Done For You business Opportunities (Should You Buy?)

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What Is A Done-For-You Internet Business?

These are the types of internet business opportunities where everything is set up and ready for you to get started with making money. That’s the basic definition, it is not as easy as it sounds.

Basically, with done for you businesses, there is the product owner. The one who developed the business concept.

They either sell it to you (business in a box) to go work on it independently, or you buy membership into their system and leverage the resources they have in place. This will get clearer with the categories and examples I have provided.

Type of Done For You Business Opportunities

1. Ready Made Business – Where You Buy A Business Blueprint

In this category, the business is fully developed for you. In my opinion, this is a true depiction of the Business-In-A-Box concept.

Example :My Business Venture

My Business Venture Logo

This one is like a franchise but not really and it is much cheaper. A Business -In – A -Box kind of online business where aspiring entrepreneurs are set up with a ready to plug and play online superstore with over 15,000 products.

Price: $3955 – $7955

What you get:

  • Website
  • Hosting
  • Products
  • Custom logo
  • Shopping Cart
  • dropshipping of all items directly to the customer
  • Ongoing coaching
  • support
  • etc
My Business Venture Pricing Plans

What I like:

The system is set up and ready to start generating income. They give you lots of support and training.

What I don’t like:

It is very expensive to start. Not ideal for someone will a little budget.

Do I recommend This?

Not for beginners. You need to have considerable experience in the online business world to venture into this one.


2. Done For You Sales Funnels – Where you buy membership and Drive traffic

These are quite common. Their business model is to promote its own membership. When you join as a member, your sole method of making money is to sell the company’s membership and earn a commission for every client you refer.

Everything is set up for you:

Landing pages

Email copy

Banner Ads

Ad Copy

Video Ads

All that you need to do is to invest money in driving traffic to their sales pages. When someone buys via your links you get a commission.

These companies usually have lots of products on offer, ranging from low priced front end products to very expensive back end offers.

Example 1: Legendary Marketer

Legendary Marketer Club

It is an Internet Marketing Training Program by David Sharpe, A breakaway partner from the now extinct MLM, Empower Network.

Luckily Legendary Marketer is not an MLM and definitely not a scam.

Legendary Marketer has a $30 per month membership course and up to $30,000 product called The Legendary Leadership Group where you can learn David’s own strategies for becoming a 9 Figure Income Earner.

What I like

It is legit and not an MLM.

What I don’t fancy:

It has lots of expensive upsells which you have to buy in order to be able to earn commissions from. Pay to play!

Example 2: Super Affiliate Network

Super Affiliate Network Training Package

This one is an Affiliate Marketing Training Platform developed by the well-known Online Marketing genius – Misha Wilson.

The focus is on using email marketing, Solo Ads as well as promoting Super Affiliate Network Membership.

It is a Done-For-You sales funnel where your job as an affiliate is to drive paid traffic to their sales funnel and earn commissions.

Misha Wilson is a marketing and conversions sensation and for that reason, his platform has created a huge internet buzz.

However, great as Misha Wilson’s network is, it is full of secrets, which I find absolutely unnecessary because granted, the guy is good at marketing.

I just don’t understand why he hides some things from potential customers.

For example, how much you need to join.

Another thing I found quite distasteful is that Super Affiliate Network operates like a pyramid scheme. It has a tiered commission system, with expensive upsells. Plus, just like Legendary Marketer, you pay to play here too.

Pyramid schemes have a shady nature. The likes of MOBE which were forcibly shut down by the FTC because they were found to be fraudulent.

Overall Super Affiliate Network is a legit program with lots of secrets.

Do I recommend Super affiliate Network?


I cannot recommend a product that I myself would never buy. However, that’s not to say that you should never buy it if you feel like you wanna give it a try. I simply don’t recommend it.

3. Other Done For You Opportunities

Example: Aversity Done For You Online Business 2.0

Aversity Logo

A program developed by Sean Bagheri, a top earner ClickBank Affiliate. His aim is to help you leverage his proven business model to earn money online.

With this program Sean gives you access to his:

  • Done for you “ready to sell” information products
  • Done for you sales pages and sales copy
  • Click by click training and coaching
  • Done for you product delivery system
  • Traffic and lead generation training
  • Strategy updates
  • 24/7 community support
  • etc.

