7 Secrets To Help You Make Money With Network Marketing

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Like the majority of us, you have probably been invited by either a friend, family member or a complete stranger to join them in their Network Marketing/Multilevel Marketing/Pyramid Selling/Referal Marketing.

Happens quite often.

I have been invited quite a number of times. Never joined any because I just have an attitude towards MLMs.

Don’t get me wrong, something inside me believes that network marketing is a legitimate way to make extra money from home or anywhere you choose.

However, over the years, network marketing has been highly misunderstood (well, for good reasons) and people have developed attitudes and MLM myths have spread.  

The reason? The many mistakes made by some new network marketers and of course the shady nature of some MLM companies.

What if I let you in on the simple secrets that can help you make money with network marketing? 

Awesome! Let’s get straight in…

Secret #1.  Clearly Define Your Target Audience

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Your ideal target audience consists of individuals who possess the same, if not more levels of passion, hunger for success as you do.

These people exist around you.  You just need to find them and build yourself a strong team that will last and prosper.

You need to work hard, demonstrate good leadership and knowledge of your product and achieve tangible results.

They are gonna want to be like you. You become their role model. They want to join you and that way your network will grow bigger and stronger.

Where Exactly Do You Find These Like-Minded Individuals?

2 words:

Social media!

For example, if it is a weight loss product you are promoting, identify people who are trying to lose weight.

DO NOT make a mistake of assuming that anyone you meet who “looks” like they could use your product will automatically be your target audience.

What if they are happy with their bodies and don’t want to lose weight?

Instead, go to social platforms and join groups that specifically deal with the problem that your product solves.

Add value, answer questions, build trust among the community over time. Then, suggest your product in a non-invasive manner.

Let me show you an example of targeting mistake that you need to avoid…

Very recently, I’ve just finished my workout at the gym, pretty exhausted and hungry. I walk out of the gym and a few meters from the exit I see this lady.

She’s conspicuously standing outside the movie theatre nearby. As I go past her she calls out “excuse me”!

I turn and slowly she catches up.  Quick introductions. “What do you do? she asks.  I tell her impatiently because I’m hungry!

I ask if we can walk and talk…she wants me to be her “business partner” Mhhhh! Really now?

We are strangers. How can she trust me? My guard up, red flag up!

What kind of business are you talking about? E-commerce,  she says and asks for my number.

Cool. Do call me and give me the details.


Later that evening she calls, wants to meet. We arrange for Sunday. Long story short… It was an invitation to join her  MLM network.

I got turned off by our first encounter and her constant calls and texts thereafter and never joined her. 


Don’t follow that strategy, its a big waste of your valuable time.

Secret #2. Network Marketing Is About Building Lasting Relationships

The mistake

 A lot of new marketers treat recruiting like a one- time event. Their goal is to get those numbers.

While it is true that network marketing is a numbers game, it is also important to focus on getting quality prospects not just numbers. 

What to do instead

Treat recruiting like the process that it is. It is like a seed you plant and nurture till it bears you fruits and you eventually harvest. It takes time and good nurturing. Focus on building lasting relationships.

Secret #3  Avoid Constant Selling

People will buy from you, but people hate being sold to!

Weird, right? True.

It takes some time to convince someone to buy what you are selling especially if they did not voluntarily approach you with the intention to buy.

An average person will go through 3 main buying stages: 

Depending on each individual the length per stage of time will vary.

Buying process

The Mistake

Being on constant salesman mode and putting pressure on people. 

What to do instead

Invest your energy in giving value before you ask people to take out their wallets, or you will outright turn them off.

If you got people to attend your business presentation, that’s a clear indication that there’s a probably a problem you can help these guys with…how to make extra cash!

Provide free information on how to earn extra income. you can even tell them about alternative methods yet putting emphasis on your method.

Show people that you care about their success. You should indeed care about their success!

Most importantly, learn as much as you can about your network marketing product and company.

Have information ready at your fingertips. The power of knowledge is a superpower. People will trust you if you exude knowledge and are confident about what you are telling them.


Secret #4 Don’t Hound People In The Name Of Recruiting

While it is absolutely important to follow up on your potential down-liners, it is downright annoying to bombard people with a barrage of badly timed phone calls, texts, and emails.

I reckon the better way is to organize business meetings (Free of charge). Get attendees to register their names and contacts.

Man irritated by marketing calls

Ask them to include their email addresses “IF THEY WANT TO BE ADDED TO YOUR EMAIL LIST” People respond more positively when you give them options. You give them “power” of choice.

When you get your email list, be sure to send only valuable information, not a lot of unnecessary fluff.

Free downloadable resources can keep your subscribers happy and will most likely convert them into potential prospects for your network marketing business.

Secret #5 Cut Out The Hype

When you call people to come and listen to your presentation, it is important to tell them only the truth about your network marketing company and its products.

A lot of people tend to go way overboard creating unnecessary hype, creating an illusion of “easy money”. Recently someone who wanted to recruit me, tells me how I will just need to “get only four people and never have to pay again”!

Pay what? 

A $99 monthly subscription fee. Sounds luring to escape paying $99 monthly by just recruiting 4 people right?

What he didn’t want to tell me is the fact that my down-liners MUST be actively paying their own subscription. Or of course, have their own individual down-liners actively paying, and so on!  

It is raining money

If you are going to promise people that if they join you, they will be making $10,000 a day, that better be true!

If not, you are going to have a lot of people disappointed and quitting. This is your loss because if you had cut out the hype from the beginning, you wouldn’t have disappointed recruits.

Secret #6: Quit Unrealistic Expectations

Network marketing is not a get rich quick scheme like a lot of marketers would want people to believe. Unfortunately, because they want to recruit you, people will paint a glamorous picture of what your life will be like when you join them. 

It is true that a number of people have become super successful with network marketing, but success did not happen overnight. 

luxury yacht

A number of people realize after they have joined that the reality is quite different from what they were probably promised. This is when frustration sets in and some people decide to quit. 

You need to break the vicious cycle of false beliefs and give your potential recruits a true picture of what the business is about to avoid filling your team with potential defaulters.

Secret #7: Choose The Right Type And Use Your Product

Your success in turning ordinary people into potential buyers lies with yo being an active user of such a product.

You cannot convince me to buy and promote your anti-blemish skincare product if your skin is full of blemishes. Its either you are not using the product or it simply doesn’t work.

It is vital to choose the product that you will be able to use and show the real results of using it. Be your product ambassador, the product of the product.


Those are the 7 secrets that can help anyone make money with network marketing. Simple and easy. Follow them and begin seeing success.

If you feel like network marketing may not be your thing. I recommend that you try Affiliate Marketing. This is how I make money online.

It is much easier and you don’t have to hassle with recruiting people. Plus you can get high-quality training with the possibility of earning while you learn.



Thanks for reading, I wish you all the best in your quest to be self-employed.

I would love to hear from you…

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To your success!

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