Dream Life Mastery Program Review

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Hello and welcome to my review of the Dream Life Mastery Program. Before we go any further let me ask you a question:

Do you sometimes look at your life and wonder why you can’t seem to achieve certain things that some people easily get, why your life seems like an everyday struggle?

Do you ever ask yourself what it would take I have everything that you’ve ever wanted, to take every vacation that you have ever wanted to take,  to be able to buy your loved ones all the nice things that they want?

You know, that kind of life where you don’t worry about where your next income will come from. No worries about falling sick because you know you can easily get yourself treatment.

If you have children you want the kind of life where you have absolutely zero worry about your kids’ future how do we go to college and set themselves up for a comfortable lifestyle that everyone dreams of.

How come some people have absolutely no problem getting everything they want, having all the money they need and living their lives like every day is a vacation? How did they do it? 

Are they born special?  Could it be that their parents or grandparents left them huge sums of money and inheritance? How come some people are able to attract so much abundance in their lives and you can’t seem to?

Now let me tell you something,

No one is born special. Not everybody who is living the dream lifestyle achieved that through inheriting large sums of money.

According to Dr. Steve G Jones, anyone can live the dream life. You don’t need to be special to do so. According to him you just have to master How to transform your mind to manifest all your desires.

Hence the subject of today’s review.

I take a closer look at Dr. Steve G Jones’s Dream Life Mastery Program which he aims to teach you everything you need to master your mind transformation. 

Dr. Steve G Jones Dream Life Mastery Program
Dr. Steve G. Jones

Table Of Contents

What Is Dream Life Mastery Program?

This is the cutting edge mind transformation course developed by Dr. Steve G Jones, a highly successful clinical hypnotherapist and multi-millionaire. With this program, Doctor Jones wants to help anyone unlock the power of the Mind to achieve unparalleled levels of success.

Once you buy into this program you would have access to it through the dashboard where you can download training modules in the form of audio, video and PDF files.

What Is Inside The Dream Life Mastery Program?

This program consists of  13 courses dealing with various mental and health transformational topics.  the major course among the 13 is the Dream Life Mastery Program Mastermind. I’m going to list all 13 of them   as follows:

1. Dream Life Mastery Program Mastermind

This is the most comprehensive of all. Inside this course there are eight modules with submodules as follows:

Module 1: Building A Life True Happiness

Just as an example I will let you in on what you can expect in Module 1:

Video 1: The hidden truth about happiness

Video 2: Creating your happiness framework

Video 3: How to power through suffering and dig through your pain

Video 4: Getting under driver seat on the path to happiness

Video 5: Getting the happiness ball rolling

Module 2: Success conditioning

Module 3: How to achieve exceptional wealth

Module 4: Unlocking the hidden power of your mind

Module 5: How to boost your energy, health, and vitality

Module 6: 4 Different Wealth Pathways of Millionaires Revealed

Module 7: How to have a great and successful love life

Module 8: The 60-Day Challenge: Setting Yourself Up For Long Term Life Success

More Resources On The Dashboard

  • Million-dollar wealth vault
  • Side income rocket
  • Peak Performance
  • Thought power
  • Private community
  • Success Summit
  • Help desk
  • Live success sessions
  • Rise above
  • Wake up calm
  • My certificate

Watch This Free Webinar To Learn More About  Dream Life Mastery Program Mastermind Now

2. Overflowing Wealth Self Hypnosis 

Overflowing Wealth Self Hypnosis - Dream Life Mastery

This is an audio track meant to help you unlock the millionaire mindset,  overcome financial challenges and attract more money, success, and abundance. 

Listening to this audio track primes your mind  and helps you experienced the following benefits:

  • Learn how to bounce back some financial difficulty quickly
  • Reprogram your brain to Naturally attract wealth my infusing Your subconscious new thought patterns, habits, and attitudes.
  •  eliminate false  limiting beliefs replace them with positive  ones
  • The subaudible Soundwave Technology helps you Shoot to a lower Brainwave quicker than regular guided meditation tracks. This makes it easier to flood your subconscious mind with Powerful thoughts and suggestions. 

Buy The Overflowing Wealth Track Here

3.  Rise Above Self  Hypnosis Track 

Rise Above Self - Dream Life Mastery

This guided meditation track is meant to help rewire your thought patterns and get you through difficult times such as the loss of a loved one,   Financial difficulty, career slump, relationship issues, etc. 

This track is meant to provide you with quick relief from everyday challenges. it eliminates mental blocks and helps you achieve the following benefits:

  • Self-esteem and a greater sense of purpose
  • Quickly bounce back from difficult times and live your life again
  • Reduce stress and live happier
  •  Achieve High vibration  life Full of joy and opportunities for growth

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4. Wired For Joy Self Hypnosis Track

Wired For Joy Self Hypnosis Track - Dream Life Mastery
  • Listening to this track when help you cultivate positive thought habits. this allows you effortlessly manage stress and have a positive mind anywhere, at any time. 
  • Quickly release the feelings of sadness and anxiety
  • Continue your day with clarity so that you can stay focused on your goals. 
  • Cultivate a joy driven mindset that allows you to create positive change to help you bring even more happiness in your life. 

Buy Wired For Joy Here

5.Wake Up Calm Self Hypnosis

Wake Up Calm - Dream Life Mastery

 This trick to help you if you are dealing with stress anxiety and sleeplessness. Whatever the course of your stress, You can achieve peace by listening to this track and be able to wake up calm.

