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Online Marketing Classroom Review

Welcome to this Online Marketing Classroom (OMC) Review.  Today I walk you through this program to help you decide if it is right for you. I examine the pros and cons of Online marketing Classroom and dig deeper into who this program is designed for.

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What Is Online Marketing Classroom?

As the name suggests, this is a comprehensive online marketing training program which covers a  wide range of topics ranging from Affiliate Marketing, eCommerce, Kindle Publishing, etc. This program was developed by 2 seasoned internet marketing experts Steven Clayton and Aidan Booth. 

An Online Marketing Classroom Review - Aidan Booth And Steven Clayton

How Much Does It Cost?

There are 2 ways you can access this program:

Option 1: $97 per month 

An Online Marketing Classroom Review - Monthly Subscription

Option 2: $1497 One time Payment ( 2-Year Access)

You still get the same program content, except that you will access it for 2 years only.

Now let’s take a closer look at these payment options and see which one saves you some cash. 

$97 X 12 = 1164 

For 2 years = $2328

Compare with $1497…It becomes cheaper for a period of 2 years to make a one time purchase. You save $831. 


How long exactly do you need to access the program? Are 2 years enough? Maybe, maybe not depending on individual needs:

Jay may need more time beyond 2 years while Mellissa may need exactly 2 years or less to grasp all the concepts taught. 

In the situation where you need more than 2 years, it still makes sense to buy the 2-year access and then buy the monthly access after 2 years. Just to take advantage of the $831 saving you make with the One Time purchase.

 What’s Inside The Online Marketing Classroom?

This training platform is divided into 6 major categories as follows:

Category 1: Labs 

An Online Marketing Classroom Review - Labs

Labs are step by step training zones which teach you how to make money online using different business models. 

  • How to create a business plan
  • Selling your own branded products on Amazon
  • How to  create a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Consultancy  Business to earn income from local businesses
  • How to do affiliate marketing – make money by promoting other people’s products
  • How to create and market your own digital information products and get affiliates on board to help you sell them
  • How to build a Kindle publishing business

The labs are designed to help everyone, whether you are completely new or you want to expand your online marketing skills. 

Inside the labs you will find:

  •  ‘Cheatsheets’ that teach you more about the techniques that work in particular areas; 
  •  Webinars
  • Proven to work business techniques  and ‘secrets’
  • Software tools
  • Information on funding, forecasting, tracking, and cashflow; 
  • Tips on how to build funnels; blog posts; 
  • Information on paid-for tools and services
  • The commission blueprint evolution course
  • The $40 million dollar launch manual

Category 2: Tutorials

An Online Marketing Classroom Review - Tutorials

The Tutorials have 3 sub-categories

  • Traffic 
  • Cashflow
  • Conversions


  • How to Create income from a membership site
  • Optimizing your site for voice searches
  • How to create a chatbot for messenger marketing
  • How to get leads through an UpViral contest
  • Growing your business with Facebook Groups
  • How to Sell SEO services to local businesses


  • How to double your productivity
  • Growing your eCommerce business
  • How to Prioritise and self-motivate
  • How to get traffic from Google Shopping
  • Accelerating your eCommerce business


  • How to write a sales letter that converts
  • Growing your eCommerce
  • How to create a customer profile
  • Scaling your business through automation
  • How to get influencers to promote your brand
  • How to sell using psychology

Category 3: Workshops

An Online Marketing Classroom Review - Workshops

These are monthly webinars where you get to learn new cutting edge business strategies.

Here’s a sample of previous workshops for 2019

  • January 2019 –Writing sales letters that convert
  • February 2019 – How you can double your productivity
  • March 2019 –  How to create recurring Income with a Membership Site
  • April 2019 – How you can Start a Successful Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) Affiliate Business
  • May 2019 – How to start a Successful Info-product Business

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Category 4: Tools

An Online Marketing Classroom Review - Tools

A collection of software tools available to you. 

  • BlackBird – a package to help you grow your Amazon business, (60 training video)
  • BounceBreaker – helps you to capture email addresses or direct people to pages
  • Hawkeye – can be used in eCommerce or Affiliate marketing
  • Landing Page Launchpad – helps you build pages that have a high conversion rate
  • Trustify Seals – helps you to get seals that encourage more conversions
  • Traffic Spy – a web analytics tool
  • Viral Search Tool – to research relevant keywords
  • Crowdforce – allows you to identify popular Facebook posts and filter YouTube videos
  • Domains on Fire – helps you find expired or expiring domains
  • Ebook Launchpad – for creating Kindle books
  • Ecom Product Finder – to easily identify eCommerce niches
  • Keyword Blaze 2.0 – research and rank keywords and competitors

Category 5: Resources

An Online Marketing Classroom Review - Resources

Here you will find a collection of Third party resources and tools that most require a separate subscription.

However, these are useful once your business is up and running. The key one recommended is Aweber to help you with building up a list of subscribers. The other resources include: Float Hosting, AdEspresso, Optimonk, VWO, Clicky, and AW Pro Tools.

Category 6: Community

An Online Marketing Classroom Review - Community

The Online Marketing Classroom has a private Facebook Group, where members interact and ask any marketing questions.

It’s a supportive environment, plus there are mentors who make sure that everyone, especially beginners receive adequate support.

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Online Marketing Classroom Training Schedule

Once you subscribe you will get access to all the training modules. Ideally, the training is mapped out for 9 weeks. But you can complete it at your own pace.

Week  1: Niche and product selection

Week 2: Store Set Up And Optimization

Week 3: Facebook Set Up And Final Store Optimization 

Week 4: Case Study Update, Creating Ad Images and Sales Channels 

Week5: Big Case Study Update, Website Conversions, And Facebook Ads

Week 6: More Case Study Updates, Fulfiling Orders and Upselling

Week 7: Scaling Your Ads, Duplicating Ad Sets  And Product Feeds

Week 8: Extended Scaling And Email List Building

Week 9: Clarification Videos

What I like About Online Marketing Classroom – The Pros

1. You get access to a wide variety of topics which can help you build multiple business models

2. The owners are highly experienced online marketers which means they know what they are talking about

3. Online Marketing Classroom content keeps evolving and newly updated content is constantly added to  keep up with market trends

4. They make life easy for you by doing some of the work for you. This helps you achieve results much quicker than if you were to do everything yourself

What I Don’t Like About Online Marketing Classroom – The Cons

1. Only 2-year access if you decide to make a one time purchase. However, this can be mitigated. If you still want to access the training beyond 2 years, you could pay the monthly access fee of $97. 

Online Marketing Classroom Final Thoughts?

This is a legitimate online marketing program which gives you training tools and resources plus ongoing support so that you don’t feel alone. I like the fact that it caters for everyone whether you are completely new to online business or have some experience. 

I have a strong trust training programs developed by Aidan and Steven because of their extensive knowledge and online experience. 

Therefore I can safely recommend this one too.

Thanks for reading this review. I hope it has provided the answers to your questions. 

I would love to hear from you. Go ahead and share your thoughts in the comment section below.

I wish you all the best in your online marketing endevours!

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