How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing From Home (Top 3 Ideas That Work!)

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Affiliate Marketing Ideas That Make Money

In today’s article, I’m sharing with you the best ideas to help you make money with affiliate marketing from literally anywhere in the world, regardless of whether you are a beginner in this business.

And remember, today’s “Gurus” were once beginners themselves…

Now, before I lay down these ideas I want to make it clear that these ideas will not overnight success miracles.

Instead, they are proven to work in the long term and if implemented correctly they can turn you from broke to a comfortable and consistent online income earner.

These ideas put emphasis on building strong online relationships and trust from people who read and follow your posts.

People Buy From People They Trust. Businessman holding a card with a message text written on it

Once they trust your advice/ tips and recommendations you make, then you can take that as an opportunity to recommend high-quality products to them to help solve any problems they may have.

It becomes a win-win situation where you help your followers solve problems and you earn commissions when they buy products that you have recommended.

In the beginning, a lot of people get frustrated with affiliate marketing because things just don’t seem to work.


Because a lot of inexperienced affiliates believe that affiliate marketing does not work. But the truth is that it works if done correctly.

I learned these ideas from the  AffiloBlueprint course and I want to share them with you to drastically cut down on your steep learning curve.

Here  they are now: 

Idea #1: Create and Grow a Blog that Earns You Money

I know a lot of people are scared of it but having your own blog can help you earn consistent online income. It is not a scary as you may think. you don’t have to be a natural born writer or have a Ph.D. in literature or anything.

Instead, look at your blog as your online diary with your best friend. You speak in a very simple and relaxed manner but in words.

Create high quality blog

You need to write regularly either on a weekly or daily basis. Produce articles that teach your readers how to perform important tasks such as dog training or how to achieve certain goals like weight loss, muscle gaining or eliminating stress and anxiety, etc.

  • When you provide useful information,  your readers will develop trust for you and that trust will extend to the products you recommend. You can then take advantage of this by recommending useful, quality affiliate products to them. The result is earning commissions for you!
  • For example, Enlightenment Gateway is a wellness website which was built using the same techniques taught in the AffiloBlueprint training and it makes thousands of dollars each year.

 Idea # 2: Email Marketing Strategy Performs Better Than Banners

The AffiloBlueprint has taught me that when it comes to making money online, the email marketing strategy delivers better results than banner advertisements on websites.

Email Marketing

Email marketing begins with you collecting email addresses from your website visitors by offering them something for free in exchange for their email address.

You can offer anything to entice your readers to opt-in, for example, a free e-book on “Best Ways To Make Money Online”.

Or you could ask them to sign up to receive a free monthly newsletter on “How to lose weight fast”, any topic of your choice.

But you should actually deliver on your promises! That way you will build trust with your readers. You are building what is famously known as the “List”.

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You must nurture your list by constantly providing them with useful free resources. that way you will be warming up your traffic in order to increase conversions.

Then you can send them relevant product recommendations from your affiliate network and make commissions when they buy.

Banners adverts, on the other hand, don’t convert much. People don’t usually click on banners.

Even those who do click on banners do so just to satisfy their curiosity. They are simply cold traffic and don’t convert.

Back to the Enlightenment Gateway example: this website doesn’t use banners.

 Idea #3: Grow Your Website Traffic Organically Through Google

You can drive high-quality traffic which converts through Google.

Here are a few tips on how to have your articles rank better on search engines like Google.

  • Post regular high-quality content. Google will literally fall in love with your website if you consistently post fresh, new content.  This will ensure that your web posts rank very well in Google search results.
Google SEO

Ranking highly in search engines gives your work great exposure to potential customers.

When people search for information from Google, for instance, they usually focus their attention on first page top ranking search results as opposed to results which appear somewhere on page 5.

  • Optimize your post for a keyword that has a good number of average monthly searches (100+)  in the Jaaxy Keyword Tool. Your keyword must appear once in the title tag and once in the description tag.

The  AffiloBlueprint provides in-depth coverage on Search Engine Optimization.

You can have a look at a comprehensive AffiloBlueprint Review Here.


There you have it!

I have shared with you the three basic affiliate marketing ideas that are guaranteed and proven to help you make money.


  1. Create an engaging blog on any topic you are passionate about
  2. Employ the Email Marketing strategy
  3. Optimize your blog to attract organic Google traffic

I hope you enjoyed reading my post. Please share it within your network. Im very sure you will help someone!

I love hearing your thoughts, kindly share in the comment section below.

You are awesome!

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