Is Affiliate Marketing Mastery A Scam? (Huge Price Drop!)

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The Affiliate Marketing Mastery Review

Stefan James claims that his course will help you build a seven-figure online business, using the affiliate marketing business model in just 7 weeks!

Do you believe him?

Can Affiliate marketing mastery course really help you build a 7 figure online business?

In today’s review, I explore whether Stefan James claims are true or not and uncover whether or not Affiliate Marketing Mastery is a scam.

What Is Affiliate Marketing Mastery?


If you are looking for a Get Rich Quick Scheme, Affiliate Marketing Mastery is not the course you want to buy into.


Now that  I got that out of the way, lets dive in…

Firstly, the most important word here “Mastery” – in order to master or become a master at something, you need to do it over and over again for a long period of time. I am pretty sure we can agree on that one.

Affiliate Marketing Mastery is a step by step affiliate marketing training course designed by  Stefan  James. His aim with this course is to help anyone regardless of your level of experience to master the art of affiliate marketing. 

Check Out This Video To learn More About Affiliate Marketing

Stefan James’s approach to teaching affiliate marketing is to take it gradually and build a strong foundation for your business. He believes that his approach will help you build a long lasting business. I agree with him completely.

Brand Building Model - Affiliate Marketing Mastery Scam

See, I believe there are 2 ways you can approach Affiliate marketing. 

1. Creating temporary marketing funnels and using paid traffic methods – this may work for some but it is very difficult to get consistent conversions this way. 

If you are a beginner, please don’t go this way. It is a guaranteed method to lose lots of money through trial and error. 

2. Building a brand via a website and delivery lots of value to your audience – this method may take time but if done correctly it can generate a lot of consistent income. 

This is the method taught by the Affiliate marketing Mastery course and many other Affiliate Marketing training platforms like Wealthy Affiliate and Affilorama, for example. 

So, What’s Inside The Affiliate Marketing Mastery Course?

1. The Training

A seven module step by step training course broken down  as follows:

Module 1: Strategy And Mindset For Success

  • Introduction
  • The mastery mentality
  • Affiliate marketing mastery blueprint
  • Affiliate marketing mastery success  principles
  • Goal setting workshop

Module 2 : Advanced Market Research & Keywords

  • How to find profitable niches
  • How to find profitable digital products online
  • How to find physical product niches
  • Discover the best keywords
  • How to choose the best niche
  • 7 Affiliate networks for products that sell

Module 3: How To Build Your Online Brand And Presence

  • Define your m arketing chanels
  • How to cfreate a compelling brand name
  • How to set up your blog
  • How to start your own YouTube chanel
  • 10 essential wordpress tools
  • Get free traffic from Google

Module 4: How To Create Compelling Content

  • Learn my content creation strategies
  • How to create compelling content
  • How to get visitors with blog articles
  • How to get followers on social media
  • 7 laws of successful content creation

Module 5: How To Get Visitors And  Followers Fast

  • How to rank on google and get free traffic
  • How to rank videos on  youtube
  • Learn my Kindle marketing strategy
  • Discover my Instagram, facebook marketing strategies
  • Create an email list from scratch

Module 6: How To Makee Money With Affiliate Marketing

  • Mistakes to avoid before monetization
  • 10 laws of successful selling and marketing
  • How to  find profitable programs to promote
  • Ho to monetize your email list and social media chanels  with affiliate marketing

Module 7: Performance And Optimization Strategies

  • How to analyse youtube analytics
  • 7 keys to long term success
  • How to set up Google analytics
  • Why it is important to survey your subscribers
  • What is split testing and why it is important\

2.The Tools

Apart from the “Done-For-You” website and Affiliate Marketing Funnel, Affliate Marketing Mastery does not provide a compherensive collection of tools as I believe it should.

To some people the idea  of a done fo you website may sound appealing, but I am a strong believer in doing it yourself. Website creation no longer needs you to be a geek with super ninja web building superpowers!

