The Monat MLM Review

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What Is Monat About?

Monat is a Multilevel Marketing (MLM) company founded in October 2014 by Luis Urdaneta and his wife Carolina. Monat is actually a short form of “Modern Nature”. They pride themselves as a  “All Natural Ingredients” Cosmetics Company.

But Are they really? Some of their many complaints have indicated that some Monat products not only contain chemicals but actually have dangerous ones. 

Although, at Monat they like to call themselves a “Social Marketing” company, their business  model is simple MLM. 

They call their product distributors “Market Partners”, sweet! Well different MLMs call thier members nice unique names. As a market partner your task is to share Monat products with a team of likeminded individuals. 

That’s a fancy way of saying you are  going to recuit your downline.  

What Is The Monat Product?

Not only one product. Monat has a wide range of products under the following categories:

1. Skin care

2. Hair care

3. Pet care

4. Wellness

A Monat MLM Opportunity: How Does Monat Work?

Most MLM companies give their distributors exclusive rights to sell their products. Meaning that the public will only access the products through distributors and nowhere else.

Not with Monat. This company’s products are widely sold online on eBay, Amazon, and elsewhere. 

Now, imagine yourself  as a  Monat Market Partner. 

What this means is that you will not only be  competing against Monat itself, and fellow Monat MPs.  But you will also be competing with giants like Amazon and eBay. 

The Monat MLM Review

What makes matters worse for Monat MPs is the fact that these  other providers  sell Monat products at a giveaway price!

Tell me, how can you as ordinary Monat MP make money with a $99 product that sells for $41 on Amazon and is freely shipped? 

Do Monat Products Work?

This is a million dollar question. 

Firstly, because Monat now has a wide range of products: Hair care, skin care, Wellness and Pet care. 

But for the purpose of this review I will look at the hair care products and skin care only because these are the products that have tons of reviews.

As with any product, Monat products have both negative and positive reviews. However, when it comes to their hair care line, Monat has had lots of positive reviews. Some people give seriously glowing reviews about Monat skin and hair care products.

 And then there are millions of very bad  reviews, complaints and lawsuits. Some people claimed that Monat products  have caused them severe hair loss, scalp irritation, sores etc. 

So bad that Monat has had multiple class action lawsuits against the company starting in early 2018. That is just 4 years after the company was started. Not good for a company’s reputation. 

Read This Report For More Details

Monat  Pros And Cons


  • Monat is still a fairly new company, meaning that for those  who realy like the MLM business, there is still a lot of room for growth


  • They have too much negative publicity 
  • Too early in the company’s existence, Monat has been sued many times.
  • Monat products are sold online, meaning as their Market Parner, you are going to be competing against giants like Amazon. We all know that most people prefer to shop from the comfort of their home than from MLM Partners (huns). 
  • Too many complaints against the company on the BBB website and elsewhere

Complaints About Monat

As of this date, Monat has a  total of 1012 complaints on the BBB (Better Business Bureau) website alone. Their BBB score is B -. More complaints can be seen on YouTube  and other platforms. The complaints are on various subjects. i have listed a few examples below. 

Monat Global Customer Service

Instances of poor customer services like when some people wanted to cancel their memberships but  for some reason failed to get through to the customer service desk. 

The Monal MLM Review

The good news is that the above complaint was finally resolved between the customer and Monat. 

Other complaints point to many other serious issues such as Hormonal Imbalaces, Miscarriages, Bleeding etc. 

However, just to be clear: these are not the views of this website and its administrators. 

Monat Global Compensation Plan

The MONAT Compensation Plan is based on the sale of MONAT products to end-user.  

In order to be eligible for commissions, bonuses, and advancement to higher levels of achievement, Market Partners need to fulfill personal retail sales requirements as well as other requirements in the Agreement.

These sales requirements must be satisfied for Market Partners to be eligible to earn commissions:

  •  The Market Partners should satisfy the Personal Volume requirements to fulfill the requirements associated with their rank as set out in the MONAT Compensation Plan.
  •  The Market Partners must satisfy the Group Volume requirements to fulfill the requirements associated with their rank as set out in the MONAT Compensation Plan.

Can You Make Money With Monat?

For me, the first turn off is the fact that Monat products are easily available online on Amazon, eBay. Having to compete with these websites which in most cases offer much lower prices and free delivery will definitely work against you as a Market Partner.

On the positive note…

Despite lots of negative publicity, there are people who claim that they make money with Monat. I guess this can be attributed to the fact that the company is still fairly new, so it is still easy to recruit new people. 

Having gone through lawsuits about some of its hair products, I believe  that Monat has had to reevualuate the use of some of the ingredients that were deemed harmful. 

The fact that Monat is still standing even after the many complaints and lawsuits can be seen as a sign that this company will most like survive for a long time. 

Is Monat Global A Pyramid Scheme


Monat does not qualify as a pyramid scheme because they have real tangible products to offer the public. I believe that if Monat was a pyramid scheme, the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) would have shut them down by now. 

Monat is just an MLM business with a bad reputation, still trying to recover. 

Watch This Short Video To Understand How Pyramid Schemes Work

However, it is important to know that there are no quick riches when it comes to MLM businesses. Unfortunately, the promise of quick riches is just another one of the tactics widely used by MLM  recruiters. This is simply a lie. 

You will have to work hard pushing the products as well as recruiting the downline. You will also hope and maybe pray that your dowline are the hardworking people because your success heavily depends on  the success of everyone on your team. Thats just how MLM business works. 

And it is the reason why I personally don’t recommend MLM Business because you dont have complete control on your business.

Your success depends on the success or failure of other people, whose successes also depends on people below them and so on. 

So what business model beats the MLM model?

Affiliate Marketing

If you would like to start an online business where you can work and make money from home, this is what you need to consider doing.

In fact, affiliate marketing is increasingly becoming the favorite business for lots of people, including those that were disgruntled by the MLM business. 

With the Affiliate Marketing business model, you dont have to worry about keeping product inventories or recruiting the downline. You can be in business all by yourself. Your efforts get financially rewarded over and over and you can make passive income. 

You still have to put in some work. Dont get me wrong but your success is solely dependent on your effort alone. 

If you are interested to learn Affiliate Marketing please follow this simple guide I have put together for you. This is how I make money online as well.

Thank you for reading. I hope this review has helped figure out the best way you can earn income online. Please feel free to share your experiences and opinions in the comment section below.

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