A Rich Dad Summit Review

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Welcome to the Rich Dad Summit Review

Product Summary

Name : Rich Dad Summit

Category: Online Training Seminar 

Website: https://richdadsummit.com

Owners: Robert Kiyosaki & Anik Singal

Price: $1 (Upsell available)

Target Audience: Beginners

Rating By Sheknowsmarketing.com: 90/100

Recommended?: Yes, Yeah , Yep!

If you havent already read the book Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki I

suggest that you get yourself a copy ASAP. Why?
This is the book that has had a worldwide impact on personal finance. I read it and was blown away by how Robert articulates issues of personal finace in the simplest yet straightforward manner for anyone to understand. 

Robert Kiyosaki is a well-known author and personal finance educator and investor. Rich Dad, Poor Dad is just one of his many books, including the more recent ones:

  • Why the Rich Are Getting Richer
  • More Important Than Money

The most important statement he made that resonated with me: Anyone can be wealthy. being wealthy has nothing to do with your bank balance but everything to do with your mindset. 

The believe that you should work long endless hours for the rest of your life to earn money. Slaving away to make someone else rich while you make just enough to survive. At the end of your working life, you have accumulated nothing!

If you are struggling with your finances, ask yourself today, what’s stopping you from starting a business and breaking away from your financial woes? 

You don’t have money?

Here is the simple process according to Robert:

Why not use the credit system to your advantage? 

  • Get a business loan and start a business,
  • Grow your business and repay the loan. 
  • Scale your business and become financially free.  

What Is The Rich Dad Summit?

Get The Rich Dad Summit Now

This was a 2 day live virtual (online) training seminar which was first held on December 9th  and 10th 2017. It was then recorded and made available online so that anyone can access it from anywhere in the world for just $1.

When you buy the Rich Dad Summit today, you are essentially buying the recording of the event which already happened live. So you don’t necessarily need to mark your calendar and wait. You access the training immediately through the login details which will be sent to your email address. 

A Rich Dad Summit Review - Login Page


What’s Inside The Rich Dad Summit?

Day 1:

  • Laying the foundation to create sustainable wealth
  • The secrets to building long-term wealth
  • The two keys to becoming wealthy – How to make money AND have your money make more money
  • A deep dive into the Cashflow® Quadrant
  • The difference between creating a job and becoming an entrepreneur
  • Assets vs. liabilities
  • The best business opportunities right now
  • The fastest way to start a business (most people completely overlook this)
  • Why assets are all around you (and how to find them)
  • Why an email list is one of the best assets you can have (and the simplest way to build one)
  • Demystifying the stock market
  • How to build your “success team

Day 2:

  • Recap of Day 1
  • Why success is SIMPLE
  • Investing in real estate 101
  • The opportunity in Bitcoin
  • How to leverage the global economy to invest and develop a business
  • The power of soft assets
  • The tax savings of becoming an investor and entrepreneur
  • How to protect your assets
  • The power of contribution (why making more money helps you make a more positive impact on the world)
  • How to take action on everything you learned

Rich Dad Summit  Speakers

This 2-day event features a number of speakers comprising successful entrepreneurs from different backgrounds.

A Rich Dad Summit review - Speakers

Get Access To The $1 Summit Now

Why Such A Low Price?

Great question! 

The aim of this summit is to introduce you to valuable financial education at a low cost. However, if you want to get more advanced training you will have to pay more than just $1.

Basically, they have a one time upsell of $97 which gives you access to the more comprehensive course called “The 5 Money Rules”

A Sneak Peek Into The 5 Money Rules (12 Modules)

  1. Introduction: Welcome To 5 Money Rules (9 Lessons)
  2. The Importance Of Learning And Mastering Financial Intelligence (23 Lessons)
  3. Conspiracy Of The Rich – What They Don’t Want You To Know (24 Lessons)
  4. Rule #1: Protect Your Assets (16 Lessons)
  5. Rule #2: Leverage Yur Resources (23 Lessons)
  6. Rule #3: Create Opportunities For Wealth (30 Lessons)
  7. Rule#4: Let Your Money Work For You (21 Lessons)
  8. Rule #5: Build Your Team (35 Lessons)
  9. Impact Of Global Economy On 5 Money Rules (22 Lessons)
  10. How The 5 Money Rules Will Change You (12 Lessons)
  11. 5 Money Rules Resources (1Lesson)
  12. 5 Money Rules Bonuses (4 Lessons)

Start Viewing The Rich Dad Summit Now

Should I Buy The 5 Money Rules Upsell?

That is entirely up to you but I would recommend it because it is much more comprehensive than the 2 Day Rich Dad Summit.

The 5 Money Rules Training digs deeper and shows you how to not only make money but also how to make your money work for you so that you don’t have to spend the rest of your life working for money.

For me, this was a one-off $97 well spent. 

A Rich Dad Summit Review - 5 Money Rules Login Page

Rich Dad Summit –  Who Is it For?

In my opinion, this summit will serve you best if you are a beginner with little or no experience in the business world, whether online or offline. 

If you  already have some experience but still looking for a comprehensive program to help you make money online I have a few other more in-depth courses you can go check out:

 1. Project 24 By Income School

2. Wealthy Affiliate University

Both of these programs focus on teaching you how to build websites from scratch and monetize them. No tech skills needed. 

You can find a Wealthy Affiliate University Review Here and …

The Project 24 By Income School Review Here

Moving on…

Rich Dad Summit Pros And Cons


1. You’ll learn from the top, well-rounded entrepreneurs including Robert Kiyosaki himself

2. The price is practically a giveaway at just $1

3. A comprehensive 2-day event which covers lots of important topics

4. You can access the training at any time you want. If you feel tired (the training is 16 hours long), you can simply pause and continue later.

5. A quick way to learn new things in just 2 days

6. Great training for beginners – if you want to learn how to make money online, but don’t know how to, this is the way to begin.


1. This training summit will mot give you everything you need to start and run a  successful business. You will need to supplement it with a more comprehensive course. 

Of course, the summit is cheap. I believe you get way more than a $1 worth of content!

To get more in-depth guidance on how to start your business including the tools you will need I recommend either of the following. 

  • Buy Robert Kiyosaki’s 5 Money Rules ($97 one-off)
  • Enroll in Wealthy Affiliate University ( $49 per month)
  • Enroll in Project 24 Course ($449 for the first year, then $199 per  year consecutively)

The Rich Dad Summit – Final Thoughts

I think Robert Kiyosaki is a super nice guy to give away such great training almost for free! This goes to show that he is indeed committed to helping people get a grasp of how to start your own business.

I admire him and his team of speakers.  

Their training is worth much more than a Dollar, to be honest, and I don’t see any reason why anyone can let such an incredible opportunity to pass them by. 

You are under no obligation to buy their upsells. The $1 payment is not a free trial payment. It gives you complete access to 2 days of training. 

It is up to you to decide for yourself whether you want to buy further training because, in all honesty, the summit itself is not enough to set you up with a successful business.

Get Access To The Rich Dad Summit For $1 Here

Thanks for reading my Rich Dad Summit Review. I hope you liked it. Please share it with your friends and help someone.

I wish you all the best in your quest to build your own business. 

I would love to hear your thoughts about this product in the comments section below. Go ahead and leave a comment.

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