Attraction Marketing Formula Review (Would You Believe These Guys?)

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If you are a network marketer you are going to love this one!

How would it be like if you could be able to get 300 – 500 new prospects /leads / recruits per day?

Awesome right?

Cool, because the subject of today’s review ( Attraction Marketing Formula) makes huge claims of teaching network marketers online recruitment skills that can get them lots of prospects on a daily basis.

Are these claims even legit or is this just an “Attraction Marketing Formula Scam”?

Well, there’s only one way to find out…

Let’s get started with The Attraction Marketing Formula Review


A little background on the brains behind the Attraction Marketing Formula – Ferny Ceballos

Attraction Marketing Formula Reviews - Co-founders Of Elite Marketing Pro

Ferny Ceballos is part of the trio that founded Elite Marketing Pro : Himself plus 2 other guys -Tim Erway and Matt Crystal

What Is Attraction Marketing Formula?

This is a 185 page E book that teaches you the art of successful recruiting for your Network Marketing/Multilevel Marketing (MLM) Business.

Ferny Ceballos, the guy behind the Attraction Marketing Formula Course, is a successful network marketer himself. He shares the success formula he developed and used over the years to achieve his success.

He calls it “An Online Recruitment Blueprint that shows you how to create your online prospecting machine on autopilot”.

With this training, Ferny promises to show you ways you can have leads begging you to join your business as opposed to you begging them.

Sounds great hey?

With the concept of Attraction Marketing, customers come to you, instead of you chasing them.

Here is a quick video to explain how Attraction Marketing works

What’s Inside Attraction Marketing Formula?

You will get some internet marketing training videos that come along with the ebook. The training is not solely focused on network marketing.

It can also be applied in any other type of business establishment.

The E-book is divided into 10 chapters as follows:

Chapter 1: An Introduction

Chapter 2: How To Automate Lead Generation And Downline Building Usine The Internet

Chapter 3: How To Brand Your Business And Gain Trust From Thousands Of People

Chapter 4: What You Can Learn About Building A Marketing Pipeline From Doing Your Laundry

Chapter 5: How To Profit From Prospects Even If They Don’t Buy Your Product Or Even Join You – The Magic Slot Machine

Chapter 6: Doing Market Research In A Way That Gives You An Unfair Advantage Over Competitors

Chapter 7: Cyber Real Estate – How To Stake Your Claim On A Piece Of The Dot Com Terrain

Chapter 8: Building The Doorway To Your Online Empire To Generate Endless Streams of High-Quality Leads

Chapter 9: Using Email Automation To Grow Your List Relationships and Eventually, Your Bank Account

Chapter 10: Conclusion

Benefits Of Attraction Marketing Formula Training

According to Ferny, the training is meant to bust the old network marketing myths and throw them out through the window because “Old School MLM is DONE… Internet is now KING”.

And now there will be:

  • No more cold calling people
  • No more late night meetings
  • No more hassling your family and friends to come and join your business
  • No more annoying complete strangers with yous “business opportunity”

Attraction Marketing Formula Cost

Ordinarily, it costs $47 but you can also get it at a discounted rate of $27 if you take action within their 1-minute special price window.

It’s a wise decision to take advantage of this window and buy it cheaper.

Does Attraction Marketing Formula Training Work?

Well, any legitimate training program works and Attraction Marketing formula is no different. The real question here is “will you make it work”?

Will you read it and follow the training properly?

In that case, yes I strongly believe that you will see positive results.

Here are a few testimonials from the people who actually followed the Attraction Marketing Formula Training; 

Evan Went From Zero Earnings To Making Money 

Attraction Marketing Formula Reviews - Success Stories

Leila Was Frustrated And Almost Quit But Then…

Attraction Marketing Formula Reviews - Success Stories

Clearly, as you can see from these guys Attraction Marketing Formula Training turned their lives around and helped them become successful…

Who Is Attraction Marketing Formula Training Intended For?

  • Network Marketers
  • Brick and mortar business owners
  • Internet Marketers

What I Like About Attraction Marketing Formula – The Pros

1. Great Value

Although developed by a network marketer the training can be beneficial to other online entrepreneurs as well.

So, even if you buy it with the intention of learning about network marketing lead generation, but for some reason, you change your mind, you can still apply the principles learned to any other internet marketing business or even offline business.

2. The Training Seems To Work

There are lots of positive reviews about the attraction Marketing Formula, which suggests that the training works.

What I Don’t Like About Attraction Marketing Formula – The Cons

1. MLM Business Model

I am particularly not a fan of the network marketing business model. Granted the training within the ebook may be applicable in other businesses but the main focus is on network marketing.

2. Having To Read 185 Pages!

Those are really many pages and honestly, lots of people would rather watch video training as opposed to reading. I find it discouraging and cumbersome.

I wish it was more video training and less reading.

Besides the product owner himself would rather have you join his downline instead of going off to pursue other business interests.

A Better Alternative To Network Marketing / MLM Business?

Atraction Marketing Formula Reviews - 2 miniature figurines holding up the letters NO

I believe affiliate Marketing is the best business model to earn income online even for beginners. This is how I make money online.

Compared to network marketing, affiliate marketing has so many benefits.

  • You don’t need to recruit anyone
  • You don’t need to keep any product inventory
  • No need to buy expensive products just to participate
Atraction Marketing Formula Reviews - How Affiliate Marketing Works
  • Perfect for introverts who would rather work on their own
  • Your earning potential is unlimited, unlike with MLM where your earning potential is limited by the number of prospects you generate and whether or not they actually stay.
  • Start-up costs are low
  • You can build a long term sustainable passive income source that can take care of you until you die

Conclusion – Is Attraction Marketing Formula A Scam?

I have absolutely no doubt that Attraction Marketing Formula is a genuine product and definitely NOT a scam.

As much as Ferny says he intends to bust the old school MLM “myths” as he puts it. Those are actually not myths they are truths facing any network marketer.

I think it will take a lot of time to actually kick those truths out of the window and until that time, they still remain:

Network marketing is a numbers game

You will be rejected, a lot!

To truly make it with network marketing you must keep recruiting

I don’t know about you but for me, no thanks. This is not my thing, can’t do it!

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