Project 24 By Income School Review

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Project 24 By Income School Review

Hello and a warm welcome to Project 24 Review. This is a product of Income School owned by Jim Harmer and Ricky Kesler.

These guys claim that they can teach anyone to replace their income in a period of 24 through building and monetizing Niche websites.

Do you believe this?

I do and I will show you why…

What Is Project 24?

A step-by-step training program designed by 2 prominent internet marketers, Jim and Ricky. These guys say that the name Project 24 was inspired by their goal to help you replace your income with passive income within  24 months of joining their training program.

Initially, Jim and Ricky had another program called Niche Site School. However, that one was discontinued for some reason and the now run Project 24.

I believe that the concept remains the same – Building and monetizing niche websites.

I know for someone with no experience this may sound like a very long time but I can tell you it’s not! Considering the fact that you will be learning how to set up your blog and monetize it, 24 months is a very reasonable period.

Blogging is not a get rich quick kind of business. It takes a lot of hard work. But it is the type of venture that can earn you passive income over and over as long as you follow the right techniques.

This is exactly what Jim and Ricky help you with. I have followed their advice for some time and I can guarantee you that these guys are legit and know exactly what they are talking about. I also love their sense of humor!

What’s Inside Project 24?

1. The 60 Step Course

The course teaches you everything you need to know about setting up a super successful niche blog.

2. Up To Date Intel

Relevant, continuously updated information on what’s working in the current market environment. There are 2 ways you can access this information. Podcasts and vlogs.

Project 24 by Income School Review - Podcasts

3. The Community Of Fellow P24 Students

Like-minded individuals to interact with and share ideas as well as success stories. Jim and Ricky also participate in community interactions and answer questions.

Project 24 By Income School Review - Community

4. A Resource Library

This is meant to help you move smoothly from one phase of your blog to the next and avoid unnecessary headaches.

How Much Does The Project 24 Course Cost?

For the first year, you will need $449. If you still want to continue after 1 year, you will be paying $199 for each subsequent year. I see this and I think this is a great deal. The price drops by more than 50%!

Please note that this course is charged only on a yearly basis. Their reason is that they keep upgrading and adding more course content. Therefore, they want you to have continuous access to the updates.  However, you are free to cancel it anytime you want.

Apart from Project 24, Income School also has a Private Coaching component. This is for people with established websites but they feel like they need more help.

Jim and  Rick with personally coach you on how to take your website from little or no income to a full-time passive income earner.

How Much Does Coaching Calls Cost?

Project 24 By Income School Review - Coaching Call Prices


Who Is project 24 Intended For?

This course is designed for anyone from around the globe.

1. Beginners – as a beginner you will benefit a great deal because you will be learning the right methods from scratch.  You will be like a blank canvas ready to showcase the masterpiece.

2. Intermediate marketers – who have tried other methods – those who have had a go at blogging but were not able to achieve success. You get a chance to revive your blogging passion with the best training to help you actually make money from your blog.

3. Advanced marketers – also take this course. Because Jim and Ricky are constantly rolling out cutting edge techniques, even advanced marketers benefit from this course. In order to stay relevant in the cutthroat competitive world of blogging, you need to stay up to date and relevant.

How Does Project 24 Really Work?

The course is step by step as I already told you. When you buy it you get immediate access to your back office/ dashboard. You log in and begin following the training. It is essentially a self-study course and not a 1 on 1 coaching program.

You will be learning how to start a blog and various ways you can earn money from it.

The owners will respond to your questions but you will also get help from the vast community. The members are all at different experience levels guaranteeing that you will get experienced people to guide you when you have problems.

Is My Success Guaranteed?

There is no such thing as guaranteed success! Your success is in your hands. You can have access to the best training in the whole world but if you don’t take it seriously, nothing good will come out of it.

To become successful you will need to follow the training and implement all the techniques you have learned. Simple as that.

So, Why Do I Pay My Money Then?

Jim and Ricky are the experts with loads of skills to share with you and help you achieve financial freedom using your website. Think of them as consultants.

You pay them to show you what it takes to build a successful blog. Therefore, you have the responsibility to make sure you learn and implement.

