How Do I Start A Blog To Make Money?

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Yes, you’ve got this!

Been wondering how and where you can start your very own blog site, with no hassle and have it hosted for free and earn money out of it?

I’ve got your back!

In the next 2 minutes, after you finish reading this post, that is!

You will just be left with a simple decision to make. Whether you want to start your blog or not.

I’m going to show you how easy it is to just sign up for a free program and find amazing step by step training waiting for you on how to build your blog from scratch and have it ready to earn you some money.

I’m pretty sure you have searched the internet and found a million answers that left you confused. Don’t even get me started on the scams you may have come across.

People waiting to rob you in broad daylight of your hard earned money? Now you can relax because here you will not be asked to pay even a single penny! Not now, not ever!

Back to the real business…

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Want To Get Started Right Away?

The Wealthy Affiliate Training Program has 2 types of membership

1. Free Starter Membership

You pay $0 for life or for as long as you wish. It is not a limited time free trial offer! But of course, you won’t be getting all the benefits that come with paid membership.

What Do I Get With The Wealthy Affiliate Starter Membership?

  • The first 10 Online Entrepreneurship Certification Lessons
  • The first 10 Affiliate Bootcamp Training Lessons
  • 2 WordPress blogs/websites
  • Hosting
  • Security
  • Access to the community of 1.7 members who are ready to help you at any time
  • Ability to join Top Affiliate programs – Amazon, ClickBank etc.

You can join Wealthy Affiliate for free and begin immediately learning how to create your first amazing blog.

You can also join free and then upgrade to paid premium membership. But the choice is entirely yours.

2. Premium Membership

This paid membership plan gives you full access to the whole platform at affordable prices. But remember it is entirely up to you to upgrade to premium.

I personally subscribed for the Yearly Membership. I love how much I save. Plus I work for the whole year before worrying about my subscription. And to be honest this is so cheap given how much value Wealthy Affiliate offers!

Wealthy Affiliate New Payment plan

What Do you Get With The Wealthy Affiliate Premium Plan?

Honestly, everything you will need to help you start a successful online business. I will not mention everything, it could take the whole day.

  • 50 Online Entrepreneurship Certification Lessons
  • 70 Affiliate Bootcamp Training Lessons
  • 50 websites – 25 on your own domains that you can buy + 25 on Free Wealthy affiliate Domains
  • 13 specialized classrooms
  • Weekly live webinars
  • 24/7 support
  • Live Chats
  • Full access to the owners
  • And so much more

If you haven’t decided yet, let me show you some of the examples of the blogs you can start.

Let me also point out that it is absolutely important that you blog about the subject/niche that you are passionate about.


Because writing content will be much easier for you especially if you are a beginner. And trust me, as long as you keep doing it, practicing it does become as easy as breathing!

You will not get stuck not knowing what sentence to write next. You will probably even wake up in the middle of the night to write because ideas will be overflowing!

Here’s the great thing about joining Wealthy Affiliate…

You get access to Jaaxy the best Keyword Research and Website Ranking Tool ever. Jaaxy enables you to find profitable keywords that you can use to write articles.

What does this mean?

In simple terms, you need to use keywords that people type in search engines like Google when they are looking for information.

That way your blog posts will get indexed (recognized and accepted) in search engines.

If you do a really good job writing, your posts get ranked highly. That means they will probably appear top in first-page search results.

That means you will get traffic and most likely, sales!

Basically, your blogging life will be super easy. Now imagine also earning income from your passion. That’s how life should be!

Learn more about how to find profitable keywords

Can you monetize your WordPress blog?

Yes, absolutely!

Here are a few ways in which you can earn money from your blog:

1. Affiliate Marketing

A business model where you promote other peoples products and earn commisions per sale.

It is a lucrative model because once you set it up correctly, you continue earning income on autopilot and you can actually make lots of money from it.

Where to get affiliate products?

  • Amazon
  • Share-a-sale
  • ClickBank
  • Rakuten Marketing

 Blogs you can start

  • Travel blog

You are passionate about the world of travel?  Blog about it and promote travel-related products.

Go sign up free with affiliate sites above any other Affiliate network. There are hundreds of affiliate networks out there. Get access to millions of travel products and promote them on your blog.

If you write good content lots of people will visit your blog, see these products and if they buy via your blog, boom, you earn a commision!

2 Black travel bags from Amazon

More examples:

  • Fitness blog
  • Gardening blog
  • Dating blog
  • Food
  • Bodybuilding
  • Weight loss
  • Beauty etc.

The same principles apply

Choose your passion, blog and promote relevant products.

Have a look at how easy it can be to create your blog, with step by step guidance (video) by highly experienced internet marketing tutors.

Did I mention that you are allowed to create not 1 but 2 free blogs/websites? But I advice that you begin with one and grow it well enough before starting another one.

You also get access to a community of very helpful Wealthy Affiliate members, who are always ready to help you whenever you have a problem.

2. Selling Private Ads

Selling private Ads refers to “renting” a space of your blog to individuals or companies. Your Blog is your real estate and you are the “Estate owner”

People who want to rent your space will pay you a fee to have their Ads placed on your website.

These can be, links, banners, buttons or sponsored posts like those we often see on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram.

This model may not be as highly lucrative in terms of revenue earning potential as Affiliate Marketing unless you are a master blogger with millions of following! You can be, all the master bloggers started off as beginners!

 3. Selling your own products

You can sell either physical or digital products. Examples of physical products range from crafts to paintings to anything really that you make or own patent rights to.

Digital products can be courses/training you have developed which are in line with your niche.

Remember it is easy to blog about the subject that interests you or that you are highly informed about. It means you become a “Guru”.

You can teach other people about it by creating courses and selling them on your blog.

4. Make Money With Google Adsense

You can create a free Google Adsense account and Google will give you a little line of code with instructions on how to place it on your blog.

After checking your blog and if satisfied Google populates Ads which are relevant to your blog niche. When people click on the ads you get paid.

Please note that Google is not very easy to please! You may get rejected over and over until you are finally accepted into the Adsense program. And you can be accepted and then rejected again!

Don’t give up, keep trying. Just make sure that your blog is clean and does not contain prohibited content.

Note that you cannot rely on this method entirely because the money is not that much. But it is a great way to supplement your income.

These are just a few of the many way ways to earn income from your blog.

So, why not give it a try right now? Think of your Blog Title and enter it in the plugin below to get started.

You have absolutely nothing to lose. Give it a try without paying anything for life!

You won’t be forced to upgrade to premium membership if you don’t want to.

Do me a favor, please. Get back here and let me know how it was like to create your blog.

I wish you great success in your blogging journey!

Feel free to share this post with your friends, you might just help someone!

I will appreciate your comments and any questions you may have.

To your blogging success!

4 thoughts on “How Do I Start A Blog To Make Money?”

  1. Hi Jane, yeah I do agree that everything becomes easier whenever we practice more. That includes writing / creating blog posts.

    Perhaps not as easy as “breathing” but someday we’ll get to that point whenever we’ve reach the “master status”. Well, as most successful figures use to say, it takes 10,000 hours to master on any given skill.

    Blogging, writing is definitely one of those skills that we could master if we make it a “daily habit”. In that way, the route towards success might be as easy as “breathing”.

    As for the wealthy affiliate black friday offer. I suggest anyone’s who reading this post to go GRAB IT as soon as possible. While offer ends :) It’s definitely a no-brainer choice for those who’s serious in learning how to make money from the internet, whether it’s through a blog / website.



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