Aweber Email Marketing Software Review For 2020 (Great New Improvements + Free Account!)

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Hello and welcome to this Aweber Email Marketing Software Review.

I want to congratulate you for taking the time to make a thorough research before committing your money to this product. As you know there are many Email Marketing Service providers out there, which can make your choice really hard.

Great News!

Aweber now gives you a completely free account! How Cool is That? Just click on the banner to register your free Aweber Account right now…

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Well today I am going to make it simple for you to decide whether Aweber is right for you or not.

Without wasting any more of your time, let get straight to it.

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Aweber At A Glance

Company Name: Aweber Communications


Year Founded: 1998

Price: $0/$19/Month / $49/Quarter / $194/Year

Free Trial Period: 30 Days

Recommended?: YES

What Exactly Is Aweber?

Some call it “The McDonalds of Email Marketing” and for a reason, I totally agree. Aweber is the most popular email marketing software provider you will meet. When it comes to deliverability Aweber tops them all. This is the main reason why Aweber gained so much popularity.

I mean, the whole purpose of sending emails to your subscribers is for them to be delivered straight to their inbox and not get buried in the junk folders, right?

I specifically love it for its simplicity making it highly beginner friendly. If you have limited experience and have been scared of the whole email marketing idea, I can tell you Aweber is the best place to start.

Aweber allows you to easily start your email list and customize your messages. They have easy drag and drop opt-in form builder complete with templates and widgets.

Their reporting tools and analytics help you understand everything about your subscribers activities.

Unfortunately, Aweber did decline in popularity in recent years and lost its market share to newer and sleeker email marketing service providers like GetResponse, Drip, Convertkit and Active Campaign to name a few. These providers came up with cool new features like, campaign automation, which are in high demand by new age email marketers.

Aweber realized from these loses that it was time to revamp, adapt or die. They began responding to customer demands and played catch up with emerging competitors. Aweber rolled out cool new features including One-Click Automation among the many improvements.

Despite all previous troubles, Aweber remains a solid provider for businesses which don’t require complicated email marketing campaigns. The new improvements are allowing the company to slowly move back to the top spot again. Will they make it?

I specifically like Aweber’s simplicity and recommend it for people who prefer simple processes.

It is great for beginners, to sort of give you an uncomplicated experience. I believe the reason why lots of people are so scared of email marketing is the fear of highly complex processes.

A Look Inside Aweber – Key Features + Cool new Additions

1. Industry Leading Deliverability

Aweber Emails go to your subscribers’ inbox – Mailchimp, GetResponse etc. emails go to promotions or the spam folder

People rarely open spam or promotions mail to check if there’s any useful mail in there. So if your emails keep going into spam or promotions then what’s the point?

This is a disadvantage for your business. For example, if you sell products and your subscribers’ emails go to spam, that’s going to hurt your reputation. People will think you are a scammer!

When it comes to deliverability Aweber gets 5 stars from me.

2. Drag And Drop Email Builder

Their easy fun to use drag and drop functions allows you to add text, headlines, buttons, video, and images into your emails.

Aweber For Email Marketing Review - Drag and Drop Function

3. Stunning Email Templates

Aweber has a large stock of beautiful HTML email templates which are not only highly responsive but also mobile friendly. Your subscribers can open them anywhere, at any time regardless of the devices they use. You can customize the templates in different ways to align them to your brand.

Aweber For  Email Marketing Review - Email Templates

4. Unlimited Email Storage

You can add as many pictures as you want to your image gallery, and have them on hand and ready for use on emails anytime you need them.

5. RSS To Email

This feature allows you to easily improve your blog’s readership by automatically sending blog posts to your readers. Your readers get fresh off the oven content delivered directly to their inbox as soon as you publish. This way, they never miss a thing.

6. Import Subscribers

Aweber makes your process of moving your existing subscribers from one provider into Aweber super easy. Usually, this is a hectic process which can give you major migraine for days. But with Aweber moving has never been this easier.

There’s no need to ask your subscribers to reconfirm their subscription again. Saves you a lot of potential loses. Some can just decide that they are not in the mood to re-confirm and you lose a potential customer.

7. Sign up Forms

Aweber has some of the easiest to customize sign up form templates you will ever see.

8. Analytics And Tracking

As your business grows it is important to keep tabs on your vital data. Check out who is opening emails, who is clicking and buying, who is not etc.

