The 6 Figure Mentors Review (New SFM!)

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Congratulations for doing due diligence on Six Figure Mentors before diving in!

The purpose of this review is to let you in on Six Figure Mentors and sort of give you a simple walkthrough on what to expect.

I am not an affiliate of Six Figure Mentors. My aim is to let you see this program the way I saw it, then decide whether to join or not. You don’t have to believe me!

I joined it and I was put off by constant expensive up-sells and left and found the best Affiliate Marketing Platform which is not only less expensive but has absolutely no up-sells.

Am I, perhaps, a coward? A quitter? Read on and decide!

What Is Six Figure Mentors?

Multi-tiered/ Top tier / High Ticket affiliate training program founded and run by Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek. These guys are also the owners of the Digital Experts Academy.

It is independent of Six Figure Mentors but they promote within SFM to encourage members to participate in their High Ticket DEA Affiliate Program.

Six figure mentors co-founders - Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek

Here is a video of Stuart and Ross trying to Explain Six Figure Mentors:

SFM Membership And Price Points

Six Figure Mentors have membership multiple tiers starting with the:

1. The Extraordinary Online Business Startup Bundle – Free

Free Student Account meant to give you a peek into the SFM system. The idea is to give you a look around and help inform your decision whether or not to become a full member.

Here is what they promise to give you with the Student Account:

  1. Instant Access to an exclusive – Members Only Site plus Weekly Live Webinar Trainings
  2. 7 Day Video Training Series
  3. Your very own dedicated SFM Consultant
Six Figure mentors Free Account Package

All these for free? Sweet…OR NOT!

The luring begins…

To join at the Student level you simply create an account. At this point, you are not asked for any credit card details. Then you proceed to the next step where you are required to fill in an application form.

It is almost like a pre-entry interview to determine whether you fit in.

They ask questions like:

  • What is your current income level?
  • How much would you love to earn per month?
  • What’s your interest/hobby that you would like to pursue if you had money and time?
  • How much are you willing to invest in your SFM training?
  • Are you willing to spare 7 hours per week for your training?
  • Why should you be considered over other applicants?
  • Who will you help with your potential earnings?
  • Etc.

Submit and congratulations, you are in!

On your dashboard you now have access to Getting Started Modules:

Module 1: Program Preparation

Module 2: Picking Your Path

Module 3: Planning Your Promotions

Module 5: Preparing Your Platforms

Module 6: Promoting Your Products

Next step:

You need to connect with your SFM Consultant to schedule a call. Meanwhile, you can get started with Module 1. Basically, your consultant is there to “help” you make decisions to upgrade, yep!

Meanwhile, there is a countdown timer “encouraging” you to upgrade to Essential Membership and enjoy a $100 discount.

Complete Module 1 and try going to Module 2, you are denied access and told to upgrade now or contact your consultant to discuss your upgrade!

You cannot access anything – Affiliate Tools & Resources, etc. unless you upgrade.


So what happened to giving people a look around? Perhaps Module 1 content was enough? Then why dangle a carrot in front of me? Anyway…

2. The SFM Essential Membership – $297/$197 One Off + $97 Per Month Subsequently

This is what SFM calls full-time membership which will maximize your business momentum. You pay $197 if you upgrade within 3 days of joining. Otherwise, the normal first-month price is $297.

You will be on the money within 30 days, they say.

Here is the breakdown of the SFM Essential Membership components:

Component #1 – SFM Joining – $297

  • custom account
  • 5 training modules
  • SFM consultant access
  • First-month SFM subscription
  • SFM private community access
  • Business lifestyle blueprint
  • Business strategy session

Component #2 – SFM Subscription – $97 Per Month

  • LIVE – Stealth Marketing Webinars
  • LIVE – Master Marketing Webinars
  • Digital Business Lounge Account
  • Digital Skills Platform
  • Simple Lead Capture Account
  • Live Chat Support
  • SFM Video Training Library
  • Daily Wake Up Calls

Component #3 – Lifestyle Business System (LBS) – Free

  • SFM Affiliate Program
  • Campaign Builder
  • Tracking Stats
  • Digital Bloggers
  • Autoresponder Integration
  • Affiliate Challenges
  • Affiliate Earnings Ledger
  • LIVE – Monthly Founders Call

3. The SFM Elite Membership – $2500

They call this one the “Income Boosting Membership” that offers more in-depth advanced training and bigger earning opportunities. To join the Elite Membership, you need to first go through the Essential Membership. No skipping here ok!

