What Is A High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Program?

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Today I take a look at high ticket affiliate marketing. What is it all about? Is it a great opportunity? Is it suitable for beginner affiliate marketers?

What is the best approach to affiliate marketing if you are a  beginners?

High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Explained

HTAM for short. This is affiliate marketing but the type where you as an affiliate promote high priced products, resulting in you earning higher commissions.

For example, you could promote expensive designer label handbag or watches that sell for $1500 – $2000 or more. You then earn a 20% commission of $300-$400 per sale.

Or even better, there are some programs that pay you as high as $20,000 per sale.
Lucrative isn’t it? 

Imagine how rich you could be if you were to be paid $20,000 each time someone makes a purchase via your affiliate link! 
Well, it’s not that easy as you will find out later.

In fact, you should be very careful not to fall into the hands of scammers who promote fraudulent programs and promise you ridiculous amounts of money- even if you are a beginner!

Examples Of High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Programs

There so many examples of high ticket affiliate programs out there. Some of them have actually been shut down by the American Federal Trade  Commission (FTC) because they were deemed to be running fraudulent schemes targeting unsuspecting citizens and robbing them of their hard-earned life savings.

1. My Own Business Education – MOBE aka My Online Business Empire aka My Top Tier Business (MTTB)

MOBE was owned by an Australian guy named Matt Lloyd. 

Initial entry into MOBE was an “affordable” amount of $46 one time payment + $19.95 per month. Wait till you get inside and start doing their 21 Step cover up course and you will be bombarded with upsells. 

These are the main high ticket “products” that MOBE members were promoting:

MOBE Pricing

In order to earn commissions, you had to be positioned at that level or higher. Pay to play! Or “be the product of a product”, as Matt liked to say. 

For instance, if you were a Gold member and someone joins under your name and that person goes to position themselves at the higher level than yours  (Titanium, Platinum, Diamond), you would not earn those commissions. Instead, they go to your upline or further up if none is positioned appropriately. 

Of late I’ve seen scammers ride the MOBE name to promote dubious programs. Please, don’t fall for this scam. MOBE was shut down on June 11th, 2018. 

2. Digital Altitude 

This company was also Shutdown by the Federal Trade Commission

Federal Trade Commission Vs Digital Altitude

3. Legendary Marketer 

Legendary Marketer is still standing because it has a different business model from the previous two I mentioned.

Legendary Marketer is a genuine one-level program with a wide range of products, from quite affordable to high ticket items. Their products include the following:

  • The Legendary Marketer’s Club – $30 per Month
  • The Traffic Rolodex Bundle – $247 One time payment
  • The Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint – $2500 One time payment
  • Digital Products Business Blueprint – $2500 One time payment
  • Coaching And Consulting Business Blueprint – $2500 One time payment
  • Events And Masterminds Business Blueprint – $2500 One time payment

Other High Paying Affiliate Programs

eCommerce Affiliate Programs

1. Shopify–  the most popular ecommerce platform

  • Up to 20% recurring commission

2. Big Commerce – Up to $400 per sale

3. Volution – Ecommerce – Up to $2000 per sale

SEO Affiliate Programs

1.Long Tail Pro 

2. SemRush 

3. SEO Power Suite

Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

1. Siteground

2. Liquid Web


4. Dream Host

5. Buy Domains

Email Marketing Affiliate Programs

1. Aweber

2. Covertkit

WebsiteTheme Affilliate Programs

1. Thrive Themes

2. Thesis

3. Studio Press

Advantages Of Promoting High Ticket Products

  • You can make good money with just a few sales – 20% commission on a $2000 item is better than 20% on a $200 item
  • Gives you enough budget to scale your business

Disadvatages Of Promoting High Ticket Products

  • These products usually have low conversion rates
  • You can lose lots of advertising money due to low conversions
  • A lot of work is needed to convince buyers to go for a high ticket item 
  • Beginner affiliates may be overwhelmed by lack of quick results

Which Products Are The Best For beeginners? – High Ticket Or Low Ticket?

Lets answer this one with a bit of an analogy. 

Supposing you have been given a small task to fill a wheelbarrow with stones to get a reward.

There are 2 heaps of stones 

The first one is a heap of  small stones

The second one is a heap of big stones

Which one would you choose?

yellow wheelbarrow  with 2 heaps of stones

Now, consider this:

It will take you a short time to fill the wheelbarrow with big rocks but there will be big spaces between the rocks. In essence, your wheelbarrow is not really full. 

It will also take quite an effort to lift big rocks onto the wheelbarrow, careful with your toes!

On the other hand, it will take much less heavy lifting to load up the wheelbarrow with small stones. Your wheelbarrow will fill up nicely with no gaps. But that will take more time!

So what is the best way to do this?

Here’s what I would do:

Mix them up. Throw in a few big rocks and fill the gaps with smaller stones. That way I am assured that my wheelbarrow is completely full. 

There is the answer!

Promote both high ticket and low ticket items but put your emphasis more on low ticket items. 



1. Big ticket commissions will give you those needed big breaks and provide you enough income to keep you going for a while when you are waiting for the next big sale. 

2. In the meantime, because low ticket Items convert reasonably well, you will be assured of a steady flow of income. Plus, you can rely on volume and repeat purchases. 

More people will likely buy low ticket items over and over with no additional marketing costs incurred by you. 


High ticket affiliate marketing is definitely a lucrative business opportunity but I wouldn’t advise new affiliate marketers who are just beginning to jump right in with it. 

It involves high marketing costs and you may burn out your budget before you could see any results.

It is better to start out with low ticket items and begin experimenting slowly, testing and tweaking, with high ticket items.

 Once you get the hang on it and become confident, you can begin scaling and earning significantly big commissions.

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I hope this article was able to answer some of the questions you had about high ticket affiliate marketing.

I wish you only the very best in your online business Journey.

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