Digital Freedom Movement Review (The Truth From The Horse’s Mouth)

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Welcome to my Digital Freedom Movement Review. I want to congratulate you for doing due diligence on this product before buying in. It is always important to do thorough research before committing your money to any product.


This is a revised version of my original DFM review which contained some pieces of information that were not entirely accurate about DFM. For that, I apologize.

Because I have nothing against DFM, I actually reached out to them to provide me with an accurate account of what DFM is all about. They responded and I present you with DFM from the perspective of the owners.

What Is Digital Freedom Movement?

An Affiliate Marketing training platform that automates 90% of the workload for the newest person so that they only have to focus on 10%

According to DFM owners, they are a unique company because they have created a Super Bot that tracks all the leads who have come across your affiliate marketing ad but did not take any action. Great!

The Super Bot is said to possess the power to rechannel your potential leads back into the DFM “Super Funnel” so that you will eventually get your leads to convert. Sounds cool, doesn’t it?

These guys say they spent $17,287 in software per year to make sure that their links get clicked on. Impressive!

The brains behind the Digital Freedom Movement are Kelland Chaffee, Luisa “Weez” Abela, and Mark Wilson.

Digital Freedom Movement Membership Fee

To join DFM you pay $299 upon signing up and then $39 per month subsequently for as long as you are a member. You Have an option of paying the $299 in 3 instalments with no interest whatsoever!

What Do You Get?

  • 90% done-for-you Online Business marketing system
  • Unlimited access with our 6-7 figure coaches
  • Highly Converting ad Copy
  • Advanced Facebook Ads optimization training
  • Access to our industry-leading scaling techniques
  • Custom Built sales funnel
  • Access to all private chat/mastermind groups and closed Facebook groups
  • Instagram Growth Course
  • DFM’s Exclusive Branding Course
  • Personal Growth and Business Mindset Course

Digital Freedom Movement Affiliate Program

You get a 33% commission on whatever purchase price you sold. I believe this applies when you refer someone to DFM.

Digital Freedom Movement Training And Support

Remember 90% of the work is already done for you, so what is the 10% you have to do? Place ads and that’s it? Well, there’s more.

Here is a direct quote from Luisa

“There is more to 10% then placing ads. “

“They learn how to actually run a business, how to structure it how to nurture it, how to communicate. They learn to grow as business owners and human beings. We teach a lot of mindset which is another reason why we are very successful. We don’t focus just on business, we want our members to be mentally strong and have a good positive vision of what their life could look like. “

They have an established funnel and ad copy that they hand to new members to plug into and promote.

As for their support, they have a Facebook group where members interact. Last time I checked, they do update their posts regularly. They have a little over 900 members in that group.

What Do They Actually Promote?

1. Digital Freedom Movement Membership

2. Other Affiliate products of your choice…Like the one explained in the video below – Enagic Water (In case the video doesn’t play).

Product Breakdown (NEW) from Digital Freedom Movement on Vimeo.


Is Digital Freedom Movement An MLM?

DFM is absolutely not an MLM. It is an affiliate marketing training platform and that’s it!

What I Like About Digital Freedom Movement – The Pros

Their mindset tips videos. It takes a great mindset to achieve success in any business. For that, I salute DFM.

It looks like they have done a lot of restructuring. A lot has changed within DFM. They seem to have moved away from their initial confusing business model which informed my original review. I am so glad this has happened. I really am.

What I Don’t Like About Digital Freedom Movement – The Cons

Confusing information on thier website. Luisa told me that they charge $299 for membership. Ok I changed that in this review but on their website it still shows the original $599.

I do hope they will address that soon.

Digital Freedom Movement – Final Thoughts. Is It A Scam?

I wouldn’t call DFM a scam.

Initially I had said I personally would not join this company because I would like to learn how to build my own business myself. Not depend on DFY systems which are handed out to everyone who joins.

On second thought I would actually like to see for myself what goes on in DFM, yeah.

Their monthly subscription of $39 is ok and affordable. I don’t understand why I should pay a joining fee of $299. Anyway, it is their program and they are free to charge anyhow they want.

Do I recommend you to join the Digital Freedom Movement?

It is completely up to you to decide.

