Secrets On How To Build A Successful Website Business (Exposed!)

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How To Be Successful With Online Business

The idea of having your own business is super cool, even better if it is an online business. Online business has greater benefits over its physical / Brick and mortar counterparts.

If you are thinking of starting your own online business, congratulations! You have made the best decision. I am going to walk you through a process of building a successful online website based business.

I put emphasis on the website because building your business this way guarantees you a sustainable business which will thrive for a long time and if managed well, it can generate income for you until you retire and beyond.

But I know nothing about building websites?

It’s ok, if you have the passion to learn and the strong desire to have a successful business, you are at the right place.

You don’t need to be a coding professor to build your own money making website. I will show you the easiest training that teaches you step-by-step how to create your website and earn income from it.

Basic requirements:

  • Be willing to learn
  • Patience
  • Commitment

In order to build a successful website business consider these important factors.

Table Of Contents

#1 Get The Right Training

The right type of training will not only give you the set of skills you need but it will save you tonnes of money you would waste buying useless training packages. Most of these training packages are high priced but deliver little to no value to you. They only serve to enrich the owners.

Beware of scammers!

The kind of training I recommend is one similar to what they offer at Wealthy Affiliate. First of all, they charge only $49 per month or even less if you pay for 6 months ($39 pm) or for a year ($29 pm). I highly recommend paying for a year. That’s just $358 for the whole year. It comes to $0.98 per day.

You not only save $ 200, but you also get peace of mind for 365 days knowing you are sorted. The only thing you need to focus on is your training and business building.

Wealthy affiliate Online Entrepreneurship Certification Lessons

Here’s what I love the most about Wealthy Affiliate training. You learn by doing. As you follow your training you are also building your business website.

The business model that Wealthy Affiliate teaches you Affiliate Marketing. You create a website which you will use to promote affiliate products.

There are millions of affiliate products to choose from based on your area of interest (Niche).

My advice to you if you want to join the wealthy affiliate training program:

Go in with an idea of what you want to focus your website/blog on. This has to be something you are passionate about. Something you are knowledgeable about.

Something that sparks a million ideas in your head. Something that you can tell the whole world about with your eyes closed!

Well, I guess I got a bit carried away.

What important is that you need to be in love with your business idea for you to achieve success. Most importantly, be able to write information that will help other people. This is the pillar of success.

Not to worry, the training will help you fine-tune your ideas.

People search the internet every second, looking for answers. If you are able to provide answers related to your business idea. You will be successful.

An example,

Do you love cats?

If you do you probably have one. So you have lots of knowledge about cats. How to keep them clean, what to feed them. Their behaviors. What to do when your cat is agitated and angry and so on.

2 gray cats jumping playfully


There are millions of questions people ask about cats. If you can provide answers and tips you are good to go.

How will I make money?

Good question.

There are millions of cat products from Amazon, Share-a-sale, ClickBank, etc.

You will sign up for free to any affiliate network and select cat products to promote on your website. The effective way is to write product reviews.

If you have used some products you have an added advantage. People come to your website and read your reviews. They decide to buy from your links. Boom! You make a commission.

#2 Focus

Once you have decided with certainty what niche you want to build your business around, focus on it and nothing else. The internet is full of information and it is easy to get distracted.

Follow One Course Until Success - Focus

Develop a tunnel vision to avoid catching the shiny new object Syndrome. This is the downfall of many people. I guess humans are naturally easy to distract. But you can beat this with determination.

#3 Set Goals And Stick To Them

The best way to achieve success with anything is to have a set of goals to work towards. That way make sure that everything you do is geared towards attaining your goals.

Some people like to set monthly goals, others prefer weekly or daily goals.

It all depends on what you can work with. I set weekly goals because I find it easy to keep track of my progress and be accountable at the end of each week.

What important is to not only set goals but to stick to your plan of action on how you will achieve those goals.

#4 Push Yourself

It all about hard work and determination. But it doesn’t mean you will work hard until you die!

Heres what’s great about online business and affiliate marketing in particular. You put in a lot of work at the beginning with little returns.

But as your business begins to pick up, you no longer work as hard as when you were just starting.

Sweat Now Shine Later

Affiliate marketing is the best business model because the initial work you set up can continue to work for you and earn you income over and over again with no additional work from you.

Think of a good product review you may write now. If you have followed the training well and implemented what you learned on how to write a winning product review.

You will continue to make sales from that review for a long period of time as long as there is still demand for the product you are promoting.

#5 Keep Learning

In to excel in online business, you need to be in the know. You cannot learn everything you need in one sittion. You need to keep learning and stay freshly informed of the trends in your line of business. That helps you to remain relavant to changing customer needs.

By continuing to learn I don’t mean you should go enroll for a PhD at Harvard University. I mean you need to learn your market and know what is going on. That way your are able to respond to new customer demands. Imagine a scenario where a new hot product gets released and you have no idea.

You miss out on the wave of new product release when marketers make lots of money because everyone wants to get their hands on the product before anyone else.

# 6 Take A Beak, Do It Again

Who said life is all about work work work and more work?

Dont burn yourself out, take occasional brief brakes and recharge your energy levels. You know what they say about all work and no play. And of course about all play and no work!

Dont overwork, don’t over play.

Brown dog wearing pink bathrobe and red oversized sunglasses relaxing on sofa with a martini

Let us be realistic, no one can function well working all the time without rest. We all need to rest a little. In order to avoid damage on your health, I suggest tiny little breaks while working. We spend an awful lot of time staring into computer screens. That’s not healthy.

So why not do 2 hours and take a short walk, 5 – 10 minutes. Or strech, meditate, anything to re-energize yourself.

Also, you cannot work all seven days of the week back to back. Take a day or 2 off. Come back full of ideas, energy, and enthusiasm.


Starting and running a successful online business is not hard as long as you follow the principles outlined above. Remember:

  • Get the education
  • Focus
  • Set goals and follow through
  • Work hard
  • Keep learning
  • Don’t forget to breathe, rinse and repeat!

I hope you have enjoyed this article. Please share it with your friends because you never know who you might help.

I would love to hear from you. Kindly share your thoughts in the comments. I wish you all the best in your online business journey.

You are awesome!

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