Hungry Bark Review – Can You Make Money Selling Custom Pet Food?

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Welcome to my Hungry Bark review!

My approach in this review is to look closely at the Make Money side of things.

Meaning I don’t go very deep on the Hungry Bark Pet food. Not that its not important. It is.

However, my objective is to walk you through how you can make money promoting Hungry Bark.

I have seen some claims that Hungry Bark is an MLM. Well, it isn’t! But I can guarantee you they have a very lucrative Affiliate Program.

In other words, Hungry Bark follows a common business model known as Affiliate Marketing. Read further to find out how it works.

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What Is Hungry Bark?

Founded in 2019 Hungry Bark is a  failrly new pet  food supply company based in Florida USA. The company was  founded by a guy called Nick Molina who had his own struggles with health.

After consulting with a nutritionist. The nutrition expert designed for Nick a specialized dietary plan based on his body type and health needs. 

He says, he began seeing instant positive results with his health and body. That got Nick thinking: “If the custom diet works for me, it sure must work for my 2 rescue dogs”.

From there Nick consulted with pet nutritionists, vets, and a whole army of experts to equip himself with knowledge. 

That wealth of knowledge would then help him design customized pet food under the brand, Hungry Bark. And he did His aim is to help people feed their pets right  so that they may spend more time together.

Is Hungry Bark MLM?


I have seen some people refer to Hungry Bark as a Pet Food MLM. That is not accurate. Hunggry Barks sells its products directly to the the customer through their website.


They have a lucrative 2 tier Affiliate Program where you can earn commission by referring buyers and other affiliates. 

Here is how it works.

Hungry Bark Affiliate Program And Compensation Plan

Tier 1

Subscription Orders: 

  • Earn a 20% commission when you refer a customer who signs up for a subscription. Note: The 20% you earn on that customer’s first order. 
  • Earn 5% recurring commission on the subsequent orders. 

Non-subscription Oders:

Earn 20% Commission on every order you refer even if the customer does not subscribe. 

Tier 2

  • Earn 5% commission on every subscription sign up and non-subscription purchase generated by affiliates you have referred to the Hungry Bark Affiliate Program. 
  • Earn 1% recurring commission if the first order was subscription and each time for the subsequent orders. 

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Who Is Nick Molina?

Nick is a Board Member of  Support Pets – an organization that help keep pets with their owners ( As Emotional Support Animal), regardless of where the owner travels to. 

A Hungry Bark Review - Nick Molina
Nick Molina – Founder Hungry Bark

Hungry Bark Products

They have 3 broad product categories:

  • Dry food
  • Supplement chews
  • Protein Mix-ins
A Hungry Bark Review - Products
Hungry Bark Products

Hungry Bark Pros And Cons

Hungry Bark Pros

1. Based On A Valid Health Concept

The concept of custom diet has been gaining momentum lately and it makes sense. We can  all agree that our bodies are different. Some people try so hard to eat healthy and excercise but surprisingly still gain unwanted weight.

On the other hand, some guys eat whatever they want, junk food and all but they don’t pack extra pounds. 

I believe that the same applies to our pets and the idea of custimized pet food makes a lot of sense. 

2. Hungry Bark Is New

Being a new company I believe this company still has a lot of potential to grow and help lots  people earn commisions through promoting their products.

3. Their Affiliate Program Is Free To Join

I like that a lot. That means Hungry Bark is not a pay to play kind of opportunity. I hope it  stays that way. 

4. More Emphsis Is On Products Not Recruitment

Hungry Bark is more product oriented as  opposed to being more recruitment driven. They only have a 2 tier compensation plan.

That’s a great thing because it means that this company is interested in delivering on its core business principle – providing custom nutrition for pets.  

Hungry Bark Cons

1. Compared to other pet foods Hungry Bark is priced a bit higher. But this makes sense because Hungry Bark  gives your pets custom diets that fit perfectly with their nutritional needs. 

So, when you look at it this way, Hungry Bark Pet Food is actually worth the price they charge. As you know, you get what  you pay for. In this case your cute dog gets what you pay for! 

Can You Make Money With Hungry Bark Affiliate Program?


This is a great opportunity for guys in the pet food niche. You not only earn one time as well as recurring commissions for customers you refer, depending on whether they subscribe or not.

But you can also earn 2 tier commissions from sales referred by affiliates you have referred. 

This is a great opportunity because Hungry Bark food and supplements are of great quality. Meaning pets love Hungry Bark. As we know pet parents would love to give their pets only the best i.e. Hungry Bark! 

Therefore, promoting Hungry Bark Products makes a lot of sense.

If you want to make money with Hungry Bark Affiliate Program

Click Here To Go To The registration Page 

Final Thoughts

Considering everything, the product, the affiliate program, Hungry Bark is a good deal. Although fairly new, I believe this is a great brand to be trusted.

That’s because the owner Nick Molina seems like an honest guy working to give your pets the best kind of food that will keep you together longer.

Besides that, Nick has received lots of praise for being an upstanding man.

So, whether you just want to treat your pet to the best custom food or you want to make money with the Hungry Bark brand, you can rest assured that you are dealing with a good company.

Thanks for reading!

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