An Easy1up Review (Is It Legit Or Scam?)

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The Easy1up Review

Welcome to my Easy1up review and big congratulations for doing proper research on this program before committing yourself!

On the surface, when you watch their sales video, it sounds as though you have landed on the best program ever. They are really good at selling their stuff. You almost want to take out your credit card and make a purchase.

Not so fast, please!

Let’s take a closer look at this supposedly revolutionary program that you spent all your life waiting for.

What Realy Is Easy1up?

The owners boldly call it and industry disrupter and they dare compare themselves to Uber and Airbnb!

Hold your swift horses guys.

This is another one of the many schemes run by a guy called Peter Wolfing. On the front end, you are made to believe that you are buying genuine digital training materials but soon you realize that you have entered into something resembling a pyramid scheme. But is it, though?

Easy1up Review

Their products quality is questionable to say the least. They use these as fronts to make it look like a genuine program. However, as you dive deeper into research it looks like these guys are running a shady MLM.

Who Is The Guy Behind Easy1up?

The one and only mysterious Peter Wolfing. He is said to have started his first company Multiplex Systems back in 1998. As we speak today that company is nowhere to be found. Perhaps he sold it?

I wonder what happened to it. When you go to their website, you won’t find anything.

Well Peter did not stop there, he moved on and he is the same guy behind some of the well-known Pyramid schemes:

  • National wealth center – MLM – Active Website
  • Infinity downline (as the name suggests) – MLM – Redirects to National Wealth Center
  • Turbo Cycler – MLM – Active Website
  • Business Toolbox- MLM – Active Website
  • Pay me forward – MLM – Active Website
  • Hand of heaven – MLM – Active Website
Perter Wolfing

All of these programs have lots of similar features

  • You need to join via a sponsor
  • They promise you to earn big
  • They promote “digital products”
  • Their products prices begin from low (luring) to highly expensive
  • Most of the products have exactly the same price ranges!
  • Their promotional content comes from the same “voice”

This guy has been churning out the same business model year after year, only rebranding and making it look like a completely new company altogether. Same shady businesses, same guy.

And the sad thing is that people who have little experience online are still falling for these. That is how they work, they target naive innocent citizens and milk them dry of their hard-earned cash.

The trend has also been to target people from developing countries where people are so desperate to change their lives situations. These poor guys are easy prey. They hear fluffy earn-big empty promises and quickly fall for them. I have seen him targeting people from countries such as Vietnam, Philippines, Nepal, etc.

Here Is What Ethan Vanderbuilt – The Most Trusted Online Scam Buster Says

Easy1Up – How It Works

You buy into this money-making opportunity at any of these levels

$25, $100, $250, $500, $1000, $2000

when you join at a higher level all the lower products are included free. All you do is get other people to buy at your level or below.

Easy1up Review

Your downline members make their payments directly to you all the 100% of it! They are charged 10% more and that goes directly to the company.

This may sound great but think about it. What kind of company gives you 100% commission?

I will tell you,

The kind of company that wants to get the illusion of earning big so that you keep recruiting more and more. That’s how they fill their pockets. Those seemingly little “Admin Fees” of 10%, that’s what they are after. The power of 1!

Easy1up Review - Reverse 1 up Payment plan

They employ the Reverse 1 Up Payment plan. You keep your first sale and pass up the second sale to your qualifying upline person. The rest of the sales are yours. You also receive all the second sales passed up by your downlines.

Now this is starting to look like a pyramid scheme.

Easy1up – What Do They Sell Anyway?

Here is the list of their front products:

1. The Elevation Package – $25

Easy1up Elevation Package

A training module that teaches the basics of network marketing and affiliate marketing.

