BOSS International Review (Beware!)

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In today’s review, I take a closer look at BOSS International. BOSS stands for “Building Our Success Stories”, aka Boss Network INC. This is a Multilevel Marketing/ Network Marketing Company based in the Philippines.

The brain behind this company is a guy called Rommel Tabaniag who is said to be a young successful network marketer.

Boss International Review - Rommel Tabaniag

Why did I write this review?

A close relative of mine who I care about so much has joined Boss International and she shared with me the business opportunity, encouraging me to join and change my life.

So being the skeptic that I am I was first put off by the name. To me, it sounded suspicious. Then I thought I will keep an open mind and conduct my due diligence before I call Boss International a scam.

I found some red flags and I will be sharing them with you…

Boss International Overview

The owners call it a “Hybrid” Multilevel Marketing Company. According to their website (, this company was founded on January 15, 2018. It operates as BOSS Network Inc. in the Philippines and as BOSS International in Nigeria. However, as of July 2019, it seems the Nigerian office is still under construction.

As is everything else. These guys say they are still in the pioneer phase and they are looking for “Leaders” or Pioneers to position themselves at the top.

They have extended to a few other African countries and are already recruiting “Pioneers”- South Africa, Lesotho, Botswana, and Zambia.

There is quite a buzz in Lesotho about being a pioneer. I mean for a multilevel company, being at the top is where anyone would be positioned because those are the top earners.

BOSS International – How Does It Work?

These guys claim that they are a unique and better type of MLM company than AIM Global. When you join them you are buying a “share of ownership” to the company. That means you will continue receiving profits for life.

In addition, to make money with them, you don’t even need to recruit anyone. Recruiting is optional (can you hear my eyes roll? LOL), but of course, you increase your earning potential when you recruit.

How Do You Join?

To be a member you must buy one of their 8 packages:

1. Bronze Package:

Price: $38

Boss Perfumes: 3 Bottles

Share: 1

Maximum Income Without Refer: $44

2. Silver Package:

Price: $114

Boss Perfumes: 9 Bottles

Shares: 3

Maximum Income Without Refer: $135

3. Gold Package:

Price: $264

Boss Perfumes: 21 Bottles

Shares: 7

Maximum Income Without Refer: $326

4. Platinum Package:

Price: $567

Boss Perfumes: 45 Bottles

Shares: 15

Maximum Income Without Refer: $720

5. Sapphire Package:

Price: $1,173

Boss Perfumes: 93 Bottles

Shares: 31

Maximum Income Without Refer: $1,534

6. Ruby Package:


Boss Perfumes: 189 Bottles

Shares: 63

Maximum Income Without Refer: $3,211

7. Emerald Package:

Price: $4,808

Boss Perfumes: 385 Bottles

Shares: 127

Maximum Income Without Refer: $6,658

8. Diamond Package:

Price: $9,655

Boss Perfumes: 765 Bottles

Shares: 255

Maximum Income Without Refer: $13,740

Boss International Products

Their product line consists of Perfumes, Soap, and food supplements. However, they have only introduced perfumes into Africa, with other products to be rolled out at a later stage.

Boss International Review - Products

Boss International Compensation plan

There are 7 ways you can earn money with Boss International.

Oprah Meme With Words You Get Money And You Get Money!

1. Universal Bonus Pool (UBP)

The company will give you back 50% – 85% of your capital even if you do not invite people or even sell products. Your share will depend on the UBP Max limit of the package you purchased.

UBP Income is 100% Guaranteed because it comes from these 3 Sources.

(i) Single Linear Reward
– Every time there is a new member the company will get the 10% from the registration fee and that will be distributed to all members depending on their UBP Shares.

(ii) Product Sales Profit Sharing
– every time the company makes a sales in Products, 10% of total sales will be distributed to all members depending on their UBP Shares.

(iii) Sponsor Support
– Every time your Upline members ( up to 3rd level) have pairing income the company will give you an income based on the level of your upline.

1st level – Your Upline (5%)

2nd Level – Upline of your upline (3%)

3rd level – upline of Upline of your upline (2%)

In these 3 Sources, all members will earn money up to their UBP Max limit.

2. Direct Referral

Every time you invite someone and they Join in the company You will get a Direct Referral Commission depending on the package they Purchased

3. Pairing Income

Every time there is a new Member in your Left side and Right side you will get a pairing income. Pairing income will be based on PV (Points Value).