Project 24: The Great, The Good & The Not-So-Good

Here’s the deal

This program is great but as we know nothing is flawless. Hence why the owners are always striving to improve it!

So I’m laying out the good and the bad so that if you wish you to take this course, you are informed on what you’re getting yourself into.

The Great

  • Their methods are legit and whitehat. They don’t teach you shady methods that may have your website penalized by search engines thereby killing your business.

The Good

  • Project 24 teaches you how to start a business around your blog/website. I like this way because you build your own asset which will be with you for life and continue generating income for you passively. (Of course, you do a lot of initial set up).
  • Their approach to keyword research is so simple and straightforward
  • They teach Search Engine Optimization techniques
  • I personally like their yearly subscription approach. You pay once a year and have a piece of mind for the next 12 months. That way you are able to focus on growing your website without monthly payment hassles. Well, that’s just my preference.

The Not-So-Good

  • Some people don’t like to be tied down with a program for the whole year! They would rather pay monthly. This is understandable because we all have different circumstances and preferences.

Project 24 Tools

1. The Acabado Theme – A Quick Review

This is an inhouse theme developed and tested by Income School owners. Their goal is to have a high performing theme with excellent page speed.

Acabado Price

The theme is part of the package for Project 24 Students. However, even if you are not a P24 student, you can buy it independently at 2 price points.

Project 24 By Income School Review - Acabado Theme Pricing

Get Acabado Here

Acabado Features

  • Super Fast – it is designed to achieve the 100 Google page speed on every device, even if you have lots of pictures.
  • In-built Search Engine Optimization – You won’t have to rely on an SEO plugin. Acabado comes with SEO features.
  • A crisp clean and organized look 
  • Mobile optimized
  • Anti bounce protection
  • Pinterest Image Optimization
  • Cool home page customization

2. Other Recommended Tools

These are third-party tools that these guys recommend that you use. It means you will have to pay for some of them yourself…Others are actually for making money with your website.

i. Monetization Tools

They recommend that you monetize with Ads through Adthrive. The only issue with Adthrive is that they only accept website with lots of traffic – 100k+ page views per month.

If your site has not yet reached that traffic level, I guess you could explore other networks like Google Adsense, Mediavine, etc.

ii. Web Hosting Tools

  • For new sites, these guys recommend that you host on Bluehost. They have an easy to navigate interface plus they are cheap.
  • For established websites, they recommend WPX because it has amazingly fast servers yet quite affordable compared to their competition in the same category like WPEngine and  Orange Geek.

Get Bluehost Here

iii. Vlogging Tools

They recommend a number of Amazon products. For example, the Sony a6400 camera. It has great features but also affordable.

iv. Stock Images

123RF – You can get an amazing Income School deal of 40 Images per month for $24 per month as opposed to 10 Images for $30 per month.

v. Content Creation Outsourcing

Iwriter is their recommended freelance writing platform because Iwriter has great writers and they also apply Copyscape to make sure there’s no plagiarism. You get your articles within a week max.

vi. WordPress Themes

  • X Theme
  • Divi

vii. WordPress Plugins

  • ShortPixel – picture resizer plugin
  • ManageWP – website monitoring plugin for downtime, backup, ranking, etc.

viii. Podcasting Tools

A bunch of Amazon Podcast tools like the Samson Q2U Mic, Rode Podcaster, Innogear, etc.

ix. Email List Services

SendInBlue – because it has awesome features just like Aweber, Convertkit, etc. However, SendInBlue cost far less than the “big guy” providers.

All of these tools have been tested by and used at Income School. I noticed also that they promote most of the Amazon products. They have been upfront about it anyway.

Project 24 Final Thoughts

I highly recommend this course because I believe it is among the best courses anyone can take to be successful with online marketing. I love that approach of helping people build long-lasting assets.

Your website is your online real estate which you have total control on. Whether you want to keep and grow it into an empire or grow it a little and sell it. It is entirely up to you.

Jim and Ricky are 2 authentic guys who don’t even claim to be “Gurus”. I admire how they make everything so simple by breaking it down into bite-size bits for anyone to understand.

They give you practical examples and actually show you what they have implemented on their own websites.

There is nothing super complex you have to do. Simply follow the process and you will build your own passive income niche site.

Enroll For Project 24 Here Now

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