The Network Marketing Component Covers

  • Why Online Network Marketing
  • Which Online Network Marketing Company to Join
  • How to scale your Online Network Marketing business
  • How to create your Lead Capture Page
  • Pros and Cons of Network Marketing
  • Email Cultivation Series
  • How to Generate Leads

The Affiliate Marketing Component Covers

  • Signing Up For An Autoresponder Account
  • Review Writing Techniques
  • How to Create Free Offers
  • How To Offer Bonuses
  • Email Cultivation Series
  • How to Build your Empire of Affiliate Businesses
  • How to Configure Your Auto Responder
  • How to choose the Most Profitable Products

2. Elevation Elite – $100

  • Udemy
  • Social media marketing
  • Solo Ads
  • Market research
  • Copywriting
  • Lead generation
  • Video marketing
  • QR quotes offline marketing
  • Forum signature marketing
  • Product creation
  • etc.

3. The Vertex Package – $250

Easy1up Vertex Pakage
  • Getting Started in your Home-Based Business
  • Your Winning Mindset
  • Lucrative List Building
  • Traffic Secrets Revealed
  • The Launch Process
  • Passion to Profit
  • Business Systems
  • The Irresistible Offer Part 1
  • The Irresistible Offer Part 2
  • Email Relationship Mastery
  • Profitable Relationships JV Partners
  • Affiliate Marketing Survival Part 1
  • Affiliate Marketing Survival Part 2
  • Affiliate Marketing Survival Part 3

4. Vertex Elite – $500

  • Money Counts Live Business Building Course Part 1
  • Money Counts Live Business Building Course Part 2
  • Drop Shipping Counts
  • 50 Non Stop Traffic Methods
  • Zero Cost Traffic

5. Vertex Pro “Connect” – $1000

  • US Free Ads Traffic
  • Tumblr Training
  • WhatsApp Marketing Made Easy
  • Zero Cost Traffic
  • Video Sales Funnels
  • Traffic Exchanges
  • Streaming Profits Authority
  • Membership Authority
  • Snapchat Marketing Business in a Box
  • Social Media Domination
  • Social Media Authority
  • Slide Share
  • Reddit Marketing
  • Recurring Business Models
  • Linkedin Basics
  • IM Business Models
  • Google Hangouts Marketing
  • Coaching Authority
  • General Traffic Techniques
  • FB Remarketing
  • Facebook ads made Easy
  • Email Marketing Biz
  • Instagram Marketing
  • Blog Authority
  • Be Heard Complete Social Media

6. The Vertex “Live” – $2000

This one is a live event where to attend and learn the following:

  • How to Maximize Click Funnels
  • Launching Your Product and Using SEO with Steve & Peter
  • The 10K Blueprint
  • Turbo Cash Live
  • The Complete IM Strategy
  • Drop Shipping 101
  • The Digital Marketing Lifestyle
  • Amazon Affiliate Profits
  • Internet Marketing Lifestylee
  • Content Marketing Blueprint
  • Journey To Be A Top Blogger
  • Internet Marketing For Business People
  • CPA Marketing Excellence
  • Periscope Marketing Excellence
  • All Vertex Elite members get two entry tickets to the event of their choosing
  • The tickets are for one event only Members may come to additional events for $295 per person

When you look closely at the lists of the courses, you notice lots of repetitions – in fact I cut out a lot of fluff. Not only that but also some of the items don’t even make sense.

Others are outdated. I deliberately left out lots of those, like Google Plus Marketing… Who still talks about Google Plus Marketing in a $2000 product?

How Do You Sell Their Products?

Everything is done for you! Oh yes. They are not called Easy1up for nothing. You have just 2 roles in this whole setup.

  • Part ways with your money
  • Convince others to do the same – simple. Everything is just black and white.

Easy1up Training Tools And Support

They say that they provide continuous training and support to their members. The tool(s) they give you is just your tracking ID to trace the sales back to you. Well, all except the second sale which passes up to your sponsor.

Easy1up Pros

I am going to be honest here. I have nothing I admire about this company because it looks like a pyramid scheme. But let me lay out the seemingly good things about it. If it was based on another legitimate business model, then these would be their positive features.

