How To Get Free Targeted Traffic For Your Website

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“Today It’s Not About – Get The Traffic- It’s About Getting Targeted And Relevant Traffic”- Adam Audette.

This quote says it all.

We all want multitudes of traffic flocking to our website to have a look at what we offer and possibly buy something from us don’t we?

That’s the whole point. We need to make sales.

There’s no point getting 1 million visitors to your storefront if they will simply peek in and leave without buying anything. In fact, I would rather have just 20 quality eyeballs in front of my product if at least 10 of them will buy something. That’s actually better.

I will have achieved a whopping 50% conversion rate!

So if you own a website and you need to make sales out of it, you definitely need lots of traffic but not just any type. You need high quality targetted traffic.

Lots of new affiliate marketers make a mistake of believing that any type of traffic is good. No! And it is important to remember that you need the human type of traffic, not the bots!

Therefore, stay away from the so-called traffic boosting software. Don’t waste your money buying bot traffic, it is useless.

How Do You Get Good Quality Traffic To Your Website?

Free Traffic Acquisition Methods

Someone once told me that there is no such thing as free traffic. Well, he made quite a convincing statement. However, I beg to differ.

Yes, it is true that there is nothing that is truly free.

But, if you are just beginning and you don’t have a big budget, you are going to want to use these traffic methods because they are quite easy to implement and you don’t really pay anyone anything.

And if implemented these traffic methods will continue to work for you for years.

Let’s get right in

#1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This had to be number 1 because it is the best free traffic method. With SEO you will work hard in the beginning with no quick results but boy is it reliable and great in the long term!

Search Engine Optimization is the technique used to improve the visibility of your website in search engines in order to achieve high rankings.

Here is an SEO Checklist for 2019

“I Like To Think Of Search Engine Optimization As A Long Term Investment For Your Website”- Jay Neil.

And he is so correct.

Here’s someone else who agrees

Jill Whalen quote on SEO

#2 Get Social

This is another great way to get targeted traffic. There is a great opportunity for your website to gain exposure on social media. Most importantly, a lot of social networks have a business platform which enables you to get the right kind of exposure. I list just a few popular sites.


There are 265 million users on Pinterest in 2019 and Pinterest allows you to create a business account. You don’t need all the 265 million users on your website to become highly successful. Just a  fraction of that with the right type of targeting is enough to skyrocket your business.

pinterest business account


Facebook allows you to create your free business fan page where you can create posts and link back to your website. You can also share your blog content directly on your fan page.

Simply create your business fan page and ask your friends to like it. I like the fact that Facebook gives you an opportunity to get more targeted traffic through “Boosting” your posts.  It’s like running an ad to promote any post of your choice.

I would definitely link every post back to my website. Then I boost it by defining the demographics and locations where I want my post to be shown. Normally I spend $30 for a  period of 2 weeks.

It is not a must that you should boost your posts because now this is no longer “free”  but it is a great opportunity. If you have a  big Facebook following it is an advantage.

Another option is to join Facebook groups of like-minded people and share your content in that space. This method is more effective than simply throwing your website URLs anyhow on facebook.

When I was just beginning  I used to make this mistake. I would get traffic but it was mostly untargeted traffic which did not bring any benefit to my business.

LinkedIn Pages

Another Free Traffic from a community of professionals. LinkedIn is a great platform because the people there are much more organized and they know what they want. Unlike on other social media where there are diverse interests.

You can create your business page and posts and link back to your website. Invite your connections to engage with your content and get leads.

LinkedIn Business Pages

Just like on Facebook, if you are ready to spend money on Ads, you can create your ads on LinkedIn.


The power of the hashtag cannot be underestimated. There are more than 500 million tweets being sent on a daily basis. Twitter is where people go to find out what up! You can leverage this platform to drive multitudes of traffic to your business website.

Make Use Of Social Sharing Buttons

Install social sharing plugins on your blog so that your readers can easily share your posts. You can even politely ask your audience at the end of each post to share your post with their social networks.

social media sharing buttons

#3 Guest Blogging

This is another awesome opportunity to give your business a deserved exposure. Guest blogging gives you instant exposure to targeted traffic.

If you are able to contribute high-quality content to other peoples blogs, readers will look for you and be literally waiting for your next post to be published.

Note pad with words 'Guest Blogging'on it

If you contribute to blogs with a huge social media following, your contents will get exponential shares! This will also help you grow your own social media following.

Another benefit you can get from guest blogging is the opportunity to link to a few of your own posts on your website. This gives your website a huge SEO boost.

Guest blogging benefit goes both ways. You can also invite other bloggers to guest post on your own blog. of course, you need to invite someone with a good blog and significant following.

The great benefit of this method is that it doesn’t always have to involve monetary exchange. Just bloggers helping each other out for mutual benefit.

Pro Tip: It is important to guest post in blogs which highly relevant to your own. 

#4 Generate Free Traffic Via Influencer Marketing

Supposing your website promotes protein shakes through affiliate marketing. You could buy a few samples and give them for free to influential bodybuilders with huge social media following.

A diagram showing how influencer marketing works

Encourage the influencer to share your URLs with his following and boom! Lots of traffic for you. And this will likely be people who have the intention to buy so that they can look like the influencer! This is warm traffic for you!


I have selected these methods to acquire free website traffic because I believe they are easy to implement by beginner bloggers or new website owners.

I hope this has helped you if you and I wish you all the best in your business journey.

Let go get some traffic!

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