Price: $2497

What I like:

There have been positive reviews that Sean knows what he is doing. He has another product called Aversity Gold Masterclass. He seems to be genuine.

What I don’t fancy:

His Done For You product does not seem clear to me. He talks about giving you access to done for you information products. I wonder what they are and who actually developed those.

Do I recommend this?

I wouldn’t personally buy it, but if you have $2497 to invest and willing to give it a try, I cannot stop you!

Example 2:Escape Your Day Job Business In A Box Course

Escape your day job Business in a box logo

A step by step coaching on how to start a Drop-shipping Business developed By Travis Peters

Price: $1497 / 2 installments of $797 each

What’s Inside

Module 1 – Getting Started – introductory module

Module 2 – Your Big Idea – even if you don’t have any idea yet. The module will help unlock your ideas

Module 3 – Websites-How to build your website

Module 4 – Marketing Time – Lessons on how to make your first sale – getting traffic from social media

Module 5 – taking your business to the next level

Module 6- bonuses – increase your conversion sheet, productivity hacks

Community- Not very active. Last activity was 3 months ago.

Escape your day job lessons

What I like:

Travis actually gives great feedback to his students about their websites

Do I recommend this course?


Although it appears to be a legitimate course, I mean Travis Peters is a Christian guy, I believe he is honest.

However, I have a reservation recommending his product because of a lot of silence around Escape Your Day Job Course.

No one is making any noise about it except Travis himself and that was in 2016. What did I miss?

For a course which has been around for some time, you would expect to see some reviews, videos, anything. I actually saw only 1 website with a very positive review. Other than that, nothing.

Here is another thing I found a bit weird,

The course is available for free, which make me wonder, why would anyone want to buy it for $1497?

Advantages Of Done For You Business Opportunities

  • A lot of heavy lifting is done for you
  • You leverage already existing systems without having to start your own business from scratch
  • With some of them there is a sales team who are dedicated to helping you close the sales
  • You can potentially earn big commissions

Disadvantages Of Done For You Business Opportunities

  • With the done for you sales funnels, you don’t really own online business. You are simply an affiliate who may be left out in the cold in case that programs go away. Like what happened with Empower Network, MOBE, etc.
  • Done for you sales funnel membership costs are usually high with no guarantees that you will make money. In fact, they usually have disclaimers that there’s no guarantee that you will make profits!
  • They have expensive upsells which you have to buy in order to promote and earn commissions. Some of these go up to $30,000.
  • Done for you sales funnels get saturated with time and promoting them becomes hard due to stifling competition. The results are huge losses for affiliates who spent thousands of dollars paying for ads which don’t convert.

Conclusion And My Highly Recommended Program

For people who don’t  want to or simply have no time to start their own businesses, the Done For You Business Model may be appealing. If all you want to is to leverage the existing sales funnel and you have the membership fees as well as the big advertising budget, then this may be for you.

I personally would not recommend this model for beginners. Let face it, even though they have training for you, the learning curve will be super steep and it may take forever, or never to actually begin seeing the profits.

Think about it…

Who benefits the most from your continues expensive membership and endless upsells?

I will tell you, the owner of the product!

So don’t go in as a beginner, period.

For me, the best type of  Done For you Business opportunity is the one where you buy the business blueprint and actually own it and you are free to customize it as you please.

That would be something like My Business Venture. My only issue is that it is expensive and not really advisable for complete beginners.

My No. 1 Recommendation – Wealthy Affiliate Marketing Training Program

If you are a beginner or even an intermediate, I highly recommend that you start your own Affiliate website.

Why a website?

Because this will be your own property for the rest of your life. It will grow as long as you continue working on it and it will earn you passive income for life!

Sounds hard?

Not really,

Check out this video walk-through how easy it is to create your website under a minute:

Wealthy Affiliate Website creation

You can get access to high quality Affiliate Marketing Training

  • Easy website/blog creation – up to 50 websites
  • How to choose a niche
  • Access to Affiliate programs to match your niche
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Pay Per Click Marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Active 24/7 huge community support
  • 24/7 highly responsive website suport
  • and so much more

Other Advantages

Affordable Price: $49 per month.

It gets cheaper if you pay for 6 months ($39 pm) or for a year ($29 pm).

You can try it for free to see if it is for you.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post.

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