Six Figure Mentors Membership Levels

Oh wait, there’s more!

The percentage of your affiliate commissions is determined by the membership level you are at. The higher your membership, the better the percentage.

The Digital Expert Academy (DEA)

This is an independent program but still owned by Stuart and Jay. Here you join by choice and get highly advanced training to help you become an independent entrepreneur.

The DEA has 4 tiers. Each tier has its own product line with the prices increasing as you go up.

DEA SILVER – ImportXperts @ 2,500

DEA GOLD – Marketing Mastery @ $8,000

DEA PLATINUM – Brand Incubator @ $11,00

DEA BLACK – Mastermind Experience @ $20,000

Digital Experts Academy Membership Levels


Six Figure Mentors / DEA Commission Structure

Six Figure Mentors Commission Structure

Note: Only Paying SFM members can earn commissions.

SFM Community And Support

There isn’t much of community activity going on within the SFM platform. They have a private Facebook group. However, if you need help you can always contact their support team.

What I like About Six Figure Mentors: The Pros

  1. Quality Affiliate Marketing Training – affiliate marketing principles cut across and can be applied to any type of product. That’s what you will get.
  2. You can earn while you learn by promoting SFM products – Mhhhh really now! Yep, you just need to have the money to invest first.
  3. Money back guarantees

What I Don’t Like About Six Figure Mentors: The Cons

  1. The student membership level may be affordable but it actually delivers very little value. This looks like a tactic to get you in and be compelled to buy into their upsells.
  2. Expensive upsells
  3. Too many roadblocks – you can’t proceed to the next step smoothly, there will be interviews, surveys to determine if you are a fit for SFM
  4. Pay to promote – you have to invest a lot of money before you can earn money
  5. No free tools
  6. The pressure to upgrade – limited time offer + discounted rate tactics
  7. Really hard to make money – hence their disclaimers

Is Six Figure Mentors A Scam?

I wouldn’t call it a scam but I needed to show you things you should be aware of before you can make a decision to join.

When it comes to the free membership /student account, there is not much value you can get in terms of training (You get what you pay for!).

I see the whole purpose of the free account as simply a way to lure people in and then bombard them with upsells. Well, it is sad because they give false hope.

Should you join 6 figure mentors?

That is completely up to you. If you have lots of money to invest I say yes, go right it. I wouldn’t waste my money with Six Figure Mentors. Period!

How I Make Money Online (The Affordable Alternative – $49/ $29 & $0Per Month)

Check Out More Information On Wealthy Affiliate Here

High prices and upsells are not a guarantee of the quality. Also, just because its cheaper does not necessarily mean it is low quality.

For people who truly want to start their own online business, I recommend you join a platform with step by step guidance and 27/7/365 active community support.

  • Their free membership is truly free. You will get the basics of building an online business. You get to try it out first with their Real Training Courses and then upgrade to a paid membership.
  • What I like the most is that there are no upsells. You can interact live with the owners and get your questions and queries answered instantly.
  • It is beginner-friendly and there is no classroom mentality. Members are always happy to help each other. A true sense of community.

Thanks for reading this review. I hope you found the value out of it. Please share it with your network.

I love hearing from you. Kindly share your thoughts in the comments below.

I wish you all the best in your business journey.

4 thoughts on “The 6 Figure Mentors Review (New SFM!)”

  1. Oy!!! Thank You for the fair warning Jane. Great review!
    I am running the other way, I will never get involved with Six Figure mentors’ UPSELL machine – with every paragraph I would read here, it “psychologically” drained my pockets more!

    SFM to me appears to be a scam, don’t need it, don’t want it.
    I will look int your best affordable affiliate training program instead:)

    • Hey Kaju
      Good decision!
      I wouldn’t throw my money away or encourage anyone to do so for programs like SFM. There’s a class of people who belong there, sort of a clique. Good for them.
      But For someone who is genuinely seeking a legitimate online business opportunity, I will always recommend Wealthy Affiliate.
      I’m glad I could help you.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Hi,

    How do I get more info on Wealthy Affliate. When I click on the link it just takes me to a sign up page – how do i find out more info


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