Commission Hero Review (Can You Really Make $1000 A Day With This Course?)

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Commission Hero Quick Overview

Product Name

Commission Hero


$997 (Can Pay In 2 Instalments)


Robby Blanchard



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Is it possible for a complete beginner with no online experience whatsoever, to make $1000 with affiliate marketing on a daily basis?

Well, guess what? Robby Blanchard claims that he has a simple 3-step formula to show anyone how to earn $1000 plus with Facebook and Clickbank!


Yep, Robby has developed a training course he calls Commission Hero. This hero apparently is the one to rescue you from your financial hardships and make you a high-income earner in the shortest time possible.

Now, what do you make of this? Is it too good to be true?

The truth is there are so many “get-rich-quick” schemes on the internet and it is becoming hard to tell who is legit and who is not.

That’s why I decided to help you make a decision regarding this particular product. I am going to give you all the important details about Commission Hero:

  • An Overview
  • The price
  • Pros and Cons
  • What to expect
  • My verdict

Therefore, congratulations on checking out this program to see if it is right for you before buying.

Let’s get on with it…

What Is Commission Hero About?

An affiliate marketing training system with a done-for-you component to help you make money online. It is basically a 3 step process meant to make things super easy even for complete beginners.

Who is Robby Blanchard And How Can He Help?

Robby Blanchard is a multi-million dollar super affiliate with extensive marketing experience. He began his business journey offline as a fitness instructor back in. He went on to establish is own Cross-fit gym back in 2014.

Things were not easy. Robby decided to promote his gym on Facebook. That’s when things turned around for him and his gym business boomed.

Armed with Facebook ads skills he decided to promote other peoples products as an affiliate. Robby’s efforts paid off big time and he went on to become a ClickBank Super Affiliate.

If he could do it, so can anyone, he thought to himself and decided to create a training system with done-for-you tools to help other people make money with affiliate marketing.

A Commission Hero Review - Robby Blanchard

Robby is not only a super affiliate he also owns a successful media company called Blanchard Media which runs ad campaigns, live events, coaching and consulting services.

So, yeah, Robby Blanchard is a big deal! He makes big claims because he knows what he’s talking about. An avid golfer who does not hype his lifestyle.

Here’s Robby Blanchard On Facebook Marketing Strategies

Learn Robby’s Marketing Secrets With His FREE Training Now

How Much Does Commission Hero Cost?

To gain access to Robby’s system you need to pay $997 once time or $597 in two installments.

What Do You Get?

  1. Complete access to the Commission Hero system – everything you will need to make money online: Videos, done-for-you Landing pages, and ad copy
  2. Access to the Commission Hero private coaching group
  3. Million-dollar Ad images
  4. A complete Facebook super profits training system
  5. Done for you landing pages
  6. Live training sessions with Robby

Commission Hero – Any Other Expenses?

You can expect additional costs in the process of running your affiliate marketing business.

  • Paid Ads
  • ClickFunnels
  • etc.

How Does Commission Hero Work?

Once you are inside Commission Hero, this is what you will meet:

1. Introduction – Getting Started

  • What is Affiliate Marketing?
  • ClickFunnels
  • Ad Accounts
  • ClickBank
  • MaxWeb

2. How To Find The Right Offers To Promote

  • How to Find Great Offers on ClickBank
  • How to Find best Offers on MaxWeb
  • How to Find the right Offers on A4D
  • Offer Spotlight: Flat Belly Fix
  • Offer Spotlight: Lean Belly Breakthrough

3. How To Find Your Ad Image

  • How an ad image should look
  • Finding a designer on Fiverr

4. How To Set Up Landing Pages

  • Registering For ClickFunnels
  • Setting Up Your Domain
  • Setting Up Your Affiliate Links
  • Setting Up Your PHP Landing Page

5. Setting Up Your Facebook Ad Account

  • Setting Up Facebook Business Manager
  • Setting Up Your Fan Page
  • Setting Up Your Facebook Campaign
  • Setting Up Your Ads
  • Choosing your Custom Audience
  • Bonus: A peek into a Successful Campaign

6. How To Set Up Facebook Pixel

  • How to Install Facebook Pixel
  • Placing Your Facebook Pixel in Your ClickBank account
  • Understanding Your Analytics

7. Tracking Your Campaign

  • Tracking spreadsheet
  • Installing your tracking links

8. Scaling

  • Scaling Your Ad Campaigns

9.Robby’s Ninja Tactics

  • Reaching out to other affiliates
  • Amex Card
  • How to deal with account shutdowns
  • Spying on Facebook Ads

10. Bonuses

  • Million Dollar Landing Page Swipes (PHP)
  • Million Dollar Landing Page Swipes (ClickFunnels)
  • Images
  • Mindset
  • CPA
  • Contacts

Here’s A FREE Peek Into Commission Hero Training Course

Commission Hero Refund Policy

This is the tricky one. They have a strict 12 months period after which you can ask for your money back! And they call it a “Success Policy”.

Well, when you think about it, it makes sense. I guess Robby is trying to encourage people to get serious and work the system first before they decide that the system ‘does not work’.

A Commission Hero Review - Refund Policy

Here’s the truth about online affiliate marketing courses, you have to learn and take action, work hard. I believe every legitimate course works as long as you follow it properly and implement what you have learned. If you put in the effort and respect your investment, you will be successful, period.

A lot of people fail to achieve desired results with their online business because they buy courses but don’t stick around long enough to finish.

Commission Hero Support

Robby has a great support system in place. You can contact them via email. The response period was great. There is also a private Facebook (inner circle) group. Robby also personally responds to emails. I like that a lot.

What I Like About Commission Hero – The Pros

  1. High-quality training
  2. It’s not about promoting Commission Hero to make money.
  3. Robby teaches you legitimate methods you can apply in any niche of your choice to make money
  4. Robby Blanchard knows what he’s talking about and is willing to help other people succeed.
  5. One time payment policy- it kinda gives you a bit of certainty when it comes to your expenses. Once you’re done paying for the course, you can now focus on paid traffic and other miscellaneous expenses.

What I Don’t Like About Commission Hero – The Cons

  1. Paid traffic methods – can take some time before seeing a positive ROI. But I guess if you follow Robby’s methods to the letter you will be profitable
  2. The price can be intimidating – you may need to save up a bit. Good thing is that its only one time and Robby offers 2 installment option.
  3. The 12-month money-back guarantee is odd, to say the least – anyways I understand where Robby is coming from. He encourages you to work hard and achieve results before throwing your hands up and saying ” this thing doesn’t work!”

Final Thoughts – Is CommissionHero A scam?

Commission Hero is definitely NOT a scam.

And I give Robby more props for the fact that his course is not one of those self-promoting courses where you make money by recruiting other people into the system. Yes, you will get paid when you recommend others but your earning potential does not depend on you recruiting people.

Your big part of earnings will come from affiliate products you will be promoting from programs such as ClickBank and other programs.

I personally recommend programs that allow real-world application and this is one of them. These kinds of programs allow you to learn skills that you can apply anywhere without making you dependent on them to earn money.

So, if you can afford $997 for Commission Hero I say go for it. It is legit and I trust Robby Blanchard.

There are lots of legit testimonies plus his own earning evidence.

A  Commission Hero Review - Testimonials

Get Access To Commission Hero FREE Training Now- See How It Really Works

Thank you for reading this Commission Hero Review. I hope you got the answers you were looking for. I wish you all the best in your online marketing quest.

Please let me know what you think about this review or Commission Hero itself.

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