Each package has its corresponding PV:

Bronze – 15PV

Silver – 45PV

Gold – 105PV

Platinum – 225PV

Sapphire – 465PV

Ruby – 945PV

Emerald – 1,905PV

Diamond – 3,825PV

4. Unilevel Income

This way of earning has requirements – You have to purchase 1 bottle of perfume per week or total of 4 bottles in 1 month so that when downlines purchase products you will get rebates.

5. Infinity Bonus

This way of earning also has Requirements. To earn here you must be a Silver package holder and have 3 Direct invites (regardless of what package they have).

6. Direct Selling

All registered members will have a 50% discount on your next retail purchase.

7. Incentives

As a registered member, you accumulate points:

I. Every time you purchase products

ii. Every time you register new invites

iii. Every time your downlines register new invites

Your accumulated points give you extra incentives

Points For Incentives

80P=> G/Schock watch

120P=>Galaxy J2



1000P=>Dp Car

10,000P=>Fp Car

3,000P=>Dp Suv

20,000P=>Sp SUV

50,000P=>sports car

70,000P=>Boss house

If you understood all of that, congratulations my friend!

The Red Flags

1. The Securities And Exchange Commission Warning

According to the Securities and Exchange Commission of the Philippines, Boss Network is a potential scam because its registration does not allow the company to sell the so-called “shares”. Therefore, the public should stay warned.

You can read more on this here:

2.Joining /Buying The Packages

I expressed interest in buying the Platinum Package and asked how I can make the payment. I had been connected with the company rep who is based in the Philippines.

The guy told me to make a transfer to a bank in Nigeria. I should make sure that the transfer will be quick – like 24 hours max. Then when I’m done I send him a screenshot of my payment receipt.

So, when will I receive my perfume bottles? He tells me that at the moment everything is in the “positioning stage”.

They are just establishing themselves outside the Philippines. Therefore, some things will not be available temporarily:

  • Receiving the perfume packages
  • Receiving cashouts/withdrawals
  • The legalities – What? – Legalities are supposed to be No.1!!!

These will not be available for 2-3 months from July 2019. And when the packages are finally couriered from the Philippines to Nigeria, members outside Nigeria will have to pay the shipping costs.

Shocked Looking Dog Meme With The Words Are You Kidding Me?


So I should pay my money into a Nigerian bank and hope that everything will be fine for 2 – 3 months? Anyway, the guy told me that in the positioning stage only the bold should join and be first in line.

If you feel like you want to wait until the company is well established then it’s your choice. However, he encourages me to join now and be in the top earner position.

3.The Name

BossNetwork Inc in the Philippines and Boss International in elsewhere. And most importantly why did they create a Bank account under a completely different name? What are they trying to hide? I don’t understand why they just don’t use the same name.

4. Their Email Address Does Not Exist

First of all, they have a Gmail address. That is odd for such a big MLM company with multiple awards. Why don’t they have a proper company email address?

I used the email checker to verify their email. I also sent them an email and it was undelivered. I wonder why?

Boss International Review

5. The Payment Methods

To buy a package you need to make a payment into their account in Zenith Bank Nigeria under the account name: Business Of Sharing Success Nigeria Limited.

I wonder why they decided on this new name? Why not ” Building Our Success Stories”? Well, I guess its still BOSS!

Boss International Review

Now think about this, if you are based outside Nigeria:

You pay money into a bank in Nigeria and wait, hoping that you will be sent the perfume package (for which you must pay for courier).

Well, I guess this is not for the faint-hearted like me! It is a business opportunity for the BRAVE.

How Do You Get Paid?

You will set up your account and access your dashboard/back office. Your commission /income accumulates daily and you have an option of “encashment” or withdrawal into your bank account for people in Nigeria.

If you want to cash out / withdraw your earnings it is done through the so-called “Gift Codes” for people outside Nigeria. I asked how those work but I did not get a clear answer. The reason is that they have not yet established any working relationship with local banks.

Alternatively, if you are in Southern Africa and you have a relative or friend who has an account with one of their designated banks, your earnings can be sent to that person’s account and they transfer to your account!

Does this even make sense?

Here is my big question – why not directly transfer your money to your account which you used to purchase their package?

Boss International – Final Thoughts?

Here is the truth:

Boss Network Inc based in the Philippines is a legally registered MLM company. Boss International Nigeria (Africa) is the extension of the Philippines based company.


At this point, I am not going to make any bold claims as to whether or not Boss international is out to scam Africans. I would like to sit on the sidelines and watch…

Having said that…

Here Is What I Don’t Like About This Company

They want to start operating in Africa and they begin collecting people’s money before all company set up modalities are completed. They keep saying “this is the team-building stage/pre-launch/positioning stage”. Plus they said you can join now or wait.

