Is The Chris Farrell Membership A Scam? – A Member’s Review

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What is the Chris Farrell Membership all about? Is it really the best online income service or just another online scam?

It is my greatest pleasure to get an opportunity to write a review about the Chriss Farrell Membership.

Here we go,


Get Started With Chris Farrell Membership


Program Name: Chris Farrell Membership


Founder: Chris Farrell

Program Type: Internet Marketing Training Program

Price: $4.95 First week Trial then $37 pm/ $297 per year + Upsells

Best Program For: Internet Marketing Beginners

What is the Chris Farrell Membership?

This is a private – members-only type of program created by a guy called Chris Farrell, a highly successful internet marketing entrepreneur.

Chris says he was inspired to create this training platform by his experience while he was still learning back in 2008.

Chris believes that a lot of trainers out there like to over-complicate things.

He says he wanted to create a very simple way to teach people how to make money online. And he delivered on his promise.

Here is a short video of Chris’s case study

How does the Chris Farrell Membership work?

CFM Progam: Training and Tools

This is what you will find:

Greetings, introductions, the tours, the usual.

Core Training Content and Specific Skills Training (Money Making Labs)

Core Content:

#1). 10 Minutes to success – this is a series of short training videos (32 videos at the time of writing) covering various topics e.g.:Chris Farrell Membership -  10 Minutes To Success

  • Finding a profitable niche
  • List building
  • Lead Pages
  • Aweber
  • Products to promote
  • Traffic etc.

#2). I love Traffic

This comprises 35 training videos covering different topics on free and paid traffic methods.

Chris Farrl Membership - I Love Traffic Videos

Money Making Labs

Here you will find:

  • Lead Pages training
  • Understanding Facebook Ads
  • ClickFunnels made simple
  • Express webinar recordings etc.

The Goodies include Chris blog archive from back when he was just starting out.

I believe it is a way to inspire his proteges not to quit. There are also webinar recordings…the very same ones you find in the money making labs!

Inside the Goodies you will also find the Resources/Tools that Chris recommends that you will need to run a successful business:

  • Aweber – Email Autoresponder @ $19 pm (0-500 subscribers)
  • Hostgator – Web Hosting Service @ $2.75 – $5.95 pm
  • Lead pages – Landing Pages Builder @
  • Go To Webinar – Webinar hosting @ $25 – $48 pm
  • Camtasia – Screencast video maker  @ $249 single user license
  • etc.

These are third-party tools that you will have to pay for. They are not part of your subscription!  Need I do the Math?

Chris Farrell Membership Support

There are three ways in which you may get help here

  • Search the knowledge base – you are basically directed into the almost dormant Facebook Group
  • Ask in the forum – the same inactive Facebook Group
  • Submit a ticket and wait for a reply

Which Training Program is better than CFM?

Let me answer this question in the fairest way possible.

The idea here is not to diss the CFM but to show you the comparison between the CFM and what I know to be the best internet marketing training program


Because Wealthy Affiliate caters for beginners, intermediate and advanced individuals.

In the end, you will make your final decision on which program to join to help you realize your goals of earning income from the internet.

Let the comparison begin!

Wealthy Affiliate vs Chris Farrell Membership
Features Chris Farrell Membership
Is it easy to get help?  
Private coaching available?  
Can you Contact the Owners?  
Is there a live chat?  
Is there step-by-step training?  
Are free websites included?  
Is web hosting included?  
Do they offer a domain platform?  
Can you try for free?  
Is there a keyword research tool?  
Is there an affiliate program?  
Do I recommend this? Yes
My Overall Rating 75/100

Chris Farrell Membership: What I like – PROS

  • Fairly affordable
  • You get to try it @4.95 for 7 days
  • Few upsells
  • No hype – authentic program
  • Rated the best by IM Report Card
  • 30 day Money back guarantee
  • Training is very easy step-by-step piecemeal videos coupled with downloadable video  transcripts

Chris Farrell Membership: What I don’t like – CONS

  • The Chris Farrell Membership does not have own resources and tools  such as web hosting- relies on 3rd party tools which can be expensive
  • Limited training –  caters for beginners mostly
  • Limited support
  • Limited live help
  • Almost inactive community …Facebook group
  • You cant get answers to previously answered questions – you get redirected to the inactive Facebook group

Final thoughts about the Chris Farrell Membership

Is the Chris Farrell Membership a scam?

Absolutely not a scam!

It is a legitimate program developed by a very authentic guy.

I love how Chris Farrell teaches and he makes it clear that he won’t be going into what he calls “super-duper, ninja, underground stuff”.

He only laser focuses on what is absolutely important, usable and practical to help you succeed in your business.

This program is good for those who just starting out with the online business building. Chris Farrell make is very easy to get started.

However, what happens after you are established and now need advanced training, you know, the ninja stuff? Those are required to truly succeed with the online business.

You might now need to go out looking for other ridiculously priced courses, which may not necessarily live up to their promises, or do!

Well, the ball is entirely in your court and I will not tell you how to play. I can only point you the Wealthy Affiliate Program where you can start free of charge and stay on free membership for life if you want.

Or pay a Premium membership as seen on the picture below:

Wealthy Affiliate New PricesIf you decide to stay on a free membership, you get 2 free websites plus free SiteRubix Hosting. Check out more details here.

When you pay for a premium membership you unlock the whole system. The only extra costs you will incur will be buying your own domain @15 per year.

That’s it, there are no upsells at Wealthy Affiliate yet what you get is worth a 100 time more than what you pay.

However, if you feel like you are better off with the Chris Farrell Membership you can join it.

Either way, I wish you lots of success on your online journey!

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