I Hate My Job! What Should I Do?

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I can’t even begin to tell you how many people are actually saying these words right now from around the globe!

Even those that are now working their dream jobs, hated their jobs at some point. If you are one of them, I got a solution for you. Stick around.

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Why do people hate their jobs so much?

There are so many different reasons why people would rather not waking up daily and going to their workplaces. I’ve asked some people and these are some of their views.

My job is actually good but my boss sucks!

Ever met one of those bosses who will go out of their way to make your working life a complete misery!

Eddy recounts his experience.

A very smart, good looking and talented young man with an impressive resume. He had progressed rapidly career wise and commanded a lot of respect among fellow workers…

with the exception of his boss! A stout, mature 50 something who saw Eddy as nothing but an ambitious guy who was going to steal his job. Eddy’s boss disliked him from the very first day they met when eddy joined the company.

The boss had given him a menacing look that said: “who the coconuts does he think he is waltzing in here all good looking…”

Mr. “Stout” would often be heard saying how he hated the way Eddy paid too much attention to his looks. “It just isn’t normal, a real man only cares about his job, not how shiny his shoe is or how straight his tie looks. Who cares?”

Dealing with difficult coworkers?

Ask Emily about it.

She had just graduated from college with an MSC Strategic Human Resources Management, a hot new degree for a lot of companies at that time.

Companies were shifting their focus from traditional Human Resources Management to SHRM. Emily was clearly a threat to many especially to the ‘older stock’. Denise did not hide her contempt. She came out and told Emily that:

“I pity you new graduates who think that you can just come in and topple us who have been here for long. Nothing can beat my years of experience, not even your brand new degree”.  Outright hostility!

Feeling stuck in your career?

Happens all the time. You can start off very well when you absolutely love your job but after some time you begin feeling bored. Perhaps you made a wrong career choice? Stuck in a bad career

The job is no longer fulfilling. You are stuck in one position, no promotion, very little pay raise. You are simply going through the motions because you need to work to survive.

Worse, you have tried looking for another job but you can’t find it. You can’t just quit! Your bills will be looking at you hard in the face when you get home.

Goodness, I hate my job so much I want to cry!

Now your work is causing your depression?

You reach a point where you are literally depressed and you need medication due to the job you hate but which you need so badly because otherwise, you cannot afford antidepressants.
Research shows that 1 in 10 people suffer from depression as a result of their job stress.
Majority of people are overworked yet the pay remains small forcing some people to seek a second or even a third job just to make a comfortable living.
But they won’t even enjoy that living if they are always tired, absent from home. No time to spend with loved ones. The result: moodiness, irritability and sinking further into the depression abyss.  It’s a painful vicious cycle.

I want to change my life, what should I do?

Great! That’s the spirit.
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Cheers to your success!

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