I recommend that you do Affiliate Marketing with any program that teaches you all the basics you need to run an independent business even in the event that you no longer want to be part of the program.

If you believe that DFM will do that for you, go ahead and join them.

I have learned how to do Affiliate Marketing with Wealthy Affiliate. I like it because of the following reasons.

  • Their training is beginner-friendly yet it is comprehensive
  • You build your online business based on your passion not just to promote the program
  • They help you build your own business assets beginning with your website. You can leave Wealthy Affiliate together with your websites anytime you want to and have your websites hosted anywhere you please.
  • They allow you to try the training for free so that you get the feel of how things are
  • They have no upsells
  • You do not have to promote Wealthy Affiliate to make money
  • The Wealthy Affiliate Membership Fee is actually cheap ($49) when you consider all the training, hosting, security, tools and support you get.


Should you abandon your research and join Wealthy Affiliate?


Don’t do that if your mind is set on DFM.

Thank you for taking the time to read this review. I hope you got the answers to your questions.

If you have anything to share about the Digital Freedom Movement please do so in the comments below.

I appreciate you.

All the best in your online business quest!

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12 thoughts on “Digital Freedom Movement Review (The Truth From The Horse’s Mouth)”

  1. This is a very biased review.
    I just joined them and you have it all wrong. They actually have their own affiliate system where they pau out $100-$200 to their members.
    Direct sales and MLM are very different so it seems you haven’t really done your homework.
    And you are (s@$%#*g) on them because you are promoting your own program lol Please!
    Also FYI they give back to their members cause in the short time i’ve been with them i’ve seen them give out prizes ranging from $100-$500.
    And… the one on one coaching is the best i’ve seen and I was a member of Tai Lopez courses as well.
    What you’re doing is slander.
    I am just a member of DFM and if you say a solid online marketing business doesn’t revolve around ads then you have no idea what you are talking about because affiliate marketing is all about ads.

    What you are doing is shady and that is why you haven’t made money online.
    People on the affiliate marketing business build each other up if you’ve ever attended a mastermind you would know that all business affiliate marketing owners lift each other up not tear each other down like you are doing.

    I think you actually need DFM in your life lol
    Pathetic, I am passing this on to them and I hope they sue you for slander.

    • Hey Bruce
      It’s a great pleasure hearing from you!
      Now, Bruce, I am genuinely happy for you to have found DFM.

      Well unlike you I don’t use foul language and therefore won’t insult you.

      Clearly, from your comment, you have limited knowledge of Affiliate Marketing.

      I will educate you a little.

      1. You can do Affiliate Marketing with paid ads and either be successful or fail.
      2. You can do Affiliate Marketing and be successful without paid ads. Only through SEO which is the reason why you were able to find my Review of DFM. I have nothing against paid Ads, I Know paid ads.
      You were quick to jump on me and missed my point – I said for complete beginners to start their affiliate marketing business focusing only on paid ads may not be a good idea because Digital Freedom Movement is already expensive to join.
      3. I don’t need to prove to you how much money I make online but you should know that I make money, thanks to the most thorough and comprehensive affiliate marketing training I get from Wealthy Affiliate.
      4. You should pay more attention to masterminds in the future to learn more about affiliate marketing.
      5. No, you are terribly wrong! I don’t need DFM, you do!
      6. I didn’t tear down at DFM. I am merely presenting the facts from my research. I was able to find their video explaining the Complex DFM Affiliate Program. Guess what Bruce? That video no longer exists…

      And Bruce, try and look at Miles Beckler – he has a lot of information you may benefit from.
      Enjoy your stay at DFM and please stop by and tell us how its been for you.
      Share with me and enlighten me, Bruce.

      • Your research is rubbish.
        You aim is very very clear.
        Every single review you have made you only said negative things about every single platform except the one you are promoting haha
        I don’t need you to educate me thanks I’m very well educated and i’ve been an affiliate marketer for many years.
        Make sure you put wealthy affiliate in bold lol please!
        You have never been on the inside of the platform that is what is wrong with your review.
        Go inside, talk to the coaches and see the training.

