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John Thornhill’s  Partnership To Success Review

So, today, I thought I should bring you a detailed review of another one of John Thornhill’s products, known as The Partnership To Success Program.

I thought I should dig deeper and help you find out what this program is all about. Is John Thornhill’s partnership for Success program really worth the money?  And most importantly, can you really make money with this program?

You see there are lots of internet marketing gurus out there, some of whom are genuine, offering you real products for your benefit.

However, they are those simply out for a kill. They are only interested in your money while they give you nothing of value.

So you may probably be wondering whether john Thornhill is a real deal or just another scammer who wants to steal your money.

Well, my friend, you are in luck because I intend to leave no stone unturned on John’s Partnership To Success Program.

Let’s get on with it, shall we?

John Thornhill’s Partnership To Success Program Quick Overview

Product Name: Partnership To Success (P2S)

Owner: John Thornhill

Category: Internet Marketing Coaching ( Digital Product Creation)

Price: $4997

Recommended? YES

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What Is Partnership To Success? 

This is a 12-month internet marketing coaching program developed by John Thornhill.  With this program, John teaches you step-by-step how to create your own digital products and make money off of them.

He doesn’t stop there, he actually helps you to promote the launch of your new digital products a wide base of his personal subscribers.

What does this tell you about this guy?

He is indeed one of the most genuine guys I have ever known, who not only wants you to invest your hard-earned money on him, but he actually is determined to make sure that you will become successful in your own right, as a result of his coaching program. 

Let’s do a bit of math, shall we?

You invest $4997 for a 12-month coaching program. $ 4997 / 365 days = $13.69 per day.

What will you learn?

How to create your own digital products and sell them for thousands of dollars up 6 – 7 figures, over and over.

This is the beauty of digital products. You create one digital product, very little resources and you are able to sell it over and over again, for a long. Of time as long it is a high-quality product that a lot of people are looking for.

So when you look critically at the cost of this program and what you actually get out of it, I am sure we can both agree that it is not that expensive after all!   I mean, can think of how much you would need to pay for a college diploma in product creation, probably physical product creation? 

 A lot of money I can tell you.  And it would be the physical product that will cost you even more to mass produce, to keep inventory, to distribute to the end-user. Once you’ve done that you would have to start the whole process all over again!

Do you get my point? 

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What’s Inside The Partnership To Success Program?

1. At the Beginning of Each Day, You Will Be Sent A set Of Easy to Follow Training Materials

These will be in the form of audio, video & PDF documents. All you need to do is watch, read and apply what John is teaching you. If you encounter any problems or need any help at all just contact John and he will personally respond. After all, this is a personal coaching program.

2. You Will Also Take Part in Live Training Sessions

This is where you get to see behind the scenes of John’s business as he reveals how he operates his online business. You also get to interact with John and other students live.

3. You Will Also Receive Worksheets and Checklists

These help you to work your way through your worksheets and tick of each task as you complete it. It is really is a step-by-step process.

4. You Will Be Given Assignment Tasks to Complete

This will be crucial to your success and will make sure you stay on course. This will also help you to learn to work for yourself so you can venture out on your own after you have completed the course.

5. You Will Watch John Create an Information Product Right In Front Of Your Eyes

Indeed, this program is so different from the rest that John will actually create an information product right in front of you. This ensures that you follow exactly what is being taught.

6. You will have access to The Partnership to Success Members Only Facebook Group

Here you can interact with other members, many who have been with John from the start and are successful in their own right. You will also be able to check out how each member is currently running their own successful online business.

7. You Will Receive Direct Access to John on a Personal Level

No matter what you need help with John promises that he will be there for you. You will receive all of the support you need and can consult with him anytime you like. John charges $497 per hour to consult with non-members but it’s all included when you are a Partnership to Success member.

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Partnership To Success Pros And Cons


  1. This is a solid coaching program from a highly experienced and honest guy
  2. Learning how to create your own digital products gives you a higher potential to make lots of money
  3. John helps and supports you every step of the way, creation, promotion, marketing, etc.
  4. Beginner-friendly step by step coaching
  5. Money-back guarantee


  1. It comes at a  steep price tag
  2. It is not a get rich quick program

Partnership To Success Program Bonuses

When you join the Partnership To Success Program, you will receive the following bonuses.

Bonus #1. Promotion – John will promote your first product to his entire subscriber base for you for free. Now, that’s a huge bonus that can help you make lots of sales.

Bonus #2. Affiliate Promotion – not only will John help you promote your product but he will also deploy his army of affiliates to promote your product for a commission.  Now, this can is the best way to make money for you while you sleep. I’m not even exaggerating here. It is simply the power of affiliate marketing.

Bonus #3. Over 100 Hours Of Extra Training – you will get access to all of John’s training webinars on every internet marketing topic. These are exclusive to P2S members and not available anywhere.

Bonus #4. All Of John’s Products – He gives you access to all his products he created since 2004. This is for research purposes to help you learn and perfect your product creation skills.

Bonus #5. Access To Future Products – John will also allow you completely free access to his future products for at least 12 months. 

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Partnership To Success Program Final Thoughts

Is John Thornhill’s Partnership To Success Program a scam?

Absolutely not a scam!

John Thornhill is a legit guy with years of experience in digital product creation. He brings you this program to help you learn his trade by watching him live and not through complicated guru methods. 

I like the fact that he allows complete beginners to participate. That means he is really committed to helping everyone to learn and change their lives. Plus he gives you guarantees of success. Moreover, there are lots of testimonials about his program.

He has produced thousands of students who are now making multiple figures in an online income. 

Remember though, if you decide to learn, you will have to commit and complete the training. 

Thanks for reading. 

I hope you got important information about the Partnership To Success Program.

I wish you all the best

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