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Quick Overview

Course Name: My Online Startup

Owner: Chuck Nguyen

Price: FREE – There are Optional Upgrades

Category: Free Affiliate Marketing Training

Recommended? Absolutely YES!

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What Is My Online Startup About?

My Online Startup is a 100% FREE step by step Affiliate Marketing training course developed by a well-known internet marketer Chuck Nguyen. It is a beginner-oriented course that starts with the very basics of affiliate marketing. 

As the name suggests, this course teaches you how to start your new online business and grow it into your very own online empire. 

This is not one of those falsely rated expensive courses which promise you unrealistic results but deliver little to no value. 

By creating this course, Chuck says he is giving back to online beginners because he knows what it is like to be swindled and left to hang with no money in your pocket and zero results to show.

That is why he gives it to completely free of charge, with no strings attached. 

Who Is Chuck Nguyen?

A My Online Startup Review Chuck Nguyen
Chuck Nguyen – Founder Of My Online Startup

A former Blackjack Dealer at Grand Casino in Australia, with over 12 years of online marketing experience. Chuck says as a Blackjack Dealer he used to hate his job, dealing with drunk, noisy people who would take out their frustrations on him when they lost at the tables. 

This led him to explore other means of earning a living. His mind on set on “How To Make Money Online” and he went for it.  

His online success did not come easy, though. Like many of us, he began by buying lots of expensive make money online courses, jumping from one to the next, trying to master everything. 

This was a  recipe for disaster. He had spread himself too thin and wasn’t focused.  This course hopping left him so broke that at some point he had to borrow money just to survive. 

What’s Inside My Online Startup Course?

When you join this free program, this is what you will learn:

47 learning steps under the following 3 broad categories

  • The Gameplan – this is the introductory video showing you what this course entails and what you can expect.
  • The Success Mindset
  • Affiliate Marketing- here Chuck goes into deeper details, showing you everything you need to build a successful Affiliate Marketing business.
  • Remember all these 47 steps are packed with value at $0 charge to you!

My Online Startup Membership Types

This course has 2 types of membership. 

1. Free Membership 

This is free for life. With this membership, you gain access to his introductory affiliate training course for as long as you want. 

2. Different Paid Memberships Levels, Starting with Founding Partner 

For this membership, you will have to pay $197 Once-Off (Chuck Gives You A Good Discount When You Take Action Early)

What Do You Get With Founding Partner Membership?

  • Exclusive Rights To Promote My Online Startup
  • Founding Partner Membership
  • 1on1 Success Coach For 100 Days
  • Done For You Lead Generation System
  • Authority Spotlight For Branding
  • $100 Per Founding Partner sale
  • Free Course Income Streams
  • Partner Traffic Income Streams
  • A Massive $50 Limited Discount
  • $300 Done-For-You Promotions
  • Lead Generation System Income Streams
  • Banner Ads Income Streams
  • 30 Days To Massive Wealth
  • $500 Limited Upgrade Credit
  • Free Trial To Chuck’s Inner Circle

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How Does My Online Startup Work?


You join by creating your free account and get started with the free training. This free training gives a lot of value and helps you to get started the right way without confusion and unnecessary mistakes that most beginners make. 

The Training 

The training is delivered through video lessons by  Chuck himself. At the end of each video lesson, there is an action plan to help you take action and implement what you have just learned.

 When you finish a level,  you mark it as completed and it automatically takes you to the next level. This feature helps you track your progress and avoid confusion

The training system allows you to take notes without leaving the lesson to go and open a notepad somewhere else. There is also a  member discussion area where you can share your views about the lessons, or ask questions in case you need clarification.

The Point system 

There is a system of earning points within the My Online Startup platform. You earn points by performing certain activities like completing your training steps.   You can redeem these points and use them for extra services within the platform.

What Do They Teach You?

Chuck teaches you how to make money with Affiliate marketing using simple email marketing systems. Chuck walks you through everything in a simplified manner. So you have nothing to worry about. 

