business. You will not get great resources for free. You get what you pay for. I believe the best way is to look for the best deals instead of trying to get everything for free. Free things do have their limitations and will delay you.

Funnellogics Members’Testimonies

There are lots of members who are happy with Funnellogics. I chose this one among them. Watch this short testimony:

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What’s Inside Funnellogics – What You Get For $497 One-Off?

1. Funnellogics Blueprint

A step by step training road map meant to take you from start to finish. You will learn how to pick your niche, traffic and everything needed to get you started the easy way.

2. Funnel Basics

You will learn everything you need about building funnels.

  • Funnel terminology
  • Why do you need to build funnels?
  • How do funnels work?

3. Mindset

You need a constant supply of “pick me ups” to boost your mind and keep you positive. You will get daily mindset tools to keep you on track. These include daily To-do lists.

4. Profit Accelerator Vault

Teaches you how to find the right profitable offers to promote, where to find offers and access to exclusive high ticket and residual offer vaults.

5. Traffic Ascendency

Here you will learn different traffic generation techniques such as Bing and Google PPC (Pay Per Click), Solo Ads + exclusive access to their Solo Ads Rolodex, and real-time lead generation.

6. Inbox Assassin

These tools solve a huge problem facing a lot of internet marketers – getting your emails delivered directly to your subscribers’ inbox and not spam or junk mail. You will also be receiving 7 fresh, handcrafted and tested email swipes to personalize and use in your own campaigns. Plus you will get step by step insider info on how to get your emails delivered straight to inbox.

7. Click Tracking Essentials

Internet marketing is about numbers and you need to know your numbers well through tracking. You will learn where your converting traffic is coming from. This helps you focus your efforts on the traffic that brings in sales and not waste your time on non-converting traffic.

8. Funnel Essentials

Here funnel training is taken a step further to the advanced level. You will be taught how to create your own lead magnets. Meanwhile, you will get access to done for you lead magnets to employ while you learn to create your own.

9. DFY (Done For You) Funnels

This tool helps you keep your funnels fresh and clean and not looking like everyone else’s. You will get access to a dozen DFY funnels in your back office with fresh ones added every week. These funnels are pre-built for you on multiple funnel builders and are available for you to download on your preferred lead capture page.

10. Chatbot Domination

this one helps you take Facebook Marketing to the next level. Messenger has over 75% open rates and 50% click-through rates. Leveraging the power of Messenger bots can take your business to the next level.

11. Bonus Training Hub

This is the collection of any other training materials you may need which may not necessarily warrant a standalone section. Inside the hub, you will also get access to additional squeeze page templates.

12. Live Coaching Replays

Live coaching sessions are held to keep members up to date with marketing techniques that are currently working. It is a platform where you can get your questions answered. Members’ funnels are reviewed and best practices are shared. If you cannot make it to live sessions you will have access to recordings in your back office.

13. CF (ClickFunnels) Mastery

This training is meant to shorten your CF learning curve. ClickFunnels is a popular and one of the most trusted funnel builders in the market. You will get step by step guidance on how to create the most converting sales funnels.

14. WordPress Essentials

If you already have a WordPress experience this will be an easy one. If you are completely new, this training will show you how to get your own web domain, hosting, website creation and plugins. WordPress websites are very simple to operate. You don’t need any tech skills whatsoever.

15. Thrive Mastery

Thrive Architect is another awesome funnel builder like Clickfunnels except Thrive Architect is way more cost-effective than CF. This is the option I would advise you to go with. You will only make a one time purchase as opposed to ClickFunnels which will cost you $97 per month.

16. Private Facebook Group

You will be able to network with like-minded individuals in a safe environment. You will never feel stuck.

17. Exclusive Member Discounts

You will enjoy exclusive traffic discounts when you are a member of Funnellogic. Traffic is the lifeblood of your business. Without out your business is as good as dead.

18. Request A Funnel

If you have a specific product that you want to promote and need a unique funnel for it, you can simply request it and it will be done for you.

19. Easy MSI Money system

this gives you the ability to create multiple streams of income. With the easy pre-built MSI Funnel you will learn how to leverage up to 3 residual income streams from one system.

20. Funnel Fights

This is an exciting live challenge where you get to test your funnel building skills. You compete with your fellow funnel builders. Traffic is sent to your funnels and the winner is the one that generates more conversions within 30 minutes.

21. Follow Up Cheat Sheet

Here you will learn 21 ways to convert new leads into sales fast. Learn how to convert your leads into sales fast and avoid advertising loses with Funnellogics exclusive cheat sheet techniques.

Funnellogics Support?

You will get prompt support whenever you run into problems. The owners themselves will offer you a hand as well as other members.

They have an active members-only Facebook group where you can interact with fellow members to share ideas, successes and ask for help in case you need any.

Funnellogics final Thoughts – Is It Worth Buying?

Absolutely yes!

Forget the incredibly low one time fee of $497, Funnellogics delivers massive amounts of value and it keeps piling up. I admire the transparency of the owners Freddy and Jonas.

They don’t hide the good stuff from you. They share every little tidbit with the members. They go out to learn what hot and happening and like reliable hunters, they bring the kill back home for all of us to feast on!

Funnellogics makes things easy, especially for beginners. They understand the dire need for millions of people to make a living earning money online and how difficult that can be for lots of people. They cut to the chase and skip the clutter and unnecessary bells and whistles.

If you are new to internet marketing and want to find a simplified affordable training to help you, Funnellogics is the program for you.

if you have gone through lots of other training on how to make money online but failed to get the value you needed I suggest that you try Funnellogics and see if you will finally achieve results.

You have nothing to lose because they have a strict Money Back Guarantee. If you buy it and find that it doesn’t deliver value, you simply ask for a refund.

Go ahead and give it a try today.

Buy Funnellogics Now

I wish you all the best in your internet marketing journey. 

Hold on tight!

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