Perpetual Income 365 Review

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Hello and welcome my Perpetual Income 365 review. If you want to know what Perpetual Income 365 is all about, I’m going to try my level best to answer your questions. So, my friend, please grab something, a drink,  whatever you want as we explore this product and uncover whether it is a legitimate product to buy or it is just a waste of your time and money.

Okay before we go any further, have a look at it this quick overview.

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Perpetual Income 365 Quick Overview

Product Name Perpetual income 365
Price$47 per month
Product OwnerShawn Josiah
Product CategoryDone-For-You Affiliate marketing – with a focus on email marketing
Who Is It Best For? Affiliate Marketing/Email Marketing Beginners
Recommended? For beginners, YES

For More Details Check The Perpetual Income 365 Website

What Is Perpetual Income 365?

This is a done-for-you affiliate marketing software meant to help anyone who is a beginner make money with affiliate marketing, specifically email marketing, using ready-made marketing funnels. In an alternative situation, you would spend a lot of time learning and mastering marketing funnels on your own, most probably through trial and error.  

This comes with a lot of financial costs to you. However, with this program, Shawn is trying to shorten your learning curve by giving you a system that you can just plug into and play.

Perpetual Income 365 Pros And Cons


  • Easy to follow instructions with video tutorials
  • A lot of heavy lifting is already done- for- you
  • Free email swipes for 31 days – this is a huge help because if you are new to email marketing, you would really struggle with email copy.
  • You won’t need to worry about building landing pages 
  • There’s no need to write landing page copy (which can be a problem even for some online marketing ‘gurus’.
  • Shawn introduces you to solo ads, a highly effective way to get targetted traffic to your landing pages
  • ​It is quite affordable at $47.00 per month. You can manage to make your investment money back and then some
  • You get to keep your email list as your asset forever. 
  • You can market an array of other relevant products to your list even if you decided to go independent of the Perpetual Income Program.


  • You are locked on promoting only one product in the beginning, however, after 1 month you will be allowed to promote other ClickBank products.
  • You cannot modify any content on the landing pages. Well, remember this is a done for you program, therefore, you will just have to trust Shawn on this one. But can you? I believe, you can!
  • You cannot depend on this program to learn much.  It is just a way to get you started. Shawn is just helping you to earn your first dollar with affiliate marketing. If you want to get more skill and be able to do this on your own, you’re going to need a more in-depth training like 12 Minute Affiliate System. 

Perpetual Income 365: How Much Money Will you Actually Need?

  1. $47 per month access fee
  2. $12 per month for GetResponse Autoresponder
  3. A minimum of $50 – $100 for solo ads – this will really depend on how much you can afford to pay for traffic – you will need to pay for it. My advice would be to start small and scale-up. Somewhere about $50 – $60

Perpetual Income 365: Help And Support

If you should need help, you can 

  • Contact support via email
  • Ask for help in their Facebook group – this might be a  quicker option

Perpetual Income 365 Upsells

There are 3 upsells you can expect – all of which are One Time Offers (OTO):

  1. Perpetual Asset Multiplier @ $127 –   This one gives you access to 5 more squeeze  pages
  2. 5 Click Profit Activator @ $197 – allows you more personalization with your money pages
  3. Email ATM @ $297 –  Integrates GetResponse email marketing software so that you can  broadcast your emails directly 

Do I Need To Buy These Upsells?

I would say, try the original products and see if you are happy with what Shawn has to offer. Then, if you are happy, plan to buy the upsells. That will cost you an additional $621. This is entirely up to you. 

Get Perpetual Income 365 Here

Perpetual Income 365 Final Thoughts

Is it legit?

Yes, Shawn’s product is definitely legit. If you are completely new to online marketing and want to have an opportunity to earn income with affiliate marketing,  this is the program you can get started with. 

But to be absolutely honest, because it is a done for you service, I think you should take it as a stepping stone, something that allows you to earn affiliate commissions while you look for a program that will teach you affiliate marketing in more detail. 

That being said,

I like Shawn and have a lot of respect for him. He is a solid guy who has a  lot of experience. He has made lots of money, so he knows what he is talking about. 

For that reason, I recommend Perpetual Income 365.

Grab Perpetual Income 365 Here

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