5 Ways To Make Money Online As A Stay At Home Mom

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Finding a good nanny is not only hard at time but it can be quite costly. As a mom I would rather take care of my kids than leave them with a stranger.

Honestly, no matter how good a nanny you have, your kids need to spend more time with you. Employed moms can be out of their homes for more than 10 hours daily, away from their little ones. That’s not a good arrangement.

That’s why lots of moms prefer to stay at home and take care of their own children.

But what if your really cannot take your job home? What do you do. How will you earn a living?

Million dollar questions.

Well in this era of widespread internet and technology coverage, moms can afford to stay at home and also make money.

I am going to list different ways a stay at home mom can make money online.

In no particular order…

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# 1. Become An Online Tutor

Woman sitting in front of camera demonstrating how to crochet

You will be doing the same job as a private tutor, except yours will be done via the internet. The demand for online tutors is fairly good.

What can you teach?

It depends on your skills. If you have a teaching background you are all set. But that is not a strict requirement. You need to be able to tutor! That’s it. You can teach:

  • Languages
  • School subjects
  • How to make stuff
  • Playing a guitar
  • etc.

Basic tools you will need

  • Fast internet connection
  • Webcam
  • A Skype account
  • Tutoring materials

How much can you make?

$10 – $40 per hour depending on your qualifications, experience, employer etc.

#2. Freelance Writer, Editor, Proofreader
Funny illusion of a man sitting on a cup of coffee while typing on laptap

If you are a good writer, editor or proofreader there are millions of opportunities for you online. Check out these websites.

#3. Start A Blog

Happy mom with her two kids smiling at the laptop

You can create your own blog and build your own blogging business. There are so many opportunities associated with blogging. You get to put out great ideas, help people, express yourself and what’s sweet, you can make lots of money.

Important note:

  • It takes a considerable amount of time to build an authority blog but with time, hard work and dedication it will all be worth it.
  • Choose a great Niche and be sure that it is something that you love. It will be a lot of fun creating good content.

I’ve heard a lot of aspiring bloggers ask this question : which niche is the most profitable?!!

My answer:

Every niche is profitable

What matters is for you to go into something you have passion for. Create quality content that will rank high in search engines, tie in relevant affiliate products and boom, you make good earnings.

What will you need?

  • A very well thought out niche
  • A reliable web domain provider, web-builder, hosting and support

Ordinarily you would have to source these independently and spend quite a lot on each.

However, there is a way you get all these under one roof plus a lot more than you expect.

  • How to choose a niche
  • Step by step, click by click blog/website creation – no coding needed
  • Search engine optimization – keywords that will rank
  • Affiliate marketing on your blog
  • etc.

This training program helps beginners start their businesses affordably

Check them out.

How my much will you need to access all these?

  • You can start for free – but I recommend that you don’t stay on free plan for long if you are serious about building a long term blogging business – you get what you pay for!
  • You can pay $29.90 pm paid annually = $359 or $49 per month – paid on a monthly basis.

How much will you make?

Unlimited amounts of money. No hype.

Remember, it takes time and hard work but it is absolutely possible.

How can you make money blogging?

  • Placing ads on your blog
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Guest blogging – you allow guest bloggers contribute content and charge them. Great way to boost your blog authority!
  • Selling your own products on the blog e.g. Ebooks
  • Selling your blog! – yes! let me show you an example…

This Lady Built Her Blog For 6 Months And Sold It For $28,000!

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story

Some people actually make a living this way. They create good blogs and sell them, over and over!

There are more stories like this one as a result of the training I told you about. But Let’s not waste time and explore more opportunities.

# 4. Become A Virtual Assistant

Lady Virtual assistant sitting on sofa with laptop

You will be doing administrative work just like an Executive Assistant or Secretary, only that you will be working online.

Quite a number of entrepreneurs and offices make use of Virtual Assistants. You can check these popular websites.

How much can you make? $10 – $ 30 per hour.

#5. Start An eCommerce Store

There are many platforms you can work with:

You may need a bit of learning first. I have seen that at shopify and Woocommerce have some kind of training.

How much can you make?

Unlimited amounts of money. It all depends on the amount of work you put in.

Shopify Prices



These are some of the simple ways you can afford to be a stay at home mom and still be able to make money online. I hope that at least one of these will be a perfect match for you.

Thanks for reading.

I wish you massive success in your quest to online entrepreneurship and keeping your family safe and happy!

Believe in your strength and start something great today.

Because I believe in you!

Please feel free to share this information because you never know just who you might help!




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