Is Affiliate Marketing A Scam Or What? (Not Scam, Find Out Why)

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Is Affiliate Marketing A Scam?

This is utterly ridiculous!

No, Affiliate Marketing is NOT a scam. 

It is a legitimate business model that involves an arrangement between product owners and ordinary people like you and me to help each other make money online.  

Unfortunately, there are scammers who take a  free ride at the back of this great business concept and conduct some shady businesses. Scammers advantage of naive people and rob them of their hard-earned money in the name of affiliate marketing. 

This is really sad because these conmen are spoiling the good business model thereby instilling fear in people. Consequently,  you could miss out on the best opportunity to earn income from the internet.

I am not only going to show you that affiliate marketing is not a scam, but I will also tell you about typical scams you should stay away from.

Why Do People Think Affiliate Marketing Is A Scam?

Here are some of the  reasons why:

1. There Are Actual Affiliate Marketing Scams

Unfortunately, affiliate marketing scams exist and people are getting robbed on a daily basis. They have certain obvious characteristics to someone with a substantial online experience.

  • Ridiculously expensive fees
  • Little or no value to you
  • Advertising extravagant lifestyles

But, as I said, scammers target the new guys with little or no experience. By the time you get enlightened, it is usually too late. You have already lost thousands of dollars. 

Authorities are always trying to protect the citizens against online scammers but these guys are smart. They know how to present themselves in a manner that appears to comply with the best business practices.

This is just a  tactic to lure you in. Once you get sucked in they chew you dry and spit you with no remorse. 

2. Some People Have Actually Been Scammed

There are lots of cases where innocent people get roped into scams and lose their monies. I know this because I too was scammed by the so-called “Affiliate Marketing Gurus”. 

They painted a flashy picture of what my life would be in the shortest time if I joined their program and I fell for it. 

You see in most cases online newbies are the easy prey for scammers. If you got scammed like that, it is very  easy for you to form a strong opinion that affiliate marketing is a scam. I mean you got scammed, what else can you say?

3. Negative Publicity

You get scammed and you feel really bad. You want nothing to do with affiliate marketing and you tell your family and friends to stay away from this horrible scam. They too warn their loved ones and so on. 

 Some people go to the press and the news is broadcast far and wide.

The horrible news spread and soon half the nations believe that affiliate marketers are nothing but a bunch of scammers out to get them.

If Not A Scam, Then What Is Affiliate Marketing About?

Affiliate marketing is an agreement between product owners like Adidas, Apple, etc. and individuals (Affiliates) to assist each other make money. 

If you wanted to be an affiliate of Apple, you would apply for their affiliate program, through the affiliate network (middleman or simply a  marketplace for different products). You don’t pay anything to promote other people’s products. You will only pay for promotion costs.

Your application gets approved and you are given guidelines on how best you can promote Apple’s products. You are given a unique tracking link that traces any sales made through it back to you. That way you get rewarded for bringing in sales by being paid a commission by apple. 

Is Affiliate Marketing A Scam Or What? - How Affiliate Marketing Works

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing To You An Affiliate

  • You don’t have to struggle with product development 
  • You don’t need to carry any inventory
  • No need to worry about customer care, product deliveries, etc.
  • It is fairly cheap to start 

Benefits Of Affiliate Marketing To Product Owners

  • They get to save on advertising costs because affiliates are doing the product promotion for them
  • They don’t have to pay affiliates any salary, you only get paid when you make a sale

Some Obvious Affiliate Marketing Scams You Should Avoid

1. Programs that don’t teach you much about building a sustainable affiliate marketing business. Instead, they encourage you to promote their own membership. 

The likes of MOBE ( My Own Business Empire), Digital Altitude, etc. which have actually been shut down by the American Federal Trade Commission (FTC). 

They promise to show you their exact techniques which you should duplicate. Can you imagine how many people would be using the same methods and competing against each other while also competing against the gurus? Who wins?  The gurus always win. 

Is Affiliate Marketing A Scam - Thief Hand Sticking Out Of Laptop Screen, Steal Man's Wallet

2. Multilevel Marketing  (MLM) Scams that hide behind Affiliate Marketing. Don’t get me wrong please. MLM  business is legitimate and some people actually like it.

But there are also some shady MLMs that are actually just pyramid schemes. The owners have no interest in helping you make money. 

These guys will lie to you and tell you that they teach and do affiliate marketing. However,  you will not get any value apart from being taught how to pester your family and friends to join the program at a high fee.

They give you a tiny little cut to keep you going at recruiting, They keep a chuck. 

They want to use you to make money for them by recruiting innocent unsuspecting people.  The more you recruit, the more money they make. It is said that 99%  of the guys in shady MLMs don’t make money!

Conclusion And Recommendations

Affiliate Marketing is a legitimate business model that I highly recommend for anyone who wants to try out and make money online.

Even if you are completely new to the world of online business, you can learn affiliate marketing from a reputable program and be able to earn income. 

If you would like to learn how to do affiliate marketing the legit way. I have a few recommendations for you. You don’t need to enroll in all of them. Only one of them is enough to get you started.

But as you grow into the business you may want to keep yourself up to date with market trends. You can then try other courses to sharpen your skills further. 

Here are my recommended Affiliate Marketing training platforms

1. Wealthy Affiliate 

This is almost all in one platform suitable for all experience levels. Their training is step by step and comes in easy to digest bits of both video and text.

The whole training focuses on building an affiliate marketing website from scratch with click by click guidance. It does not need you to have any tech skills whatsoever. 

You will learn:

  • How to write content that converts
  • How to get your content ranked highly in search engine results pages (Search Engine Optimization techniques that work)
  • How to monetize your website through affiliate marketing
  • How to apply to different affiliate programs 
  • How to choose relevant products to promote
  • Various ways to monetize  your website besides affiliate marketing e.g. through ads

You get access to a large community of individuals who offer you all the help and support you need every step of the way. 

If you want to learn more about Wealthy Affiliate,

Read this review

2. Project 24 By Income School

This is another great affiliate marketing training program with the same concept as the previous one. They teach you how to build successful Affiliate Marketing websites. 

They too cater to all experience levels. I admire their approach to affiliate marketing training because they keep trying out new techniques and share with their students. 

Like Wealthy Affiliate Income School teaches you how to build a sustainable online business that will earn you passive income for many years. You can learn more about Project 24 by income School

From this review.

Both these training platforms do not promise you that you will get rich quick because the truth is that proper  Affiliate Marketing is not a get rich quick scheme. 

So my friend,

My final advice to you is to first do due diligence before you pour your money into a program. Most legitimate affiliate marketing programs will allow you to have a trial first and decide if you like it.

Others may not have free trials but they will have a strict money-back guarantee. If you don’t like it, you ask for your money back.

I hope this article has shed some light on the nature of legitimate affiliate marketing. There are scams everywhere. Don’t be taken for a ride. 

I wish you all the best in your affiliate marketing journey. 

Take care.

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