The Commission League Review ($200 Per Day, Working Just 20 Minutes Daily?)

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The Commission League Review

The Commission League (TCL) is a new internet marketing training program developed by a well known Mike Balmaceda and his associates – John Justin and Steve. 

You will learn their 3 Step, 20 min day Work System on how to partner with influencers and market affiliate products to their massive audiences. 

  • You don’t need to have your own product
  • No need for  an email list
  • No need to have your own product

What Is The Commission League?

A step-by-step training program whose owners claim to teach you how to make money with affiliate marketing the easy way.

Mike says they have scrapped all the complex elements of traditional affiliate marketing and produced this revolutionary new training program. They call it the 20-minute Work Day System. 

That means you won’t have to:

  • Deal with Facebook Ads or any ad accounts
  • Have massive Instagram followers
  • Have a huge email list – but you can actually start creating it if you want
  • Deal with customer care issues etc.

So, for just 20 minutes a day, you will be able to earn extra income and eventually scale to replace your job? Is this true or are these guys joking?

Let’s find out who they are and if you can trust them…

Watch Their Webinar To Learn More

Who Owns The Commission League?

Mike Balmaceda who is also part of Six Figure Success Academy and Amplify.  he has 3 other partners in Commission League – John, Justin, and Steve.  

A Commission League Review - The Owners

I am not quite familiar with the trio but I know Mike from his other ventures. Besides, John Crestani endorses Mike. John Crestani is one of the good guys and I strongly believe that he would not get out of his way to endorse a shady character. 

Watch this short video where John Crestani says nice things about Mike Balmaceda…

How Much Does Commission League Cost?

$997 one time payment. 

You can also pay in 2 installments of $547 

It doesn’t matter which payment method you choose. You will get access to the whole program plus all the bonuses. 

What’s Inside Commission League Training?

The Commission League Training Program is made up of what they call The 5 Pillars ( Or Modules in simpler terms)

Module 1: Commission League Blueprint

Module 2: How to find $1000 opportunities

Module 3: How to find profitable products

Module 4: Push-button / Done-for-you Influencer solutions

Module 5: A completely Done For You set up

A Commission League Review - Dashboard

Who Is Commission League For?

  • Complete beginners
  • Intermediate marketers who want a more predictable method to make money
  • Internet marketers who have tried but haven’t had any success so far

See Their Free Training Video Here

How Does Commission League 20 Minute Work Day System  Work?

There are 3 steps involved.

Step 1: Find a problem that most people are looking to solve

Step 2: Research and find an expert who has the solution

Step 3: Tell the people about the solution to their problem – this is where the money is.

A Commission League Review - 3 Steps

Let’s take a closer look at each step:

1. Find A Problem That Needs A Solution

These are billions of problems that people have and are willing to pay money to make those problems go away. The most prominent  problems fall under the 3 broad categories:

  • Making money
  • Relationships
  • Health 

These 3 are the most competitive ones because the problems here affect people at the most basic level of life. We all want to make money, have great relationships and live long healthy lives, right?

Apart from those 3, there are billions of more problems that people need to solve:

  • Beauty 
  • Pets
  • Hobbies
  • Traveling
  • Gambling
  • Golfing
  • Etc.

2. Find The Expert Solution

Billions of experts have spent time and resources to create solutions. Hats off to them for a great job! 

Should they also work their heads off trying to get consumers to buy their products? I think not. Let’s give the experts some well-deserved break. Because they are willing to give you a cut of their profits when you refer customers. 

These are information products like PDFs guides, Video courses which consumers can easily access from their computer worldwide.

The good news is that experts know and they have come up with the solutions. All you should do is to form partnerships with the experts and link people with the right kind of solution and make money in the process. 

That’s the beauty of affiliate marketing. Not everyone must be an expert. If you are no expert you simply leverage other peoples products. Help them bring customers and be rewarded for your efforts. 

Where Do You Find The Solutions?

Mike and his friends recommend that you find these products on ClickBank because they have secret weapons they will show you in their training on how you can make money.  

