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Wealthy Affiliate Review (What Is Wealthy Affiliate Hiding From You?)

Wealthy Affiliate Review (What Is Wealthy Affiliate Hiding From You?)

Wealthy Affiliate Logo

Welcome to my Wealthy Affiliate Review. Great job for making research before committing yourself!

What Wealthy Affiliate is all about? 

Is Wealthy Affiliate legit  or is it a dirty old SCAM?

Is it even worth trying?

At least one of these questions has gone through your mind at some point, right? Let me tell you right away that Wealthy Affiliate is legit and it works!

Completely new to the world of Affiliate Marketing and looking for an honest program to join and make a decent earning online? 

Or are you a seasoned online marketer who wants to sharpen your online marketing and network with a vast community of fellow entrepreneurs?

Either way, after reading this review, any doubts or questions you have about Wealthy Affiliate will be put to rest.

I give you my honest review of Wealthy Affiliate based on my insider experience with the program + REAL Proof that you can make money with Wealthy Affiliate!

What Is Wealthy Affiliate Really About?

Founded in 2005 by Kyle and Carson, Wealthy Affiliate is what I like to call a “veteran” at providing an online Affiliate Marketing platform which offers ordinary people a chance to build and grow their online marketing businesses.

With Wealthy Affiliate, you can learn how to make money from anywhere in the world. It all begins with building your own Niche website (with Click -by click Guidance) and make money from it. 

How Much Will It Cost To Join Wealthy Affiliate?

The Wealthy Affiliate program has a Starter Membership which is completely free of charge.

I mean, you pay $0 to gain access to their amazing education and platform. You can stay on at Starter Membership for life. No questions asked.

However, I wouldn’t advise anyone to this. If you want to build a truly successful business you will need to upgrade to premium to unlock all the training.

See the free membership as a way to give you the “feel” of how Wealthy Affiliate works. That’s what I admire about this program.

The Premium Membership Plan unlocks the whole platform and it costs $49 per month or $29 per month (Billed Annually). If you have a budget, this is the best bargain.

This Is What You Get With Each Membership Plan:

There is a new payment plan that caters for those who want to pay for 6 months but their prices have not changed since 2005!

Wealthy Affiliate New Payment Plan

Remember, you are paying for the education, training, tools (your websites, hosting, security, everything) and support.

No platform offers what Wealthy Affiliate does at such low prices.

What I like About Wealthy Affiliate (The Pros)

  • Entry into Wealthy Affiliate training is FREE – allows you to test the waters
  • Even their premium membership is very affordable compared to what you get out of it
  • There are no upsells
  • Absolutely beginner friendly
  • Comprehensive step by step Internet Marketing Education
  • Think of it more like an Internet Marketing University
  • No complicated tech knowledge required
  • They have an affiliate program – you make money by promoting WA
  • You can earn- as- you- learn

Wealthy Affiliate Platforms

Wealthy Affiliate has an array of awesome platforms which are absolutely user-friendly. Just to mention a few;

  • Training/ education (the main focus of Wealthy Affiliate) – easy to follow step by step
  • Support – great caring team – live chats, Q $ A, help center
  • Community networking – great community – offer you help at every step
  • Website building – click by click guidance
  • Site content writing – great tools for creating your website content
  • Web hosting – all part of the $49 package
  • Domains – you can buy domains within the platform
  • Keyword research tool – helps you research relevant keywords
  • Affiliate boot camp – great guidance on how to join the WA affiliate program
  • Online entrepreneur certification – a course for building your niche website
  • Ambassadorship program – comes with great perks
  • The Annual, all expenses paid Super Affiliate Conference in Las Vegas
  • The Annual Super Affiliate Challenge – rigorous training to make you a Super Affiliate (at no extra cost).

The Cons

  • Before you get used to Wealthy Affiliate you may find yourself easily distracted by the bustle going on around you – live chats, community members following you, more training…
  • All that is good for building networks 
  • Not to worry! My advice is to just follow your step-by-step training
  •  Once you get your feet on the ground you will find it easy to navigate

Who Is Wealthy Affiliate Designed For?

  • It is for anyone, whether completely new or experienced, who is seeking to learn affiliate marketing and earn money.
  • Bloggers who want to learn how to monetize their blogs
  • Website owners who want to improve their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) etc.

There are no location, sex, race, age barriers. It is especially great if you are on a tight budget!

Wealthy Affiliate Training And Tools

The Wealthy Affiliate training program is comprehensive and diverse. They have designed it in a step by step fashion. You complete one step and proceeds to the next. You can track your progress to see how much you have covered.

Wealthy Affiliate Core Training Areas

There are 2 core training areas:

1. The Online Entrepreneurship Certification (OEC)

This is a 5 Level course with each level comprising 10 lessons. That’s a total of 50 lessons. It is designed for those who want to create niche websites and make money from them.

Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneurship Certification Lessons

2. The Affiliate Boot-Camp Training

This is a 7 Phase course of 10 lessons each, making it a total of 70 lessons. It is geared for those who want to go into the “Make Money Online” niche.

Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp Training

The system is highly efficient and organized. You will not get lost trying to figure out where you stopped with your training. Their system guides you automatically.

Other Training Platforms

Weekly Live Webinars

There are also weekly live training sessions (Webinars), hosted by the best live training coach Jay (aka Magistudios). There are replays for those who cannot attend live sessions.

