Chris Luck’s Membership Method Review (Profit From Your Own Membership Website)

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Today’s subject is a program called Membership Method. I take a closer look to uncover what it is all about and whether it is a trusted legitimate program. As you know there are lots of scams programs waiting to swindle you, chew you and spit you to the wolves. It is my job to help you scrutinize such and expose them for what they truly are.


Let’s get to it, shall we?

So What Is Membership Method?

This is a training program that teaches you how to create and successfully run a membership website. Basically, a membership site is another way you can make money online by keeping your website access private, accessible only through paid membership.

This is a lucrative method that has enabled lots of people to earn decent amounts of money on the internet. If you have a good niche that people are interested in, and you know how to start and run a membership site, you have a lucrative business.

Membership sites bring together a group of people with similar interests or problem. They form a tribe of sorts, discussing their issues in a safe environment with like-minded people. As the site owner or tribe leader, you become their role model.

If you are really good at your niche subject matter and you keep providing high value, members idolize you and they want to be like you. They become your raving fans who will shout your name through their windows for anyone who cares to listen. Your membership numbers can grow exponentially in an organic way.

Some people have great ideas but lack the know-how to start their membership sites. The good news is that you can actually learn the strategies you need to have a successful membership site. This is where programs like The Membership Method come in.

Who Is The Guy Behind Membership Method?

Chris Luck – a veteran online entrepreneur is the brains behind this program. He has been building a highly successful online business for over 20 years now.

In his own words, Chris describes himself as a “real entrepreneur who builds real businesses that are designed to produce predictable passive income”. He says he is not a guru and he hates speaking in public. Very modest. Here is the point in all this.

A Membership Method Review - Chris Luck

Chris simply suggests that whatever he teaches is something that anyone can do. He is just as ordinary as anyone of us. Only that he can teach you how to start a profitable membership site business.

This guy says that Member Site Business is the “Holy Grail” of all the online business you can think of!

Really? Wow!

Well, I won’t question his credibility because he does have an impressive entrepreneurial resume.

How Does The Membership Method Work?

This is a 5-week training video training course that gives you everything you need to build a successful Membership Website Business. 5 weeks is merely how long Chris suggests you take to complete the training. If you want you can go through it much quicker.

Along with the core training, there are also regular updates on any changes in the industry to help you keep up with trends and grow your business.

What Do You Get?

  • A Step by step guide on how to build a profitable membership site
  • How and where to find the right people to do the work for you
  • How to deliver products to your members on autopilot
  • How to promote your products and/or services
  • How to effectively use social media and PPC ads to market your membership site
A Membership Method Review - Bonuses

How Much Does Membership Method Cost?

There is 48-hour Free access to some of the Membership Method training. Of course, you cannot get everything you need to build a successful membership site. It is just a way to give you a little taste of the real course.

Get The Free Trial Now

The main training course costs $1497 one time payment. If you cannot afford that at once you have an option of paying $297 for 6 months.


Is this training really worth all that money?

Well, yes the amount is a bit steep but given the type of training you receive plus continuous updates, I believe the price tag fits perfectly. It is just a one-time payment with no further charges.

Sign Up For The 48 Hour Trial Now

What I Like About Membership Method – The Pros

1. Chris Luke has a lot of experience in online business – obviously he knows what he is talking about.

2. The Free Trial – Chris lets you try out first before you decide to buy. This is what I admire. Legitimate courses need to allow people to check them out first to determine if the training is what they are actually looking for.

3. 60 Day Money Back Guarantee – If you feel you don’t like Membership Method, you are free to claim your money back within 60 days of purchasing it.

4. The training is easy to follow and uncomplicated. Anyone can do it.

5. You can choose any niche that you are passionate about and work with it

What I Don’t Like About Membership Method – The Cons

1. Membership Method may be a bit expensive for some people. It would probably require upfront saving to access it. Luckily there is an installment option.

Membership Method-Final thoughts, Is It A Scam?

I certainly would not call Membership Method a Scam!

When it comes to creating highly profitable membership websites, my hat goes off for Chris Luck. He is great at what he does. I also admire his authenticity. He doesn’t make big claims to get you rich overnight. He also allows you to have a test drive of what his course has to offer.

This is a risk-free method to check if the course is good for you or not. And of course, you have a 60-day period to claim your money back in case you are not satisfied with the product.

If you want to venture into the Membership Website Business and you need to learn the ropes,

I highly recommend that you sign up for a free 48-hour trial and have a look.

Thank you for reading this review. I hope you got answers to your questions about Chris Luck’s Membership Method.

I wish you lots of success in your business venture.

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