The Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool Review

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Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review

Welcome to my Jaaxy review! Please go ahead and search any keyword of your choice using the Jaaxy tool below.


Your website SEO (search engine optimization) performance depends on utilizing the right keywords and for that, you need only the best research tool.

Life is a bit sweeter with less competition!

In this review, you will discover how you can stay well ahead of your competitors by using the industry’s best keyword research tool Jaaxy.

Jaaxy Review – An Overview

What Exactly Is Jaaxy?

An online keyword discovery tool that is literally- out- of -this -world efficient, developed by affiliate marketing guys for affiliate marketing guys like you and me. With Jaaxy, the stress of finding profitable keywords becomes the thing of the past.

Here’s a Jaaxy video walkthrough

Jaaxy Features Explained

Avg.: number of searches a particular keyword has per month on Google, Bing, and Yahoo. 50 is an ideal minimum per month.

Estimated Traffic: monthly traffic you get if your site ranks on first page Google search results.

Quoted Search Results (QSR): indicates how many pages are competing for the exact keyword on Google.

The lower the QSR the better. Ideally, it should range between 100-300. Above that, it becomes pretty hard for your pages to rank well on search engines.

Keyword Quality Indicator (KQI): works more like the traffic light system, with 3 keywords classification indicators:

Green = Great – you must definitely go for it

Yellow = Normal – you can give it a try

Red = Poor – don’t bother

Jaaxy keyword

SEO Power: represented by numbers ranging from 0 – 100. It tells if your keyword is good for SEO, i.e. will it rank easily. The higher the SEO Power indicator the better.

To Do: allows you to create a keyword to do list and link it to a leading article marketing website.

Related Keywords: Jaaxy suggests closely related keywords for you to explore if you so wish.

Domain Search: can show you whether there are domain names (exact match) available for your specific keyword.

Site Rank: great for checking how well your site or post is ranking. You can even use it to see how your competition is doing.

Jaaxy site rank

Alphabet Soup: finds other related keywords alphabetically by taking advantage of Google’s instant feature that systematically adds all letters of the alphabet to your keyword based on actual searches people perform to give even more keyword ideas

Saved keyword Lists: allows you to organize and your keywords by topic or niche.

Search History: recalls your previous keyword searches even if you did not save them

Search Analysis: you can See which web pages listed the top 10 positions of Google, Bing or Yahoo. Great to check your competition in terms of:

  • Number of words used
  • Number of backlinks
  • Page title, URL, meta description
  • Google Pagerank
  • Google AdSense
  • Alexa rank
  • Outbound links

Brainstorm: this feature helps you get new ideas by picking the latest trends from Google Trends, Buzz, Yahoo! Alexa Topics, Amazon Best Sellers and Twitter.

Affiliate Programs: Jaaxy helps you find affiliate programs and products for you to promote and earn money.

Jaaxy saved lists

Jaaxy benefits

  • Reveals unexploited high traffic niche areas
  • Helps you research affiliate programs for your niches
  • Helps you search and buy new domain names
  • Allows the Alphabet Soup technique
  • Helps find low competition keywords – great for instant ranking
  • Reveals keyword competitiveness
  • Shows how much traffic a keyword receives
  • Enables you to brainstorm new keyword and niche ideas
  • You can create to-do lists for your tasks
  • Shows keyword metrics -great for SEO
  • Allows you to save your keyword lists for future reference
  • Uncovers new web trends
  • Allows you to see if and how your website/posts rank.

I could go on and on….

Jaaxy affiliate programs

Jaaxy PROS and CONS


  • Easy to use
  • Doesn’t require any software downloads – totally internet based
  • Mobile friendly
  • Super fast and accurate
  • Available in 3 flexible payment plans – caters even for those with a limited budget
  • Constantly updated – you get the latest version at no further cost


Jaaxy Pro comes highly recommended for beginners. However, I feel like:

  • Jaaxy Pro plan can still be expensive for those just starting their online business
  • However, the Jaaxy starter plan is good enough to get you started and build your business until when you can afford the Pro Plan. 

Who is Jaaxy for?

All internet marketers: new and seasoned

  • Professional bloggers
  • Niche marketers
  • SEO companies
  • Domain searchers
  • PPC (pay per click) advertisers
  • Freelance writers
  • Online marketers who want to check on their competitors
  • Local marketers
  • Youtube marketers

Jaaxy Training, Tools, Tnd Support

  • The training is superb and up to date
  • There is always support available to help you 24/7
  • Jaaxy is a great keyword tool itself

Jaaxy Pricing Plans

The Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool Review - Jaaxy Pricing Plan

My Final Opinion About Jaaxy

Jaaxy is an incredible keyword research tool with a lot of awesome features. Because it was designed by people who understand the struggles of finding money making keywords.

