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How To Get A Free Domain And Hosting (It Gets Even Better!)

How To Get A Free Domain And Hosting (It Gets Even Better!)

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The fact that you want to know how you can get a free domain and hosting tells me that you want to start an online business. Or you could probably be in business already and want to expand your horizon.

Good news for you!

I am going to show you not only how to get a free domain hosting, but a lot more than you expected.

How about a sweeter deal then? Wouldn’t you love to also get free affiliate marketing so that you can monetize your website/blog?

Perhaps you already had plans for your website. Maybe to make it an ecoomerce site, or just a blog site where you can share your ideas, feelings with your audience.

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You can still do that and more. Because my recommended programs gives you 2 free hosted domains to do whatever you want with them!

Plus I said you get free affiliate marketing training, so you will not be stuck with domains, not knowing what to do with them.

What do you think?

I present you with the best Affiliate Marketing program you have ever seen online:

Wealthy Affiliate

A platform, solely designed to teach you Affiliate Marketing, based on the principle of earning while you learn. I should make it clear that. Wealthy Affiliate is not a get-rich-quick scheme or an “earning website”.

It is a training platform to help you build a sustainable long term online business. Like any other business, it involved a lot of hard work and patience.

Does Wealthy Affiliate Really Work?

Every legitimate program works if YOU are willing to work it!

Free Domains And Hosting

As soon as you sign up with Wealthy Affiliate, you begin as a starter (free) member and you can remain like that for as long as you like.

However, within the first 7 days you are given free access to some premium benefits like live chat etc.

If you want to upgrade to Premium and you do so before the 7 days elapse, you get a $30 discount – you pay $19 for the first month only.

This is entirely up to you.


Supposing you really want to remain on free membership, this is what you will get

  • 2 free websites to build on free hosted Wealthy Affiliate Domains – these are Siterubix Domains. For example, if you wanted your domain name to be “she knows marketing”. Your free Wealthy Affiliate Domain will read as follows: https://sheknowsmarketing.siterubix.com.
  • The first 10 lessons of the Online Entrepreneurship Certification (OEC)
  • The first 10 lessons of the Affiliate Bootcamp Training
  • Website back up
  • Community support etc.
Wealthy Affiliate Siterubix Web Builder

Everything has its pros and cons of course.


  • Zero costs – you can learn affiliate marketing for free
  • Siterubix websites are easy to set up


  • Not eligible for Google Adsense
  • You don’t own the URL – meaning that even if your content gets popular, you cannot sell your website.

To be honest, free things are not always the best. I would recommend these websites for someone who is completely new to affiliate marketing and needs to first learn and save on costs.

As soon as you get your feet on the ground you need to establish your own personal brand. Buy your own domain and have complete control over it.

Free Affiliate Marketing Training

As I mentioned you get free affiliate marketing training with the free membership. And I totally recommend this for someone with no online experience. The training is step-by-step and very easy to follow.

Affiliate Program

Here is another perk of being a free Wealthy Affiliate Member. This is another way you can make money, by referring people to the training program.

You can raise funds to buy the Premium membership and your own domains.

Premium Domains, Hosting and Affiliate Marketing Training

Wealthy Affiliate offers premium domains and hosting for premium members. Their premium membership is $49 per month / $39 per month (Billed for 6 months) / $29 per month (Billed for 1 year).

With the premium membership, you get hosting, security, backup and SSL Certificates. It’s important to note that personal domains are a separate cost and you can buy them within the Wealthy Affiliate Platform.

If you join the program when you already have your own domains, it is possible to move your domain hosting to Wealthy Affiliate servers.

Wealthy Affiliate Web Hosting Features

You also get access to all the Affiliate Marketing training within the platform.

  • All 50 Online Entrepreneurship Certification Lessons
  • All 70 Bootcamp Training Lessons
  • Weekly Live Training Webinars
  • Keyword Research Tool
  • Live Chats
  • Ability to host 50 websites – 25 free Siterubix Domains and 25 Personal Domains
  • 24/7 Site Support
  • etc.

Other Domain Hosting Services

There are other service providers who give free domain hosting. However, when you actually sign up with them you soon learn that they are not really free.

They’re “almost free”. There are lots of issues you will encounter like:

  • Lack of site support
  • Your websites will be down
  • They can choose to remove your websites with no prior warning
  • They will give you substandard service or refuse to help you unless you upgrade to their premium services
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I will mention just a few of them. This is not an attack on the service providers. I think they are doing a great job to even consider giving out their services for free. But honestly, as they say, you get what pay for!

  1. WordPlus.Host – They have 5 paid plans plus free WordPress hosting service.
  2. 000webhost – They offer free and premium hosting services
  3. Byet.host – Free and paid hosting services
  4. HostAwesome – When I checked them out, they said they offer 100% completely free WordPress hosting. However, at that particular moment, they were temporarily disabling new free sign-ups.


I think the idea of free domains and hosting is a good one to help people who are just starting up with business.

We all want to minimize the costs because honestly, we start businesses to make money because we don’t have much of it. So, a little saving here and there would help.

However, hosting your websites on free hosting services should not be a long term plan. Only temporary while you are trying to establish your business.


Founder of She Knows Marketing, An Online Business Dedicated To Helping Aspiring Entrepreneurs Start Their Own Businesses. Jane Is A Multidiscipline Entrepreneur With Qualifications: BA Public Administration & Sociology, Advanced Diploma HIV/AIDS Management, and MBA with Successful Brick & Mortar Businesses. She Loves To Share Her Physical Business As Well As Her Growing Online Marketing Expertise, Because Well, She Knows Marketing!

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