Here’s a peek at one method. They call it the “BURN” Protocol. Let’s unpack it:

B = Best selling products

U = Updated frequently

R = Recurring income

N = New/ Hot products

3. Tell The People About The Solutions

In step 2 you have already identified the solutions. Now its time to let people know about it. 

How do you do that?

Simply find someone who is already helping the same people you want to help. Someone with a lot of followers. These are called influencers. 

A Commission Hero Review

Talk to the influencer and ask him/her to tell his followers about the products you want to promote. The best way to do this is by email. So, the influencer needs to be having lots of email subscribers. 

You pay the influencer a small fee to write an email to a certain number of subscribers about your product, with your affiliate link. And then wait for commissions to start rolling in.

In order to grow your business, Mike and Co. recommend that you leverage the influencer email list and grow your own list. This will help you get independent and no longer need to pay the influencer each time you want to promote a product. 

You can do this by creating a “Sandwich Page”. This is an email collection page the audience lands on before they can access the product. 

A commission League Review

Mike has software that he recommends which helps you create the Sandwich Page in a matter of second. In addition, Commission League will hook you up with a  free Autoresponder for email marketing. 

This method is completely optional. You don’t have to do this if you feel like it is too complicated for you. 

Can I make Money With Commission League?

These guys don’t give you a 100 percent guarantee because your success is partially dependent on you following their strategies and implementing them.

But they are confident that partnering with an influencer is the easiest way to make money. 

Because the followers already trust this influencer and they are more likely to buy what he recommends. Besides, the influencers are not interested in promoting ClickBank products. They only want to give their audience more value. Therefore, they will be willing to help you. 

An example of how much money you could possibly make.

Supposing the influencer has 40,000 email subscribers and you pay him $50 to send an email to them. If only 400 ( 1%) of these click on the link.  

40 people (10%) make a purchase of the product costing $100 

= $4000

You get 75% commission

= $3000 in your wallet …this can happen over and over.

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Does Commission League Have Support?

You will have access to their support staff 24/7 plus a private Facebook group just for members.

There is also a Done-For-You support who will actually help you set up anything you have issues with on your dashboard.

What If I’m Not Happy With Commission League?

They have what they call a 30-day moneyback, success guarantee. Meaning, they guarantee that you will make at least $3000 within 30 days of joining or they will coach you until you do!   

If that fails, you will get your money back.

Commission League Pros

1. Mike is a well-known internet marketer who can be trusted.

2. The program caters for all skills level – it offers  step by step actions that are easy to follow

3. You have an opportunity to build your own email list the easy way and no longer have to pay influencers

Commission League Cons

1. It may be a little expensive but I guess you can save up for some time to be able to afford it.

Commission League Final Thoughts

I have no doubt that this is a legitimate program to help anyone make money online. This is based on the trust I have on Mike Balmaceda. Mike knows that he is a trusted internet marketer and I doubt that he would do anything to betray that trust.

If you want to give it a try I believe your money is safe, you can ask for a refund within 30 days of joining if you don’t like the training. So you have nothing to lose. 

Watch The Commission League -Webinar Here

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  1. Hi Jane, Hope your day is going well. I’ll be right to the point. I need to get in touch by phone with someone in The Commission League Support area to discuss a Financial problem generated by ClickBank. I got the ClickBank problem settled with them, but need to let TCL know the situation. I’ve been locked out of TCL and cannot login to the site. The “” site link doesn’t work for me. Can you help. I really want to finish the course, as I’m 90% through the “Pillars” and was going back through Pillar #3 – to learn the new Section 6A & 6B classes on “The Eagle”. Any help would be appreciated since $547.00 is in the “””Mix”””” as well. Thanks. A “reply” back as soon as possible would let me get this all settled today, so that I can finish up soon and start making some $$$. 10/21/2019

    • Hi Albert,
      I am so sorry to hear that you have been locked out of the TCL training. I’m not sure what you mean by the Financial problem generated by ClickBank. In any case, I believe being locked out would mean that you didn’t make the second payment Of $547? Just guessing. But as you said you settled the Clickbank problem then you should not be locked out. Let me contact them and hear what the problem could be. I will make sure to let them know that this is a huge inconvenience on your side.


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