Tracking your analytics has a number of benefits:

  • Track all important data : email open rates, link clicks, sales
  • Proper audience tartgeting
  • Send better emails
  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Generate more sales
Aweber For Email Marketing Review

9. App Integration

You can now connect your Aweber account to over 100 apps to allow you to make the most of your marketing campaign. These Apps include Facebook, LeadPages PayPal, WordPress, GoToWebinar, Elegant Themes, Blogger, Raven Tools, Drupal, Zendesk, ContactUs etc.

10. One Click Email Automation

Another cool thing is that Aweber has improved greatly on their email automation. Before they used to lack automation ability. Now they have added the “If And Then” statements to allow you easy automation, i.e. if your subscriber clicks on this, then send this. This is the feature that had been lacking but now they have it.

11. Segment Your Subscribers Based On Behaviour

You can now create segments of your subscribers based on how they interact with your emails. As an Email Marketer, you want your subscribers to engage and click through your message.

You can then focus your efforts on those that seem highly interested in your content. Give them more value and turn them into your raving fans.

There are many ways you can perform the segment. I will illustrate with one example.

  • Segment Based on Any Opened Message

To do this

i. Go to your Subscribers Tab and select “Manage Subscribers” from the drop down menu.

Aweber For Email Marketing Review
Aweber For Email Marketing Review

ii. Here click “Select Field” and then “Any Opens”

iii.Then click on the “since” field where you can search for subscribers who opened any message since or before a particular date.

Aweber For Email Marketing Review

iv. Click in the empty field and it will bring up a calendar where you can either select a date from the calendar, or enter the date manually.

Aweber For Email Marketing Review
Aweber For Email Marketing Review

v. Lastly, click on the “Search” button. The returned segment will include anyone who has opened any message: broadcast, follow up, or campaign before or since the selected date.

Aweber For Email Marketing Review

vi. You can now assign a name to that segment

  • Segmenting Based on Any Clicked Link.

The same procedure as illustrated above applies except in step 2, you select “Any Click”.”

  • Segmenting Based On No Opens

Apply the same procedure as above. In step 2 select “No Opens”.

You now have the ability to broadcast directly or tag your segment of subscribers according to your preference – “Any Opens” or “Any Clicks” or “No Opens etc.

Try AWeber free for 30 days! – AWeber Communications

Aweber Pricing

They have a 30 Day all feature trial period.

Aweber For Email Marketing Review - Pricing

What I Like About Aweber – The Pros

  • Super easy to use Aweber
  • Outstanding customer support
  • They have a big template selection
  • It is fairly affordable price wise – there are cheaper options but Aweber is cheaper than the majority of providers with similar service features
  • You choose whether to use single or double opt-in options
  • Full featured 30-day free trial – they let you use everything on a free trial
  • Responsive email templates
  • Supports tagging by email click
  • Cool interface for creating autoresponder emails
  • Integrates seamlessly with other third-party tools and services
  • Aweber has a great import function. You have an option to import a wide range of file types and add the email addresses you’re importing directly to an autoresponder cycle.

What I Dont Like About Aweber – The Cons

  • Duplicate subscribers – if you have 2 or more lists for different product offers and someone subscribes to both using the same email, they are treated like 2 different subscribers and you get charged
  • They charge you for unsubscribes – You should remember to delete unsubscribers from your lists

Aweber Support

Their support team is great. Always ready to help when you got any issues.

Aweber Versus Selected Competitors

Aweber For Email Marketing Review - Aweber Vs. Competitors
Aweber For Email Marketing Review - Aweber Vs. Competitors

Altenatives To Aweber

There are so many email service providers in the market today which are in direct competition with Aweber. Make users truly spoiled for choice. I will mention just a few.

Aweber For Emaill Marketing – Final Thoughts

No email service provider is 100% perfect . Especially Aweber, which learned the hard way through loses. However, of all the email providers out there, Aweber is still my most preferred service provider. They deliver well in the most important features needed by any business to properly engage with its potential customers.

My most important features when it comes to choosing a service provider are:

  1. Deliverability
  2. Automation
  3. Segmenting
  4. Split testing
  5. Analytics

Thanks for reading this review. If you liked it please share it. You might just help someone! I would love to hear your own thought about Aweber. Do you have any experiences you would like to share? Do you recommend it? Please comment below.

Wishing you all the best in your email marketing efforts!

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