1. They have a range of affordable “products” – for those who don’t have a lot of money to lose.

Easy1up Cons

1. No refunds – once you make a purchase, it is final

2. Their products are low quality

3. You cannot join directly – you must have a sponsor – typical pyramid scheme shenanigans

How To Spot A Pyramid Scheme

They sell expensive, often difficult to sell products to people as a way to qualify to join them. Then you are left with the task of selling the products. Sooner or later you realize that people just don’t want what you are selling.

You now have to turn to recruiting more resellers into the pyramid. They come with the same hope of reselling but it just doesn’t happen. They must recruit more resellers and the cycle continues. The pyramid grows.

Don’t forget all those expensive products you bought that aren’t going anywhere and you end up making losses on the capitals you invested.

Easy1up Review -Broke Woman using magnifying Glass To Look Inside Her Wallet

But you must recoup the money. Often times people revert to recruiting their own friends and family members to buy in just so they can recover their investments. They even end up going for complete strangers at street corners. You know them for sure.

In order to survive pyramid schemes need a constant flow of new aspiring entrepreneurs at the bottom levels of the pyramid.

Here is a simple checklist you can use to determine if the company you are being invited to join is a pyramid scheme:

  • Do they require you to join via someone else – a sponsor?
  • Do they Promise you to earn lots of money working from home?
  • Are you required to invest your own money to participate?
  • Is there strong emphasis on recruiting other people into the system?
  • Does it have a complex marketing and commission structures?
  • Do they have limited sales outside of the network itself?
  • Does it sound too good to be true?

The next time someone approaches you and tells you about their “business opportunity”use this checklist to protect yourself and your money.

Easy1up Testimonials – FAKE!

The so-called testimonials on their website look as manufactured as a $3 bill! Just words without faces, singing praises for Peter Wolfing.

Verdict: Easy1up : I Wouldnt Join, Looks Suspicious !

Here is my advice, stay away from Easy1up if you don’t want to lose your money. Stay far away from pyramid schemes, MLM/ Network Marketing companies. Yes, not all MLMs are scams but you just may not know. To be safe avoid them.

Instead, go for a more reliable business model which gives you control. For example Affiliate Marketing.

With affiliate marketing, you are in charge of your business.

This is how I make money online.

When your business becomes successful, you can be proud that you are responsible for the success.

Let me be honest with you. If you want to build your own online business and you have no experience, you need to first learn.

There is no way you will wake up one day and find yourself earning lots of money online just because you paid someone a few thousand dollars to show you “The Secrets” of success.

There are no secrets. You have to work hard and learn. Eventually, you will get it right. All the legitimately successful online marketers started as beginners. They learned and worked hard.

Most of them even failed many times. But kept trying because that’s how business is. You learn in so many ways. The so-called secret is to keep pushing and working hard. Eventually, your hard work will pay off.

Nothing great ever comes out of the so-called done-for-you business. They are not doing anything for you. They are working hard to line their pockets with your money.

You are simply their pawn. Whoever, you recruit is being used just as you are.

So, If Easy1up Is A scam, Why Has The FTC Not Shut it Down?

Good question!

We all know how much the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) hates pyramid schemes and how quickly they shut them down. So how does Peter manage to stay active?

You see, Peter is a clever guy.

He technically has “products” low-quality digital products as his products and he offers low mid and high prices. But he is clever enough to go extreme with prices to raise the eyebrows.

As soon as he smells trouble, he quickly folds up, moves on and restart under different names.


Thanks for reading this review. I hope it has helped you understand Easy1up better. If you liked it please share it with your friends. Help someone not fall for questionable businesses.

I wish you all the best in your journey to build your online business.

2 thoughts on “An Easy1up Review (Is It Legit Or Scam?)”

  1. There is no pyramid structure in E1U. Each person earns according to their marketing. The one up aspect works as leverage and is applied to all members so no one person sits at top as with a pyramid.

    This is affiliate marketing with leverage.

    • Hey Caleb
      Thank you for clarifying that.
      You said the business model is Affiliate Marketing with Leverage. Do you care to explain that further as well as the nature of products people promote on E1U.
      I will appreciate that very much.
      I would like to update my review to potray the true nature of E1U.


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