A 4 Percent Group Review (Oh How Things Have Changed!)

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I am not an affiliate of the 4 Percent Group. This is my honest unbiased review of the 4 Percent Group and NOT a Review of Vick Strizheus! I know some people will argue that you cannot separate a product from the owner.

My response is: of course yes, but you see, I don’t want to waste time digging into Vick’s past. I hear he has done some shady staff back there. But then this is now and if I want to dig into his past (which I don’t), that will be another topic on its own, for another day.

Quick Update:

They have eliminated their previous 3 subscription levels.

LITE ($7 Per Month): Limited functions. For those who want to begin small and test the waters

PRO ($49 Per Month): Most Popular Membership level which includes all things you need to make money

PRO ELITE ($5,000 Per Year): For more experienced marketers who are already making money and want to scale their business (Has Private Coaching).

You can actually sign up for free to see what’s inside! Ok sounds like a great improvement! It has become easy to join, perhaps cheaper now…

Has it?

I will tell you what’s inside, soon.

But first…

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What Is The 4 Percent Group?

In their own words, it is “An online education platform that delivers videos, programs, and resources for entrepreneurs and business owners”.

Their focus is to help you:

  1. Become a powerful promoter
  2. Master digital marketing
  3. Become an influential person
  4. Master e-commerce
  5. Dominate in business and life
  6. Get the best tools and resources
Vick Strizheus  Founder of 4 Percent Group
VICK STRIZHEUS – Founder Of The 4 Percent Group

The 4 Percent Group was born out of Vick’s 4 Percent Analogy. He says that out of 100 people who want to change their lives for the better, 80% will whine about their lives and not do anything about it, and 16% of them will try to do something about it but be full of skepticism (which will lead them to failure), and only 4% of the people will actually do something without questioning because they know that whatever they are doing will work.

Interesting isn’t it?

I don’t want to sound negative but this seems like mind conditioning to me! As if he wants you to WANT to be part of the “4 Percent” that does not question things you are told. Just follow blindly. What if it is all just BS?

Moving on…

What Is the Cost Of 4 Percent Group?

It looks like things have changed a lot with this program. To join you sign up and immediately get invited to a “live” webinar, for the date which has already passed!


If you are brave to sign up for the webinar anyway. You will get the join webinar invitation email. Click join and it says “video unavailable”.


You cannot join the webinar unless you have paid $997 for the so-called 4 Percent Success Challenge Affiliate Marketing.

The 4 Percent Success Challenge is their “trademark” program so to speak. It is the first program you are encouraged to buy in order to learn the basics of Affiliate Marketing.

The big question:

Will this program give you all the skills and tools you need to succeed with Affiliate marketing? Is the content sufficient to help you establish and maintain a 6 figure online income as Vick boldly promised?

4 percent success challenge prices

I asked on your behalf!

Here is the record of the live chat I had with one of their support staff members.

Live chat with 4 percent group support records
live chat with 4 percent group support records

What’s Inside The 4 Percent Success Challenge?

  • Unlimited Access to Program
  • Instant Access to Core Training
  • Step-By-Step Coaching
  • Marketing Mastery Coaching
  • Guide to Multiple Streams of Income
  • Private Affiliate Offers Marketplace
  • Private Live Implementation Mastermind with Vick
  • Private Closed-Door Community
  • 24/7/365 – Support
  • Four percent Promo Partner Invite – opportunity to promote
  • Mass Traffic Blueprint Masterclass with Vick
  • Done-For-You Affiliate Marketing Funnels

Other Programs They Offer

1. Internet Traffic Mastery – 12 Hours – $1,997 / 3 payments of $765

2. Traffic Generation Strategies – 2 Sessions – FREE

3. SEO Mastery – 6 hours – $497

4. Insta (Instagram) Traffic – 5 Hours – $497

5. Facebook PPC Secrets – 45 Minutes – FREE

6. Fan Page Domination – 42 Minutes – FREE

7. List Building Strategies – 90 Minutes – FREE

8. 4 Percent Challenge – 90 Day Special Coaching – $497

9. Estage – $497

10. Estage Academy – 40 Hours – $297

11. Ecom Entrepreneur – 7 Hours – $1,997

12. Wealth Bulding Blueprint – 3 Hours – FREE

13. Irresistible Influence – 3 Hours – FREE

14. The 5 Laws – 72 Minutes – FREE

15. Taxes and Business Structure – 31 Minutes – FREE

16. Irresistible Offer Blueprint – 77 Minutes – FREE

17. You’re Enough – 93 Minutes – FREE

18. Unstopable Momentum – 48 Munites – FREE

19. Beyond Results – 87 Minutes – FREE

20. Path To Domination – 58 Munites FREE

21. Istagram Secrets – 26 Minutes – FREE

22. Ecom Secrets – 38 Minutes – FREE

23. Creating Legacy – 91 Minutes – FREE

What I like – The Pros

  • Highly responsive live chat support
  • Free material
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

What I Don’t Like – The Cons

  • Their deceptive “Live Webinar” Marketing tactic – They don’t tell you that you need to Pay $997 (The cost of their main product- The 4 Percent
  • Too expensive – You would need a total of $7,276 to invest in the paid programs. Remember you still need a budget for Advertising.
  • Too many payments
  • Duplicate programs – well I can understand a bit of rationale behind this one. Seem like they offer duplicate Free versions of the paid programs.

Is 4 percent Group A Scam?

I don’t thing that the 4 Percent Group is a scam.

Do I recommend it?

I would not recommend it. It is too expensive and I don’t recommend their business model. If you are truly passionate about helping people learn affiliate marketing and run successful businesses, why charge them so much?

If you are a beginner and want to learn the real ways to build a real long term business, I don’t recommend that you do that with the 4 Percent Group.

My No. 1 Recommendation – Wealthy Affiliate

This is the best Affiliate Marketing Training Platform that truly cares about helping beginners step by step. They give you all the tools you need and help you build a strong business foundation, Your own Affiliate Website (Very simple to build, with thousands of Free Themes).

There are so many advantages of having your own website:

  • It is your own property
  • You can monetize your website in many different ways apart from promoting affiliate products – ads, e-commerce, etc.
  • When your website gains authority, you can earn lots of passive income through free SEO traffic
  • You are free to sell your website – you can make a big one time sale
  • You get to build up to 50 websites

How Much Is Wealthy Affiliate Subscription?

There is a free membership option. You pay $0 for as long as you want. This is meant to help you get started without spending lots of money. When you find your ground, you can go for the Premium Membership Plan:

Wealthy Affiliate Pricing Plans

Wealthy Affiliate Affiliate Programs

There are millions of affiliate products you can choose from, right from the Wealthy Affiliate Platform. You no longer have to go and look externally. Wealthy Affiliate has consolidated affiliate programs to make it for its members.

You can create multiple niche websites and promote relevant products.

My advice to beginners is to try and focus on one website in the beginning and master the skills. Then you can venture into other websites. Just don’t spread yourself too thin.

There are lots of experienced members who are always willing to lend a helping hand to new members. Plus there is 24/7/365 website support in case you have any issues.

Bottom line, the training at Wealthy Affiliate works. It is not a get rich quick platform. But it works.

Thanks for reading. I hope you have benefited from my review. Please do me a favor and share it with your friend. I would love to hear your thoughts.

All the best in your journey to online success!

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