Affiliate marketing is one of the simplest methods to learn even for complete beginners. With affiliate marketing, your job is to help people solve their problems by connecting them to relevant products. Choosing the products to promote will depend on your area of interest (Niche) 

For example, lots of people are overweight (that’s a problem right there) and are looking to lose weight. What you have to do is look online for companies (vendors)  that have weightloss products and apply to be their affiliate.  

They approve you to promote their products using unique affiliate links they give you. You simply connect people to weightloss products and they buy from your links, you earn a commission.

Benefits Of Affiliate Marketing

  • You don’t  have to own any products 
  • Affiliate marketing is fairly easy to learn
  • You don’t have to provide any customer service
  • No need to hold any inventory of the  products
  • No need to  deal with product deliveries
  • You have the potential to earn multiple streams of income 
  • You can  earn passive income

Who Is My Online Startup For?

This training system is for everyone. The free training is most suitable for people with little or no experience with affiliate marketing. 
The one question I would ask is if YOU are the person for this training. 

Here is the thing: 

Just because this training is free of charge does not make it low quality. It is way better than some of the paid courses I have seen. 

So if you are the person for this course you need to dive in and learn everything golden nuggets that Chuck gives you. Because you have absolutely nothing to lose.  

Is My Online Startup Free

Yes, it is free But… this does not mean that you won’t have to invest any money. There is a list of ‘Must Have” Tools that Chuck recommends that you buy in order to start a successful long term business.

These are the basics like: 

  • Domain name
  • Email Autoresponder 
  • Mindset tools like books

Truth be told, even if you are given a free course, you will still need tools to build your business. You will not build a truly successful business without investing in a single coin. 

Can I Make Money With My Online Startup?

Yes, you absolutely can. Apart from affiliate commissions that you will be earning by promoting other people’s products, you can also earn money from My Online Startup Affiliate Program, by promoting My Online Startup itself. You can earn up to 50%commission. That Is the arrangement you will have with Chuck once you are inside the system.

Create Your Free Account Now

Their training teaches you to use multiple free traffic strategies ( website/ blog, social media marketing, YouTube marketing, Forum marketing, etc.) These are long term strategies and it will take you much longer to make money. To mitigate that, Chuck also teaches you 

Paid Trafic methods: Email marketing, Solo Ads, Banner ads, etc.

My Online Startup Pros And Cons

What I Like About My Online Startup: Pros

  • You will get high-quality training 100% free of charge
  • Training is step by step with a clear  progress tracking system to avoid confusion
  • They teach  affiliate marketing,  which is one effective way to make money online
  • You can learn and  build a valuable online asset with this training
  •  It Teaches you how to earn multiple streams of income
  • You will learn how to tap from different traffic sources to Fastrack your earnings
  • The training is very beginner-friendly
  • Chuck is a very honest and upfront guy who is interested in helping other people succeed

What I Don’t Like About My Online Startup: Cons

  • I know that no program is perfect but honestly, I haven’t found anything negative about this program so far, and trust me I looked everywhere! The purpose is to bring you a true picture of the program before you commit. I promise to keep researching and updating

My Online Startup Support

  1. Free Mastermind  Group on Facebook – You can interact with fellow members and ask questions, share success stories, and get motivated. 
  2. System Forums – these are within the platform and they are subdivided into categories to help you ask your question in a relevant forum – These are exclusive to inner Circle members.
  3. Open Discussions – If you are not  on Chuck’s Inner Circle you  can get help from open discussion accessible by all members

Final Thoughts: Is My Online Startup Legit?

Yes, My Online Startup is a  completely legitimate program which gives you lots of valuable training free of charge to help you learn how to make money with affiliate marketing. 

From my point of view, this program delivers way better value than a lot of expensive online marketing courses in the market today.  Therefore, you have absolutely nothing to lose by trying it out right now to see how much you can learn in a very short time. 

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