Crowd1 Review ( Legitimate MLM Or A Shameless Ponzi Pyramid Scheme?)

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They say, if you fear taking risks,  you will eat last, or you may never eat at all! To some extent, I agree BUT I believe in taking calculated risks and doing thorough due diligence before I plunge my money into anything.

Call me slow, but that’s my money principle and I am not about to budge!

Because the truth is those who recruit you to join dubious get-rich-quick schemes don’t give a rat’s tutu about you. They don’t care whether you lose your money. They only care about themselves!

What does this mini-rant have to do with anything? 


[Update: Crowd1 has recently been banned in Namibia because it was found to be a Ponzi Scheme. Anyone found promoting Crowd1 in Namibia will face up to 10 years of jail time]

Today I am talking about this latest ‘MLM’ company which seems to have created quite a buzz among a lot of people. What is Crowd1 all about?

Let us dig deeper…

Crowd1 Quick Overview

Company NameCrowd1 Network Europe Ltd
OwnerPiskopianos Stelios
IndustryMultilevel Marketing
Membership Costs€99 – €2499
Products OfferedUnknown
Recommended?NO. Smells Like A Ponzi Scheme
Better Alternative?Affiliate Marketing

What Is Crowd1 About?  

This is a company that promotes and sells its own membership and encourages its members (Associates) to do the same.

You can join Crowd1 for free but you will have to upgrade to a paid membership. Crowd1 is a closed membership club, which means you join by invitation only. 

What Are Crowd1 Products?

Well, Crowd1 has no tangible products that typical MLM companies sell to their members to distribute. Instead, Crowd1 sells 4 different membership packages ranging from €99 to €2499.

 Buying any of these packages qualifies you to the so-called Crowd1 Ownership Rights worth more than what you have paid. Have a look at what I mean from the table below:

What Is Crowd1 About - Membership Categories

Members can upgrade their membership to a higher one by paying the difference between the 2 prices.

Legally a multilevel company that sells its membership only, with no products is considered a pyramid scheme and it is illegal in most countries. The owners of Crowd1 know that very well and they are smart!

They devised some form of “product” – their so-called Education Packages are also listed on their other website  So, when you buy a membership package, you are also buying an ‘Education Package’.

What Is Crowd1 About - Education Packages

What’s Inside The Crowd1 Education Packages?

It’s not clear what each package offers but then I guess it’s for someone to find out after buying. But as per their mygrit website, you can easily guess what they teach. To summarise, you will probably learn something about:

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  •  Grit
  • Real Estate
  • Growing your crowd

Crowd1 Compensation Plan

Crowd1 has a reward system that pays you as their ‘affiliate’ for bringing in other people. You can be rewarded in 5 different ways:

  • Streamline Bonus
  • Binary Education Package Sales Bonus
  • Matching Bonus
  • Fear of loss Bonus
  • Residual Income from third party Gaming and Gambling companies

Crowd1 Pros and Red Flags


1. They have what they call ‘The Cooling Off Period’ – if you buy their membership but for any reason, you feel like you no longer want to be part of it anymore, you have 14 days after your purchase to ask for a refund. 

But this is subject to strict terms. 

You are not supposed to use 

 “any of the features in your Crowd1 website, use of Crowd1 partners products included in membership purchase or use any of the Purchasing Rights in your account”. 

If you do, you can forget about the refund. 


Crowd1 Red Flags 

1. Terms And Conditions – Suspending Your Membership

Crowd1 stated on their website that they have a right in their sole discretion “to suspend or cancel at any time for any or no reason an Associate’s Membership and access to the Crowd1 website and Back-Office. In such an event, all e-wallet balances, owner rights and/or Purchase Rights will be subject to suspension.

What does that tell you?

2. Restricted Countries 

Crowd1 has a list of restricted countries. 

  • Belarus 
  • Cuba
  • Iraq
  • Iran 
  • North Korea  
  • USA

Fine, this is their decision. But they clearly state that they can modify their list at any given time.

What does that mean for it Associates?

At any time your country may be added to the Crowd1 big bad list of restricted counties…

Here is what they say:

“If an Associate is closed because of changed restrictions, the owner rights earned and accumulated may be exchanged for real currency and sent to the Associate’s own bank account.”

Or will they?

3. Legal Issues Already?

Crowd1 is currently under investigation in Norway, by the Norwegian Lottery Regulation Authority. Let’s wait and see what happens next…

3. Having Ownership Rights Is No Earning Guarantee?

There is a disclaimer on the Crowd1 website that there is no guarantee that you will make money by virtue of you having the Ownership Rights to Crowd1  and just so you know, your Ownership Rights MAY LOSE ALL THEIR VALUE. 

4. The 2 So-Called Partner Companies Belong To Crowd1

Affilgo, Miggster both belong to Piskopianos Stelios, the same guy who owns Crowd1. Whether or not they are real companies is not clear. Just know that if one of them decides to push you against the cactus thorns, you’re done.

Affilgo’s website says it is an affiliate network for gaming products.

Miggster’s website is just a one-page site about something to do with mobile gaming. At the time of this review, neither links nor any information about Miggster is available on  

5. Ambiguous Information

When you look at the Crowd1 website, you will find walls of text which makes little sense as to what Crowd1 is and what it offers. 

The only comprehensive details can be found on their terms and conditions. Some of these are utterly ridiculous but they are crystal clear. 

6. Don’t Get Nosy!

As a member of Crowd1, you are not allowed to contact third party suppliers directly

Don’t contact third party customer support and start asking questions regarding agreements, relationships or any other links between them and Crowd1, it is none of your business! This one made me laugh.  

Well, if you dare get too nosy, you risk losing your membership, potential earnings or any other benefits.

Is Crowd1 A Scam?

Crowd1 looks way too shady to not qualify as a potential scam. You see, these guys are running an elaborate almost convincing Ponzi scheme.

They know how to cover their bases. They have some of the most ridiculous T&Cs. Their disclaimers are alarming. 

 I bet they are making it happen for early birds so they indeed look legitimate. 

I have seen some people flaunt their Crowd1 earnings on youtube. You know what, I m genuinely happy for them.  Those who will join late, I feel sorry for them. Crowd1 is going to fleece them dry and make a run for it.  This company has way too many red flags than what I  listed here. 

The fact that they have a list of prohibited countries can only suggest that they are not friendly with strict regulations.

My last word,

If you haven’t already joined Crowd1, Stay away!

Thanks for reading, I hope you liked this review. If you have anything to share, please go ahead and share it in the comments below. I will respond promptly. 

I wish you only the best on your quest to make money. 

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