 The track  promotes long and peaceful sleep giving you the following benefits:

  •  Feel   focused,  happy and energized  as you go on with your business throughout the day
  • Reduce stress anxiety levels  achieve a better life balance
  • Regain to your higher self so that you can Live up to your true purpose

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6. Stop Negative Thinking Self-hypnosis Track

Stop Negative Thinking Self Hypnosis - Dream Life Mastery

If you constantly find yourself cutting a pattern of negative thoughts throughout you a day or even at night this track is for you.  it is meant to eliminate an unhealthy cycle of negative thinking, to train your brain to focus more on positive thoughts. 

If you listen to this track regularly you will reap the following benefits:

  •  Helps you to focus more on the positive line of thinking
  • Trains your brain to  quickly recognize negative thoughts  and to shift to more positive ones
  • Untangles your mind so that you feel more relaxed
  • Helps you the    focus more on what really matters

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7. End Addiction Self-hypnosis Track

End Addiction  Self Hypnosis - Dream Life Mastery

This is a guided meditation track meant for people who are trying to break away from their bad habits. This track can help you break the cycle of addiction. It will help you:

  • Prevent relapse  by releasing toxic emotional baggage from the past
  • Form  new and healthier mental pathways  which lead to better habits 
  • Leave the old person behind and create a new identity that is based on your strength and other wonderful qualities.
  • Detox your subconscious from harmful beliefs and mental habits that lead to addiction

Buy End Addiction Here

8. Soaring Success Self-Hypnosis Track

Soaring Success - Dream Life Mastery

This is an excellent way to Cultivate empowering believes that would help you smash through any obstacles holding you back from success.

This track will help you:

  • Program your subconscious to accomplish your goals no matter what
  • Stay strong and focused despite the challenges related to relationships, finances, career, etc.
  • Develop better working habits, boost productivity and program your mind for excellence at all times.
  • Cultivate life-changing habits that will take your success to the next level

Buy Soaring Success Here

9. No More Worrying Self Hypnosis Track

No More Worrying Self Hypnosis - Dream Life Mastery

Do you constantly find yourself with an internal battle, worrying about anything and everything? Then this track will help you refocus your mind on what truly matters now and forget worrying.

Listening to this track will help you:

  • Release anxious thoughts and stay happy no matter the life challenges
  • Boost mental resilience by rewiring your mind to thrive during adversity
  • Look forward to the bright and amazing future ahead of you
  • Cut the internal chatter in your mind and stay focused on building your dream life

Buy No More  Worrying Here

10. Decluttered Mind Self Hypnosis Track

Decluttured Mind Self Hypnosis - Dream Life Mastery

If you struggle to keep a clear mind and focus, this is the track you need. It is designed to help you:

  • Have laser-focused concentration throughout your day
  • Boost your mood
  • Manage stress easily
  • Improve sleep 
  • Eliminate negative thoughts
  • Remove mental blocks

Buy Decluttured Mind Here

11. The Doers Brain Self Hypnosis Track

The Doers Brain Self Hypnosis - Dream life Mastery

Are you struggling with getting things done? Do you always find yourself lagging when it comes to taking real action that could change your life for the better?

You are not the only one! 

This track is made for you and it will help you develop an action-oriented mind that loves it when you get things done and actually complete them.

This track will rewire your mind to crush those counterproductive thoughts and replace them with more motivated thought patterns to help you:

  • Prime your subconscious mind for success
  • Boost productivity
  • Experience the ultimate freedom through discipline
  • Prioritize like a boss
  • Map out a clear plan for your success
  • Seek excellence and integrity at all times

Buy The Doers Brain Here

12. Money Momentum Kickstart Self Hypnosis Track

Money Momentum Kick-start Dream Life Mastery

This is a specialized self-hypnosis audio track that is meant to help anyone to quickly absorb the habits attitudes and traits of wealthy people. 

You will learn how to recalibrate your internal financial compass by deeply implanting wealthy beliefs, attitudes, and actions into your subconscious mind.

This track will help you to:

  • Get into a powerful money-making mindset immediately
  • Recalibrate your financial compass
  • Operate from  a place of abundance and NOT scarcity
  • Map out an unstoppable path to success
  • Develop a thicker skin
  • Move aggressively towards your goals

Buy Money Momentum Kickstart Here

13. Heal The Body Self Hypnosis Track

Heal The Body Self Hypnosis - Dream Life Mastery

Wanna heal your body, boost your immune system and feel like the best version of yourself? Then this is the track you should be listening to!

This track is used to unlock the mind’s ability to heal the body because it is infused with Subaudble Soundwave Technology which naturally allows the brain to shift to a lower brainwave state.

The key is to reach a higher state of vibration which in turn leads to inner peace, happiness, and overall better health.

You will:

  • Get your mind and body to work in harmony
  • Introduce new thought habits which help create new mind pathways 
  • Get a superior psychological advantage over stress
  • Detox your subconscious mind
  • Reprogram hard-wired beliefs
  • Feel whole again

Buy Heal The Body Here

There you have it. A comprehensive review of the Dream Life Mastery Program.  I hope you were able to find something to help you work on your mind, to recondition it for success. I wish you all the best.  Please share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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