I built this website myself, and trust me you too can. 

3. The support

They have an active Facebook group. You can also get help from their support team via email.

Affiliate Marketing Mastery Scam - Private Facebook Group

4.The Cost

The AMM course is now priced at $ 997. You can pay that amount once off if you have it. Alternatively, you can pay 3 instalments of $397 ($1,191). 

Who is it really intended  for?

Affiliate Marketing Mastery is meant for anyone who wants to learn how to make money with Affiliate Marketing, regardless of your level of experience. Stefan ensures that eveyone is catered for by teaching the basics of affiliate marketing.

What I like – The Pros

1. The Affiliate Marketing Business Model

I love the fact that Affiliate Marketing Mastery teaches affiliate marketing. For me thats the best business model anyone can get into even if they have zero experience in the online busness world.

Graphic Illustration On How Affiliate Marketing Works - Affiliate Marketing Mastery Scam

Affiliate marketing can build you a secure finincial future through passive income. You put in substantial amounts of effort intially and get even  bigger returns in the future with little or no addtional effort. 

2.Building Sustainable Business

Stefan James is all about building a long term business. He does not give people illusions of quick riches. i admire the authenticity of the guy!

3. Money Back Guarantee

You can  purchhase the Affiliate Marketing Mastery course and have it. In case you feel like you are not completely satisfied with the course content, or anything at all, you are free to demand your money back as  long as  it  is within 30 days. 

Affiliate Marketing Mastery Money Back Guarantee

4. Stefan James’s White Hat Methods

Because Stefan James is a legit person, he teaches only authentic methods that he himself uses to make millions of dollars online. You can be sure that what he teaches you is legit. 

What I dont Like – The Cons

No matter how great a program may be, there will always be something negative about it. Well, in this case, I still think the price is still a bit steep for beginners. 

Although the advantage is that it is a once off payment. So, you can actually save up or borrow to make it happen. 

Is Affiliate Marketing Mastery A Scam?

So, after all that’s been said, two questions still remain: can you really make a 7 figure income with Affiliate Marketing Mastery within seven weeks?

I believe that you can make 7 figures just as he himself has been able to.

However, I don’t believe that within 7 weeks you will be making 7 figures online! I don’t think that’s what Stefan meant either. 

I do believe that within 7 weeks you can be earning some money if you put in a lot of work. I have seen some testimonials. But let us remember that results will vary from person to person.

Besides, Stefan himself says that it takes time to build an online business, right? 

So, to claim that you will make 7 figures with 7 weeks would be a huge contradiction on his part.

Affiliate Marketing Mastery is definitely not a scam. It is a legit program developed by one of the most authentic guys, with your best interests at heart. 

Are There Alternatives To Affiliate Marketing Mastery?

If for some reason you feel like you are not decided on buying Affiliate Marketing Mastery, perhaps because of the cost. I highly recommend that you try Wealthy Affiliate. This is another great Affiliate Marketing Training Platform ( If not the best).

  • Highly beginner friendly
  • Pocket-friendly
  • You have an opportunity to try it risk-free, without paying anything

Then after some time, you can decide whether you want to go full on with the program and subscribe for the premium membership. But I can tell you. It is the best Affiliate Marketing training program. 

Wealthy Affiliate shares the same principles with Affiliate Marketing Mastery – It takes time to build a successful online business which earns you full-time passive income, especially if you have no experience. 

The Comparison of Wealthy Affiliate And Affilaite Marketing Mastery


There is no doubt in my mind that Affiliate Marketing Mastery is a great course meant to teach legitimate online marketing methods. 

It based on the principle that building a truly sustainable online business takes a lot of dedication, patience and time.

It’s about creating and growing your own brand. A business that will be there for you even when you are too old to work. 

I hope you have liked my review. Please share it within your networks.

I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

I wish you lots of success on your quest to build your very own online business!

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