BeforeI started using Jaaxy, I used to find it difficult to come up with new ideas and it would take me days to figure out what keywords to work with. But now finding keywords is like a breeze, something I look forward to.

The owners (Kyle and Carson) also use Jaaxy and that gives me confidence using it and recommending it to others. Most importantly, Jaaxy rocks!

29 thoughts on “The Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool Review”

  1. Just what I was looking for. A simple and userfriendly keyword tool that doesn’t cost me an arm. The keyword tracking feature seems very interesting, so I can closely keep an eye on my rankings.

    I’ve been trying Long Tail Keyword Pro, but I gave up as I didn’t understand anything about it…

    • Hi there Laura,

      Jaaxy is indeed very simple to understand yet it is a powerful tool. I strongly believe in the idea of simplicity. Just because it seems simple doesn’t mean it is less performing. Thanks Laura for stopping by!

  2. Jaaxy is an amazing tool if used right. With so much competition on the internet right now it is not enough to write a good article anymore. You must also find good ranking keywords that will give you a change to rank high in Google. And it should be used by everyone either you are completely new or a veteran in blogging. It takes a little time to understand how exactly to use it but once you get understand it, you will not be able to work without it.

    • You are absolutely right Stratos! Ever since I started  using Jaaxy, I realized as you pointed out that I cannot work without Jaaxy! 

  3. Jaxxy is a must have for any blogger doing affiliate marketing. I like how everything is organized and the information you get from QSR and average searches is real helpful in focusing blog articles on a keyword that will be easy to rank on the first page of the search engines and has some monthly traffic. A very smart software product and the video training was helpful.

    • Greetings Alexander,

      I appreciate you stopping by! I am glad you liked the video guide. Jaaxy remains top notch when it comes to keyword research, site rank and overall, beating the competition.

  4. Jaaxy is unrivalled in what it can deliver for your business. I really like the keyword search analysis and the data it provides  so you can choose the most competitive titles for articles.

    I also like they way you can use the ranking page tool to see how web pages are ranking in search engines such as google and bing. 

    These are the two main uses I use Jaaxy for and they have really helped my business. 

  5. Hello there! 

    Thanks for a very comprehensive review about Jaaxy. I love it I’ve been using it for around 3 months now and it has been very useful and helpful for my blog and SEO. 

    The owner of Jaaxy is also the owner of Wealthy Affiliate – So, the members enjoy the lite membership of Jaaxy. This saves me a lot of money as a beginner in online business. 

    Jaaxy is really highly recommended to everyone who has something to do with online business. 

    Best regards,


    • Hi Che,

      Thanks for stopping by. I am glad you liked the Jaaxy review. Indeed Jaaxy is  a keyword tool that any blogger must have!

  6. Hi there

    Loved the review! You have broken it down into easily understandable sections – perfect for any newbie. Yes, I agree Jaaxy is a fantastic keyword research tool and really simple to use. It’s my first go-to tool if searching for relevant keywords in my niche.

    Although I’ve used Jaaxy before, I haven’t used the brainstorm feature before. I tried it out after reading this and still a little unsure how it works even though I added a few ideas onto it. Could you clarify how it works? Thanks

    • Hello Teresa,

      I am glad you liked my Jaaxy review.

      To answer your question….The Jaaxy Brainstorm tool is used to help you get trending topics to write about. When you open the Brainstorm tab you will see there are different topics listed according to the latest trends in Google, Alexa, Amazon and Twitter. 

      If you find any of those topics interesting you simply click the + button to add it to your Brainstorm queue and then write a post about it.

      For example, just now I found these Amazon trends: 

      1. Cards Against Humanity

      2. 8″ Lumistick Brand Glowsticks Glow Stick Bracelets Mixed Colors (tube Of 100)

      3.Google Chromecast Hdmi Streaming Media Player

      4.Sony As30v High Definition Pov Action Video Camera Hdr-as30v

      If you are an Amazon Affiliate you can see what people are looking for and you begin your campaigns promoting those products which are currently getting tonnes of traffic. You know what that means for you!

      I hope I have made it clear. If not please don’t hesitate seeking more clarification, I am here!