Wealthy Affiliate Weekly Webinar Sessions

Wealthy Affiliate Classrooms

These are organized by specific subject such as Search Engine Optimization SEO, Everything WordPress, Pay Per Click Marketing, Local SEO etc.

There are video and text materials in each classroom. If you have any question you can ask in a relevant at any time.

Any Form Of Support At Wealthy  Affiliate?

Providing support is one of their major strengths at Wealthy Affiliate.

If you have any issue with your website you can contact Site Support and they help you resolve the issue instantly.

Kyle and Carson care about their clients and they do whatever it takes to improve their platform in a way that is user-friendly and efficient. These guys personally respond to your questions.

There is an active 24/7 chat platform where you can seek immediate help and get to chat with Kyle and Carson.

They are always ready to address customer queries as well as provide guidance. Most importantly, Kyle and Carson are very approachable. They are not as elusive as some other “big business gurus”.

How Amazing Is Their Community?

Wealthy Affiliate has an awesome community of entrepreneurs. There are high levels of interaction among the members as well as networking. They are loving and caring, always ready to help you solve any issues you may have.

Group Of  People Putting Hands Together In Community Spirit

This is especially good for new members who may not know their way around the platform yet. You are able to ask questions and get instantaneous solutions.

There is an active live chat, you can even send private messages. There is literally help in every corner of Wealthy Affiliate. New members cannot feel lost or alone as long as they are willing to reach out and ask for help.

Their Success Claim And PROOF?

The guys at Wealthy Affiliate say that they pay out more than $1million in commissions every year for their own affiliate program.

They have helped more than 500,000 people start and successfully run their own online businesses. The numbers keep growing on a daily basis.

Check out these success stories

This Guy Recently Sold His 2nd Website For $30,000!

Wealthy Affiliate Success

This lady sold her 13-month-old Blog, which she had built for 6 months only, for a whopping $28,000!

Wealthy Affiliate Success

This Guy Began 2019 As A Six-figure Income Earner!

Wealthy Affiliate Success

This Lady Is Earning A 5 Figure Income In 2019!

Wealthy Affiliate Success

I could go on and on. The bottom line is that success is happening at Wealthy Affiliate. Their training works.

My final Opinion about WA +  Your special BONUS!

My verdict:


It is by far the best online marketing platform I have ever come across. I acquired so much knowledge from their training. I was able to get my very first website up within a very short time of joining (less than 2 weeks).

There is great earning potential with Wealthy Affiliate. If one decides to promote Wealthy Affiliate itself ( Which is NOT Mandatory) they offer you $23.50 recurring monthly commissions and $175  recurring yearly commissions, for every client you sign up.

You can also earn money from other affiliate programs you promote on your website.

So, don’t be left behind, because a year from now, you’re gonna wish you started today!

To sign up for FREE Membership at Wealthy Affiliate,  or to simply check it out and see if it is for you, click on the banner…

……and your special Bonus will be waiting.  You will get a  $30 discount if you decide to go PREMIUM within 7 days of joining. It means you will get your first month at only $19! Plus, for the first 7 days, you get FREE access to premium benefits:  101 Mentoring, live training, and many awesome benefits!

NO PRESSURE! It is entirely up to you to upgrade.

Thank you very much fro taking your time to read my review. I hope you had a good experience.

If you have any questions or just comments, hit the comment section below.

Feel free to share this article anytime, anywhere…you could help someone!

Chinese Proverb : He Who Deliberates Fully Before  Taking A Step Will Spend His Entire  Life On One Leg.

Founder of She Knows Marketing, An Online Business Dedicated To Helping Aspiring Entrepreneurs Start Their Own Businesses. Jane Is A Multidiscipline Entrepreneur With Qualifications: BA Public Administration & Sociology, Advanced Diploma HIV/AIDS Management, and MBA with Successful Brick & Mortar Businesses. She Loves To Share Her Physical Business As Well As Her Growing Online Marketing Expertise, Because Well, She Knows Marketing!


    Andrew Posted on9:24 pm - March 24, 2019

    I will soon sign up for the premium version of Wealthy Affiliate and see that you receive $23.50 per month from me each month I remain a member. Why should I sign up with you as opposed to another company or even though the website itself?

      Jane Posted on9:19 am - March 25, 2019

      Hello Andrew,
      I am pleased that you stopped by.
      Yes, When you sign up via my website I will receive a commission for as long as you remain an active member. It is completely up to you to decide if you want to sign up via my website.
      I would greatly appreciate!
      Why you should sign up with Wealthy Affiliate:
      1. It offers comprehensive training on how to start and run a successful online business, in a legitimate and sustainable manner. At least that’s what Wealthy Affiliate stands for. It encourages hard work in the beginning which will pay back later on. For example, focusing on SEO (The legitimate way and not buying bogus backlinks).
      That will help you have a strong website that Google and other Search Engines trust. That means good long term business for you.

      2. We are a community of loving and helpful people. If you join us regardless of your level of experience, be sure to get all the help you need at any time. We help each other grow our businesses.

      I hope I have given you a brief convincing statement :) If not please feel free to ask more questions.

      Once again Thank you!
      And I’m looking forward to seeing you join us


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