Ok fine

Actually, NO. Not fine.

According to the American Federal Trade Commission (FTC), most scams will give you that pre-launch nonsense…beware.

In any case…

If that is so, good for them I won’t argue with their operations. I would only advise people not to jump in and pay money for something not yet operational. But then again if you want to be a pioneer, hey, I can’t stop you. Just be careful.

I would personally wait and see. I don’t trust most MLM companies because of the tendency of some of them to operate pyramid schemes which eventually crumble leaving members out in the cold with no money.

Meanwhile, I will continue with Affiliate Marketing while waiting to see where Boss International goes.

Best of luck to the pioneers!

Thanks for reading this review. I hope you found valuable information. Please share it with your friends. You never know who you might help.

Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

If you are scared of MLM companies and you want to learn Affiliate Marketing instead.

27 thoughts on “BOSS International Review (Beware!)”

  1. Oh God, I can’t even remember how many times I’ve heard the exact same things from other MLM programs which turned out to be scams.

    Some of the things you said in here remind me of a CBD MLM company which closed a few months after someone had attempted to recruit me.

    I’d stay away…

  2. What an interesting review, summing it up I would say if you want to lose your money invest in BOSS!, what would also really concern me, having been around for many years am not unfamiliar with MLM, but the compensation has to be seen to be believed.

    Never have I seen anything so complicated in my life, which leads me to wonder if those who did join would actually know what they were entitled to receive.

    Many thanks for making us all aware of the possibilities of the honesty of this company.


    • Hey Stuart, 

      I too have never seen something so confusing as the Boss compensation plan! I would not go anywhere near this company. Looks like bad news. 

  3. Excellent review you have done up here about Boss international. Generally I don’t trust MLM schemes though we have registered and operational MLM businesses but most are up to scams. The red flags you pointed out here are just too obvious to be ignored. I cannot just plunge my money into what I have no idea about it’s growth and tendency for me to get my pay back. I will surely share this post out to most of social media platforms because I have a lot of African friends. 


    • its all a scam.I traded with different brokers most of them disappeared when I make withdrawal request.some of them will try to convince you not to withdraw and instead invest more while others will actually allow you withdraw little amount so they can build your trust

      • Hey Patricia
        I’m sorry for your bad experiences. But be glad that you have learned to be careful who you give your money to! Be careful out there and always seek legit business opportunities. All the best.

  4. There are so many scams out there that it is hard to tell what is truth and what is fiction.  A MLM can be a scam; you need to investigate carefully.  

    The compensation plan was confusing.  I belonged to a MLM where you made money on products, but you also made money on your downline and their products.  I don’t understand how this company works.

    To me, the biggest red flag was the Nigeria connection.  No way would I send money to Nigeria for a business venture that is not fully operational.  I had a brick-and-mortar shop for a long time, and was ripped off by a Nigerian guy who called me and placed an order with a stolen credit card.  It caused me to distrust the country.  Granted, there are surely many honest people there, but they are too far away, and I won’t make the same mistake again.

    • Yes Fran I share your sentiments!

      When I heard the country I was immediately turned off. It’s unfortunate that a lot of people who are associated with scams are giving the country a bad name.

      No way will I send my money to a Nigerian bank!

      Thanks for sharing your experience. I’m sorry you had to go through that.

    • Well said,in my life I will never deal with any Nigerian people when it comes to money.I have heard and seen it all in these people. People should open their eyes and investigate MLM before joining.Good luck to those who think they invested.

      • Indeed, Kindness, I wish our people could realize that these MLM companies don’t necessarily have our best interest at heart. They are just looking to make more money. In the end, the winners are the guys at the top. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Nice review Jane! I never heard of Boss international till i read your review but i don’t think it’s something i would want to invest my time in not to talk of my money.

    I wouldn’t call it scam like you said but judging  what i read, this program is very far from being legit. The process is so complicated and confusing too. How can you ask people to invest in something that is not operational yet and still request not to post the evidence of payment on facebook despite the email not being functional?

    I don’t know their aim yet but this is definitely not a program for me. Thanks for sharing.


    • Hi Hassan
      Thanks for reading. I am glad you found this review useful. If you have any new knowledge or information about Boss International please feel free to share it here.
      I appreciate you.

  6. I came here from a fb post of one markeplace seller. If you find a gooose laying golden eggs, will share this info publicly? I dont think so. So those people convincing you of earning this much in such a short time are in it for themselves not you. They are only concern for themselves gettign rich because of you.


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