  7. Hi, I work with Jaaxy my self and can only praise the product.

    The many functions Jaaxy offers for one single price are fantastic. I need new keywords every other day and most often I can use a recommended keyword Jaaxy offers as alternative to my search.

    I also regularly check competition sites before starting to write my article. There I see haow many words the competition has and the links etc. I also check the post in real so I know how good it is made and if I have a chance to top it. 

    • Hi Stefan,

      I totally agree with you. There is no way I can write an article without Jaaxy. It also helps me with research for video. I am able to check if my video will have any competition on YouTube and adjust my Keywords accordingly to ensure that my video gets ranked high on YouTube as well as Google.

      I appreciate you stopping, Thanks Stefan!  

  8. Dear Jane,

    Thanks for the helpful review post on Jaaxy I enjoyed it.

    To share my own experience…

    I am a full-time blogger working from home. I have 150+ posts on my website and many posts ranking in the first page of Google.

    I am using Jaaxy since November 2016. For bloggers who are depending or focusing on organic traffic keyword research tool is a must. For all my posts I do my keyword research using Jaaxy and to be honest it’s more than a keyword research tool.

    As you mentioned the benefits and advantages of Jaaxy is awesome. In my experience it’s one of the best keyword research tool I came across online. The best part is, you can try it for free.  

    Jaaxy plays a vital role in my business and for my online success!

    Wishing you all the very best!


    • Hey Paul,

      I am glad you like Jaaxy, it is just a tool to have for every blogger. Thank you for stopping by. I wish you great success!

  9. Dear Jane,

    Thanks for the helpful review post on Jaaxy I enjoyed it.

    To share my own experience…

    I am a full-time blogger working from home. I have 150+ posts on my website and many posts ranking in the first page of Google.

    I am using Jaaxy since November 2016. For bloggers who are depending or focusing on organic traffic keyword research tool is a must. For all my posts I do my keyword research using Jaaxy and to be honest it’s more than a keyword research tool.

    As you mentioned the benefits and advantages of Jaaxy is awesome. In my experience it’s one of the best keyword research tool I came across online. The best part is, you can try it for free.  

    Jaaxy plays a vital role in my business and for my online success!

    Wishing you all the very best!


  10. I’m starting a new blog and was looking for a solid keyword research tool and thank you for taking time to review Jaaxy.

    One of the other features that i think is really awesome is you can find affiliate programs with the tool as well!  That is really cool.   That will save me alot of time as well when trying to find affiliate offers to promote in the various blog posts.

    You got me. :)  Signing up from your link in the bottom.

  11. Thanks Jane, Jaaxy is definitely a must have for anyone writing online. I have been using it for some time now. No matter how good your post or article is it will not rank if it doesn’t have the right keyword. Jaaxy is a great help with keywords and it is very easy to use. 

  12. I’ve actually been looking for a tool that would give me a sincere view of my website’s ranking, so the Site Rank function alone on this tool will do me! 

    When you sign up for the free trial do you have to input your credit card details and then cancel – or is it accessible without any sort of details?

    • Hi Chris,

      Thanks for your comment and question.

      To answer your question,there is no need to input your credit card details at all because the free Jaaxy (just like the Free Membership at WA) is truly free. No credit card details required. 

      I appreciate you stopping by!

  13. Hello there Jane,

    I’ve been using Jaaxy for quite some time now, and so far- I am very impressed by it. Right of the bat- the thing that stood out for me the most about Jaaxy in comparison to some other keywoard research tools, was its very informative and detailed keyword researches, which contain a lot of valuable metrics & performance analyses. It is also packed with very useful features that come in very handy. The amount of content Jaaxy provides is absolutely amazing. Oh, and also- Jaaxy is very user-friendly and easy to use, therefore it will suit everybody, whether You are a beginner or experienced. All in all, thanks for the great review and a very detailed cover of Jaxxy, I found it to be very informative and I’ve also learned new thigns about it. Keep up the good work.

  14. Great information on Jaaxy. It is an amazing key word search tool. I am still learning how to use it and I know that on the pro version there are many more features. Do you feel there is a big benefit in going pro, and what are your favorite features that make it worth while to get the pro- subscription?

    • Hello Monika,

      I’m so glad you like Jaaxy. If you are currently using Jaaxy Lite, you are getting good features but when you upgrade to Jaaxy Pro, you are getting much more features like being able to automatically see how your keywords are ranking without having to check manually. 


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