How To Promote Affiliate Products On My Website?

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How To Promote Affiliate Products On Your Website

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Moving on…

If you are not completely new then, here we are.

So you have set up your website and you continue building it with rich niche content.

Great job! Its time to begin monetizing your beautiful website.

Its time to sprinkle some niche-related affiliate products. Promote and earn some handsome commissions.


Remember in the last meeting we addressed the issue of whether or not You Need A Website To Do Affiliate Marketing?

The conclusion was that if you are serious about building a successful and sustainable affiliate marketing business, then you need to have a website. Period.

It goes like this:

  1. You choose a niche
  2. Build your website
  3. Promote affiliate products
  4. Earn income.

But how do I go about promoting affiliate products on my website?

Let’s get cracking, shall we?

Sign Up With An Affiliate Network

There are many affiliate networks you can partner with. You have a wide choice. After you get accepted, you go to their marketplace (This is where they list their affiliate products).

Choose your niche related affiliate products to promote.

Tip: There are literally millions of products to choose from. So, you don’t need to get yourself confused with many products.

Focus on one product at a time and study its features but most importantly, its BENEFITS. Because that what sells.

Just a few trusted affiliate networks

Write Product Reviews

Before people buy new things, they usually want to know if it worth their money. They seek opinions from those who have used the product before. Reviews are the best marketing idea for most products.

For example, say you are in the computer tablet niche. And you own a tablet yourself.

Why not write an in-depth review of your own device?

List its benefits, the specs, why you love it and things you don’t necessarily like about it. Give your review some credibility by adding a personal touch.

People will trust you and most likely to buy from your website.
See, the best review comes from someone who has actually used the product.

Don’t frown yet! I bet you are thinking  “will I have to buy every product I want to promote”? 


You can always contact the product owners, have them know that you want to put out an honest review of their product. Most of them will be happy to know that you want to promote and therefore willing to send you free samples.  

Write “How To” Articles

These are useful especially for highly technical products. You can create an easy step-by-step assembly or installation guide. Most people hate reading user manuals written in annoying little fonts.

“How to”  articles rank very well in search engines, therefore they will help bring in more traffic to your website. That also means more exposure to your products and more conversions.

“How to” articles are value creators. In terms of providing help to your readers, reviews are great but you cannot only focus on writing product reviews. Remember affiliate marketers success is directly proportional to the amount of value you give (help). Always be the problem solver!

How to promote affiliate products on my website - black board with the words Problem and solution

You can also create DIY tutorials if your niche is not necessarily a technical one.

Take examples from the gardening niche. You could write articles on “How To propagate Roses From Cuttings”. Or “How To Care For Orchids.

Make sure that your article is precisely targeted to the product you want to promote. This will help you to smoothly soft sell your product.

In the rose example, you could recommend pruners, or planters or fertilizers.

Insert a few affiliate links within your articles. Don’t overuse!
Pro Tip: It helps to be in the niche that you are knowledgeable about!

Use Banner Ads On The Sidebar

This may be a bit of an aged method but it still works as a way to create awareness of about the product.

Pro Tip: Don’t link your banner ad to your existing product review.  Instead, link it directly to the product landing page. Because this is a custom page already optimized for the product, thereby having a higher conversion rate.

Display banners of your affiliate merchandise on your right-hand sidebars area. Choose the perfect banner size to merge in perfectly within the sidebar.

For example, a square-to-rectangular (250*350) banner will look more appealing to your reader’s eye than a slim skyscraper.

Avoid placing many banners as this will only confuse your readers and result in no clicks or conversions for that matter.

Create videos and share on video sharing platforms

By far the most popular type of content on the net today. Most people would rather watch 1 hour of video than read a 1000 words article!

Video reviews as well as “how to “videos are very popular and rank high on YouTube, Vimeo etc. When you share your video you need to insert your links and recommend that viewer click on your links.

If you have not started incorporating video in your marketing, the sooner you start the more money you will make with affiliate marketing.

For some people, the idea of making videos is scarier than sitting alone in a dark haunted castle, on a stormy night. Everything takes time. The important thing is to start and then keep perfecting your act by making more and more.

Utilize Coupon Codes

Who doesn’t like a little saving? The idea of saving a dollar or a couple of is the most appealing to most buyers. The use of coupon codes will surely entice people to buy from your link.

Just make sure you actually place a call to action that directs them to click on your link.

The great thing is that you will still get your commission even if the coupon was applied.

Blue coupon



Those are some of the common ways you can use to promote affiliate products on your website.

I hope this article was helpful. Please remember to share it using the sharing buttons below.

Kindly share your thought and more tips if I have left out some.

I would love to hear from you!

Wishing you successful Affiliate Marketing.

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