WorldVentures MLM Review (Legit Or Scam?)

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A Little Background

February 2019, I get a call from my former landlord, with whom we parted in not pleasant terms, to say the least. When he told me his name I was shocked because this is the last person  I expected to receive a call from. He wants to meet with me and talk about business.


Knowing this kind of language (I have been invited countless times to MLM pitches), I thought: how desperate?

I should tell him to go jump in the lake…but I quickly thought why not? Let me go face this guy who refused to give me back my security deposit and see him beg me to join his downline…Yep, It was a Worldventures pitch…I didn’t join. I told him that I’m good, doing affiliate marketing.

So, today I decided to take a closer look at this company called Worldventures. This review is long overdue! I should have done it months ago, but there’s a valid reason for my delay.

I am glad I did because I got an opportunity to find important information about Worldventures that you definitely don’t want to miss.

 If you have been looking for information on this company, you are in the right place. Whether you are simply interested in Worldventures Dreamtrips or you want to explore Worldventures Biz, I got you covered.

So, why don’t you grab a drink and sit tight?

What is Worldventures?

Worldventures Quick Summary

Company Name: Worldventures Holdings LLC

Dated Founded: 2005


Industry: Travel, MLM

Recommended? : NO 


Worldventures is a company involved in direct selling of Vacation Club Memberships since 2005. It was founded by 2  guys; Wayne Nugent and Mike Azcure in Plano, Texas, USA. These guys have a strong background in Multilevel Marketing (MLM) industry and they had a dream to turn Worldventures into “the Mary Kay of travel”. 

Worldventures sort of “struck gold” when their strong rival and the then  Travel MLM Leader, YTB International went bankrupt as a result of a series of lawsuits filed against the company for Deceptive Marketing and operating an illegal entity.

Worldventures emerged as a leader and had its revenue grow 6 fold from $15million in 2006 to $90 million in 2009. 

Who Owns Worldventures?

According to their website, this company is owned by the founder, Wayne Nugent and Dan Stammen. It is not clear as to the role of Mike Azcure in the present. However, he did step down as CEO as a result of multiple legal disputes in previous years. 

How Does Worldventures Work? 

Worldventures operates 2 main branches

1. Worldventure Dreamtrips

2. Worldventures Biz

Worldventures Dreamtrips

This is a members-only product which offers the members great discounts in the travel market. When you buy Dreamtrips membership, you earn points that help you enjoy sweet deals in hotels, excursions, car rentals, cruises, day trips.

That is after you take yourself to your ‘dream vacation’ destination. Their membership package does not cater for airfare – probably the most expensive part of your dream trip. 

As part of this package, you can also enjoy the benefits of recruiting other members. If you recruit 4 people and they remain active paying members your monthly fee will be waived for as long as your 4 guys remain active. 

How Much Does It Cost To Join Worldventures Dreamtrips?

There are 3 membership levels you can choose from:

Dreamtrips Gold @ $143 joining fee + $56.99 per month

Dreamtrips Platinum @ $200 joining fee + $99.99 per month

Dreamtrips Titanium @ $800 Joining fee + $199.99 per month 

Each membership level affords you certain perks, and the higher you go the jucier the deal. 

The True Nature Of Dreamtrips

As lucrative as this may sound there is a catch. Despite the fact that you will earn points immediately you join and they keep accumulating with each passing monthly payment you make, you are not allowed to use these points before you clock your first anniversary with Dreamtrips. 

When you finally hit your anniversary, there is still a limit on how many points you can use. Oh and don’t forget your points will expire if unused after a year!

Does that sound confusing to you? It does to me. 

Also, you are encouraged to travel with other people because the discounts favor a minimum of 2 people. If you decide to travel solo, the prices go crazy high. Almost double. 

And please remember that you will always have to pay for airfare. Well with higher membership levels you may enjoy some airfare discounts…but you will still be out of pocket on this one. 

Worldventures Biz

This one is for those who want to earn money with Worldventures and it is not mandatory to join. If you would rather enjoy discounted vacations, you may want to stick with Dreamtrips. 

On the business side of this company, you can sign up as an Independent Representative. 

All Worldventures Representative Applicants must buy the Representative Business System (RBS). This is the online system which includes a Personalized Website, a Back Office Business Website, Online Training, and access to Sales and Marketing Tools.

This non-commissioned product purchase is a prerequisite for becoming a WorldVentures Representative.

How much Is The Worldventures Biz Cost?

You will need an initial joining fee of $24.99 + $24.99 per month subsequently. 

How Do You Make Money With WorldVentures Biz?

This is a Multilevel earning opportunity with a typical complicated MLM compensation structure. You can watch this short video to learn more about their compensation plan. 

WorldVentures Pros And Cons


  • Low membership fees in general. 
  • The Worldventures Biz fees are not high either. 
  • Their representative bonus and incentives are good


  • Of late there are many negative reviews on this company, either form the customer (Dreamtrips) side or from the Representative side.
  • The earning potential is low and at some point, Worldventures itself reported that over 70% of their reps did not earn any commissions at some point. 
  • The Dreamtrips point system does not cater for airfare

Worldventures Dreamtrips Complaints

There are many different complaints leveled against the Worldventures on a myriad of issues. Among them were those related to the following:

  • Membership cancellation issues 
  • Refund problems
  • Dreamtrips points expiring

So, these leave one with a question:

Is Worldventures A Scam Or Not?

Well, I would not personally call Worldventures a scam company. Yes, they have lots of negative reviews but to outright call it a scam one would have to present concrete evidence that they were scammed.

However, given these many complaints and negative press, you would have to tread cautiously around this company. 

Which brings us to the next question one might ask, if not a scam then…

Is Worldventures A Pyramid Scheme? 

I mean the fact that the company admitted that more than 70% of their business reps did not earn their commissions at some point is a big red flag. However, Worldventures is cannot be labeled as a pyramid scheme because they sell real products – vacation deals. 

Bottom Line

I don’t recommend Worldventures to anyone trying to earn money because I find their system a bit scary and reps are more likely to lose money.

There are better ways to make money and if you don’t like recruiting people and complicated compensation plans, I recommend that you learn Affiliate Marketing. 

Why Affiliate Marketing?

  • No recruiting needed
  • You are your own boss
  • You don’t have to sell anything
  • It is easy to learn 

I learned Affiliate Marketing with Wealthy Affiliate as a green, green novice and I have been able to make money online. The journey continues. So far I am glad I joined them. 

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I wish you only the best in your quest to earn passive income.

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