        Also they don’t only focus on paid ads. So again you got it wrong there.
        BIASED all the way.
        That is not a review.
        That is the lowest form of promoting your program by bashing others and you can tell yourself that’s not true but you know it is you’re not fooling anyone but yourself.
        Tarnishing other people’s businesses to promote your own.
        Class act!

        • Bruce!
          Welcome back!
          I am so happy that you keep coming back. Well, this time you are not vulgar like last time. You only sound angry as I imagined you. Anyway, I hate to bring out the worst out of my visitors.
          Things are going to change I promise you, Bruce.
          But before that,
          Know and understand that I got all this information from DFM Website and their videos on Vimeo. I didn’t make it up. Yet it still sounds so bad. I don’t like that.
          Please share your true unbiased knowledge and experience with DFM. Refute my “biased” claims once and for all.
          I am willing to revise this review and write only what is true.
          In fact, I challenge you to write a real “unbiased Review of DFM. Rank it on the first page in SERPs and I will pull this one down. The great thing is that you have lots of experience. You can do it.
          Let’s end this madness once and for all, Bruce.
          What do you think?

  2. Waow! To start, i have respect for your hustle, blogging is hard! Although, bashing another company and giving false information about a company to promote your own affiliate offer (wealthy affiliate) is pretty low. I joined dfm a few months ago and it had been everything I thought it would be and more. My coach kelland is amazing! I may recommend getting all the details before slandering another company! Good luck to you, it must suck being broke promoting an inferior product :)

    P.s the (mlm) kind of structure regarding the affiliate program is no longer, its just 100 usd paid out to an affiliate, you should probably update your information! Smh

    • Hi Tiffany
      Thanks for your comment, I appreciate your input.
      Let me first start by telling you that I have absolutely nothing against DFM.
      I would indeed appear that things keep changing at DFM and I needed to keep up. However,
      all the information in my review is not made up. Maybe it is my opinion that sounds bad. I formed my opinions based on the information in front of eyes when I wrote this review. I am willing to revise it when I get new info.

      About Wealthy Affiliate
      Perhaps you too needed to learn more about it before you decided that it is an inferior product! Wealthy Affiliate does not come anywhere near inferior. I am sure you will agree with me that you landed on this review on Google first page. I learned how to rank from Wealthy Affiliate.
      I love blogging, it not hard at all as you believe.

      I respect your opinion and I appreciate the time you took to comment.
      As of now, this review remains as is, pending new information, I am gathering.
      Meanwhile Tiffany, please share with me more information on DFM. The way you know it. The true picture.

  3. A few years ago before they split with Wild Card Academy, I was with them. I can’t believe Mark Wilson would go MIA on a coaching call 3 times and leave a paying customer hanging. I didn’t receive my webpage access at the time and didn’t even get a heads up about the split when they formed DFM. I’m not happy with their business practice. There is no way I would work with them again.

    • Hi Leo
      I’m sorry to hear about your bad experience. It’s so unfortunate that these guys promise people good service but they don’t live up to their promise. Be careful where you put your money, please.
      All the best in your future online business plans.
      Have you ever tried Wealthy Affiliate?. It is a good platform if you want to learn Affiliate Marketing SEO. I encourage you to try them for free and see if it works for you.

      • It’s a bit disappointing since Mark and I are from the same home town. He went MIA three times. The first time because his wife was in labor. That was understandable. The second time, he went MIA on a coaching call because he wanted to watch the SuperBowl. As a sports fan, I would mark down those important dates on my calendar. He mistakenly double-booked and I was being extremely forgiving at the time. Third, he just completely disappeared. We were supposed to have a couple of coaching calls and we only had one and that’s it.

        The other two coaches simply don’t wanna work with me unless I am with them on Kangen water. I didn’t want to kangen water. It came across as quite unprofessional.

        • Hi Leo
          Firstly, I am sorry about your bad experience with DFM coaching. It is very unprofessional that the coach goes MIA to go watch the Superbowl or for any reason. Of course, we can excuse the incidence of the wife going into labor.

          Secondly, I was told that members are not “forced” into Kangen water. Therefore I don’t get why they would alienate you on account of Kangen Water. It’s unfortunate because you joined DFM to help you make money not to be taken through unnecessary stress.


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