AWOL Academy ( Legit Or Scam? – You Won’t Believe What I Discovered!)

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What is it, an Academy gone AWOL?


Kidding aside…

I want to congratulate you for making proper digging on this product before committing your money because honestly, this one comes with a hefty price tag.

So, let’s take a closer look at AWOL Academy to determine whether it is indeed worth the price.


AWOL Academy – An Overview

What Is AWOL Academy All About?

An online internet marketing training and mentorship platform. AWOL stands for “Another Way Of Life”. They pride themselves on their;

  • Unprecedented, cutting-edge education and tools
  • Astounding community
  • World-class support.

AWOL Academy Review – Products And Pricing

 Their product range included 6 offers at different prices

PRO Academy – $99

This is the course that through the AWOL Academy’s heavy doors. A foundation that teaches you the basics of Affiliate Marketing.

A step by step Internet Marketing training package that promises to transform you into a Pro Marketer if you are new to online marketing.

The Awol Academy Review - PRO Academy

Here’s whats inside the PRO Academy:

  • What is affiliate marketing
  • How to set up a website
  • Web hosting
  • How to set up your domain email
  • Understanding lead pages
  • Autoresponders
  • Sales Funnels
  • Split testing

2. Internet Income Explained – $49



PRO #1 Friendly staff


CON # 1: Each training module is sold separately and very expensively

An introductory course on how to get started with the foundation of your online business. Setting up your sales funnel.

But wait, you also need to learn about email marketing. For that, you need to spend an additional $447.

So, you now know the importance of creating a list. But your precious little list won’t earn you any money on its own. How about you learn to turn your list into willing buyers.

Here is a $1797 course…learn how to use hypnotic language to your list!

Remember, you need to drive multitudes of traffic to your website and get more conversions. $2997 buys you into the Traffic Academy.

Did you know that Masters create their own success? oh yes, they do. Become a Master for $5497

CON # 2: Huge upsells

CON #3: Initial training materials are abbreviated to encourage you to buy more expensive programs.


The owners say that AWOL Academy is for everyone:

  • Business owners seeking to improve their business online
  • professionals who want to make a transition into online business
  • anyone who wants to be a full-time online marketer

AWOL ACADEMY Training and Tools

As they are an internet marketing academy, AWOL Academy focuses on training. Perhaps the question should be whether their training is worth all the money they ask for. Some of their customers have complained that a big part of the training is just fluff to entice you to join.


AWOL ACADEMY has a community and it seems that the owner does provide some support, although there are some complaints from other customers. The coaches are more of sales reps than one-on-one support providers.

My Final View about AWOL ACADEMY

Although AWOL Academy is rated 86% on the BBB website, I’m not convinced that those ratings are a true representation of all opinions because there were only 49 customer reviews at the time of writing this article.

Forget customer reviews, AWOL Academy is extremely expensive and I wouldn’t advise anyone to waste their money when there are legitimate and way better training offers out there, at a much cheaper price.

You can actually enroll free to an online training platform and get the complete training package on:

  • Sales funnel creation
  • Email marketing
  • Traffic training
  • How to optimize your conversions
  • Amazing support and a great community


SAVE your hard-earned money and enroll FREE to the best online marketing platform ever. You will not regret!

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