Do You Need A Website To Do Affiliate Marketing?

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Do You Need A Website To Do Affiliate Marketing?

There are lots of different views on this issue and this creates a lot of confusion especially to beginners seeking help in order to establish themselves and earn income online with affiliate marketing.

Some opinions are valid and legitimate while others are outright BS from fake “Gurus” who give you false advice just so they can sell you bogus, ridiculously priced “Affiliate Marketing Courses”.

So, beware because the internet is full of hyenas out to make a kill, taking advantage of other peoples’ ignorance.

Man hiding his face with mask,standing holding an open laptop

There is absolutely no reason why you should pay for overpriced products which deliver no value when there are legitimate programs out there which deliver way more value than what they charge you.

Sit tight, I am going to show you the correct path to take.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

“Affiliate marketing has made businesses millions and ordinary people millionaires”. – Bo Bennet

Wikipedia says “Affiliate Marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts”.

In the simplest language;

Affiliate marketing is a way ordinary people make money online by promoting other peoples products.

How does Affiliate Marketing Work?

In the simplest terms:

You as an aspiring affiliate,  request to join an Affiliate Network. When you get approved, you choose products you are interested in promoting. 

You then use the affiliate resources (e.g. affiliate Links) at your disposal to drive traffic to the products. When people buy from your affiliate links, you make a commission.

However, as I said, this is a very simplistic description of affiliate marketing and most likely the reason why a lot of people have failed with affiliate marketing.

Why do so many people fail at Affiliate Marketing?

This brings up to today’s big question:

Do you need a website to do affiliate marketing?

There are thousands of opinions when it comes to this question. Some people believe that you do not necessarily need a website to do affiliate marketing.

And in fact, some of them have been to make some money. But how sustainable is that?

However, I belong to the school of thought that says YES!

If you are serious about building a sustainable long term business, you definitely need a website because affiliate marketing is indeed a business.

Not just a  website but a WordPress website which you will be able to optimize (SEO) for keywords and products you are promoting.

I need you to see a website as the premises for your online business. Just like you would have premises for your offline business.

A place where people would come to in order to get access to the good/services that you offer.

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PC Tablet showing different elements of Internet Marketing

Unless you operate your business out of briefcase!

The online world is becoming increasingly competitive and so for you to be able to make real money, you need to establish yourself with a website. Your own piece of online real estate.

There is no need to freak out because building a website is now easier than ever. So is creating content.

You don’t need to a website building professor to have your own website. You can even create your website and have it hosted for free ($0).

Benefits Of Having A Website For Affiliate Marketing

#1. Most Affiliate Programs Require It

Most Affiliate Programs won’t accept you as an Affiliate Partner if you don’t have a website. That means you will not be able to join and access products to promote!

This way the Affiliate Networks focus on serious people who are willing to work hard on their Affiliate Marketing businesses.

#2. Precise Targeting

In order to be successful with affiliate marketing, you need to select a specific target audience (Niche) and give them lots of help.

Be that guy who knows solutions to their problems. In return, they develop trust for your content and the products you promote.

Important tip:

When you choose a niche, go for something that

  • people are already spending money on.
  • Has evergreen demand (Perennial Niche) – the demand is always there no matter what time of year.


Meet Stacy,

Stacy Avator

She is contemplating between creating a niche website on “Halloween Costumes” or “Lose Belly Fat”.

How much money do you think Stacy will make with the Halloween website vs the Belly Fat Loss website?

Yes, people spent money on Halloween costumes but that’s just once a year.

However, the need to lose belly fat is ever present for both men and women throughout the year and it will be there forever.

#3: You Will Be Able To Build Your List  Through Your Website

You can create an email address capture system on your website by giving your readers something in exchange for their email addresses. That is list building.

You can then forge relationships with your list and when the relationships have blossomed into trust, you can directly market to your list. This is a more sustainable way.

Because unless you fail to nurture your list well, you are sure that you already have contacts of people in your niche, who are more likely to buy from you than anyone out there.

#4: You Will Benefit From The Cumulative Nature Of Affiliate

The greatness of building your affiliate marketing business on your own website is that the work you put in now will continue generating income well into the future.

You would just need to make a few updates here and there just to keep up with the times.


If you are in the newborn baby niche (it is evergreen and people are already making money on it). Your website would give value to new mothers on issues such as

  • “How To Calm A Fussy Baby Down Quickly”
  • “How To Keep Your Newborn Baby Warm Without Overheating”
  • “How To Shape Up Fast After Childbirth”

These tips will help a lot of mothers for a long period of time. Because babies are born every day. You can just be adjusting your tips as well as recommended relevant (Affiliate) products to cater for new innovations.

But as time goes, the amount of work you will be putting into building your website will be decreasing while the income generated will be increasing. Talk about earning money while you sleep!

This is a perfect scenario. It doesn’t just happen overnight like the so-called “Gurus” would tell you.

#5: You can earn income from other sources

When your website gets established and your content gains a lot of trust and traffic, you can earn money from different other sources than affiliate marketing. For example, you can rent ad space to big companies and charge them.

But I Don’t Know Anything About Building  Websites!

I got you covered on this one. You see, building a website on your own may sound scary and expensive because you will need:

  • Web creation expertise
  • Web building platform
  • Domain search and  registration
  • Hosting
  • Sales Funnels
  • Email marketing systems
  • SEO tools (Keyword research, ranking tools)
  • And more…

You may also need some form of training on how to do affiliate marketing profitably. This will save you time and money you would lose trying to do things on your own.

What if I told you that you can get all of these from a dedicated training program:

  • Training
  • Websites
  • SEO tools
  • Support
  • A community of experts to help you kick-start your affiliate marketing business, at no cost!

Yes, it is true…


In order to create a  successful affiliate marketing business, you need to build it on your own website.

  • It is easy to build a website
  • There are lots of benefits when doing affiliate marketing on your own website

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post.

Feel free to share it. You never know who you might help!

I wish you all the best in your online business!

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